1. S

    Part Ex or Private sale

    Hi Guys Thinking of swapping my 2017 Kombi for a nearly new one, but was a little surprised at the low part ex value i was offered from the VW dealer. Looking on auto trader it was around 8-10k less than they are going for for similar high spec vans. Does this difference sound about right and...
  2. RDT

    Sold 2019 T32 150PS SWB Kombi Highline. £?????

    Considering selling my van, don't want to swear on this forum but might be looking at getting a VW Crafter instead... wanted to see if there would be much interest and what price I should be looking to sell it for. It's a Grey 2019 (69 Plate) T6 Kombi, 2.0TDI 150 T32 Highline Short Wheel Base...
  3. W

    Thoughts on this and what should I look out for?

    Viewed this previously and the dealers been in contact to say some of the scuffs in the back have been worked on. What’s peoples view on the price/condition and what should I look out for?
  4. M

    Is this dayvan worth the advertised price?

    We have found a VW Transporter T6 160PS 6 seat, 4 berth Surfwagon Day Van. It was registered and 2018 and has done 70,000 miles. It has a black elevating roof (no bed), a full width triple tested seat bed, double front swivel passenger seat. It had one owner and a full service history with VW...
  5. iprice606

    My Van Valuation

    Hey all just a quick question if i wanted to get my van valued any idea how/where would be best to do that?
  6. M

    2018 T6 Highline Kombi front end for sale

    Hello - We've just completed a facelift of our T6 Kombi to a T6.1 front, so we now have a black front, light, grill etc that came off to sell, but a) I'm not sure what sort of price I should be asking and b) not sure where's best to advertise it. Any ideas very welcomed. (We also have the...
  7. B

    Selling T5 to buy a T6. Would you sell as a shell, or partially fit out/tidy up?

    Afternoon all, I know this is a T6 forum, and my question is about a T5, but you guys are so much friendlier on here...... I bought a 2011 T5 LWB (170k) day van at the end of last year with the intention of doing a camper conversion on it myself. Life has taken over and I no longer have time...
  8. 1

    150PS tdi manual Multivan - reliability

    Hello! What are you guys thoughts about buying a 2016 Multivan (caravelle) 150 tdi manual 4motion with 130 000 km on the clock? It’s a one owner van with full service history. I used to own a 174 2,5 t5 which gave me a lot of trouble, so I’m wary of getting a lemon. The van I’m thinking of...
  9. S

    Should I buy this ex-RAC T6 for £18,500?

    Ex RAC 2016 T6 150 A/C Startline 94k miles. £15,490 + VAT. I would change wheels, lower suspension, rad front end, windows. I am not keen on pop up tent..yet! More of a dubbed look. Maybe keep it orange but different shade..maybe. please give thoughts on price? Its for sale at local garage.
  10. D

    T6.1 parts pricing help

    I have some parts I would like to advertise in the classified section. But I’m not 100% sure on what to ask for some of it. I’d appreciate your opinions. 16” Clayton alloys that covered approx 400 miles before they were removed. T30 springs and struts with the same mileage. T30 front discs...
  11. M4rc

    What are my Barn doors worth

    I’ve managed to source what I need to carry out of tailgate conversion on my van. could anybody tell me how much I would be looking to get for my barn doors, bumper & lights? Indium grey, 2016 with parking sensors, & barn door spoiler TIA
  12. Skyliner33

    Brentacre asked me to value my van - am I going mad?

    I told my insurers (Brentacre) that my van had been fitted with windows and STX suspension and they have asked me to tell them the value including modifications. However I can't find one for sale same spec at VW dealers. SO need some help as the nearest I found has got me scratching my head...
  13. David Robinson

    Selling with VW Finance to pay

    Hi, My Edition is coming to the end of the Finance Lease. Gutted. I’ve spoken to VW Finance on the phone and they’ve said I can sell it to any 3rd party, who pay VW Finance directly and then VW will remit the balance to me. All fine. When I look at selling on Autotrader the FAQ tells me that...
  14. R

    When will prices come back down?

    Was just reading some of the posts on the T6 Facebook page and noticed a couple of campers for sale. To say I was shocked at the prices would be an understatement. Thinking that the conversion companies are just cashing in I headed off to the VW Used website and had a quick look how much a...
  15. Z

    Used price on T6 kombi Edition with No VAT

    I'm considering selling my 2018 T6 kombi Edition. I bought it new in June 2018, very highly specked (Absolut5 carpet lining, soundproofing) comfort dash, large diesel tank, captain passenger seat etc. plus all the extras the Edition comes with. I'm amazed how high used prices are. Had a few...
  16. Hoonigan_31

    Caravelle selling advice

    Morning everyone, In am after some advice. I collect my T6 on Friday and it’s been fitted with the Caravelle set up in the rear inc: Table 2 single seats 3 seater folds to bed I am looking at selling the lot including the rails. But was wondering what it’s worth? Your advice and assistance...
  17. D

    Is this van worth the advertised price?

    I’m going to look at a prospective van tomorrow. Being a new lad at getting a camper and wondered if there is anything I really need to check/look for? Vehicle is 2012 T32 140 4Motion 6spd with diff lock Full Vw history on 88,000 Good mot history Skyline pop top and the usual camper fit out...
  18. D

    Is this Campervan worth the advertised price?

    Hi - we're looking at buying a 2019 T6 (SWB) just under 10K mileage with a Camperking Monte Carlo conversion which comes with a new 12 month MOT and seller warranty. Seller looking for 44K and was wondering if this is a fair price as there's a lot of price variation in the market and thoughts...
  19. GONA66

    Couldn't believe my eyes !

    Afternoon All ,I've just spotted my old van for sale on Facebook ,at an Eye watering price ! I sold it in lockdown for £34k with 20,000 miles on it ,now it has 42,000 miles on it and is now being offered for .........wait for it.....£54+k !!! o_Oo_Oo_O Good lord I said (or words to the same...
  20. t6blo

    T6 Kombi Edition (2018) is this worth more than a Highline of similar age?

    Looking at getting back in a T6. I sold my one in March last year and got £5k more than I paid for it 2.5 years earlier but to this day I wish I had kept it because now I want another one but they are stupid money. Anyhoo… I‘ve seen a 2018 Kombi Edition DSG in white with just shy of 30k miles...