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H & R lowering springs

Discussion in 'Suspension Steering Brakes' started by CRD, 26 Aug 2016.

  1. CRD

    CRD Senior Member T6 Guru

    Looking at ordering the 40mm drop springs from eBay but it would appear that there are two models- 29270-1 and 29270-4. It would appear that the -4 models are a bit 'stiffer'. I'm looking at fitting to a T30 Kombi which will be only lightly loaded for 99% of the time so guessing the dash 1's are the ones to go for?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    I would advise against H&R 40mm, i have a set on and they clunk and clank over bumps, im on my 3rd set of rears and still got issues will shortly be removing for alternative units
    There are actually 4 types which have to be matched to your vehicles axle weight, this can be found on a sticker in engine bay off side rear
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  3. CRD

    CRD Senior Member T6 Guru

    I'm guessing the springs for mine will be the same as fitted to yours? What ones did you go for?

    I'm open to suggestions for alternatives to the H+R's, even going down the coilover route, but still has to have acceptable ride quality as is my daily driver!

    Anyone fitted coilovers?
  4. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    Mines a T32 so i had kit 4 which is the higher rated one
    front axles from 1501kg
    rear axle from 1560kg

    im thinking off removing a using eibach 30mm springs, im not bothered about lowering more interested in firming the ride a bit as oem springs are just to soft for me as carry little to no weight
  5. CRD

    CRD Senior Member T6 Guru

    From what I've read- and I'm not trying to teach my Granny how to suck eggs here- is that the dash 4's are more for heavy conversions or when the van is running loaded frequently.

    The dash 4's fitted to yours Pauly are going to be extremely stiff if your van is empty and this I suspect, is what causes the suspension crashing.
  6. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    I think your right, technically they are the right springs and rated to carry the max vehicle load which i cant see us ever doing but i did wonder if i would be better off with a lower set.
    I have noticed the top three coils of the spring are touching (which is correct) but when the springs rebound they seem to open this gap and close again causing a metallic clanking, first set of springs were terrible, really really bad, slightest stone/cateye and the bag of spanners jangle appeared. Have tried two more sets since and the situation has improved but still not right as still get a slight clunk on speed bumps/larger lumps and bumps in the road, not so noticeable but still there
  7. Scruffy

    Scruffy Senior Member T6 Guru

    I had the same problems with my 40mm H&R springs but had them replaced via ChilliJam Vans and H&R . No more knocking going over bumps, and the van (T32) certainly handles better but not quite the refined ride I was hoping for.
  8. Absolut5

    Absolut5 Senior Member Trade Member T6 Guru

    H&Rs had a manufacturing issue with T32 springs a while ago, we brought this to their attention after having 2 vans coming back with noise issues,

    For some reason they didn't tighten the top pig tail on the front Spring enough resulting in movement,,,

    This didn't affect any other model.... I have a set on a T28 T5.1 and they are great, though doesn't lower it enough..

    B14s on the T6 soon
  9. CRD

    CRD Senior Member T6 Guru

    There is an old adage, buy cheap, buy twice. I have been guilty of ignoring this on more than one occasion to my costly regret.
    These posts have convinced me that just fitting lowering springs may not be the best route to take, so probs looking at coilovers now.

    So will it be 5forty coilovers at £700 or Bilstein at £1100? :p
  10. Ade

    Ade Member

    After reading far too much, seems B14's way to go for £1100 from vanstyle, free fitting.
    But what would the cost be of fitting if it wasn't free?
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  11. Oges

    Oges Member

    Chilli Jam Vans are doing mine and quoted me 6 hours labour , obviously the labour charges vary over the country but it seemed a fair time for me
  12. Ade

    Ade Member

    Blimey, thought it would take a while, but wasn't expecting 6 hours. That's got to be at least £20 per hour, so a fair bit of petrol money.
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  13. Oges

    Oges Member

    Yes if you live close to Vanstyle it seems a no brainer. Chilli Jam are supplying them as well and it's around £1200 fitted which I can live with
  14. Ade

    Ade Member

    Oh, better than I thought.
    Again, seems the best way to go. Agree with CRD, buy cheap, buy twice, but a bit crazy, it still seems I'm tempted to go the cheaper route. Being tight isn't always best!
  15. BigBarn

    BigBarn Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    So, for what it worth - interesting to read @Pauly comments about clanking H&R springs. I had exactly the same experience. Springs fitted by well know, well established local VW Transporter specialist. Springs made loud clattering noises over bumps/rough road from day one. Went back in to garage 4-5 times. Tried all sorts to rectify and nothing worked. There was some discussion from H&R about springs needing time to settle and bed in. I gave it about 600miles and nothing changed or improved. Even went back to main dealer for inspection.

    In the end the garage removed H&R springs and refunded spring and installation costs. Went to VW main dealer for Eibach 30mm springs to be fitted. Not a single problem since and 10mm height difference barely noticeable.
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  16. chriscc

    chriscc Member VIP Member

    Would I be correct in thinking the main choice of springs is between H&R and Eibach?
    My main interest is in ride quality in what is an unladen T28 - lowering it slightly is a bonus.

    I changed the wheels (20's) to standard 16's which has imo reduced ride quality in that it became softer and suffered from more roll in the corners.
    All to be expected considering it's a van and designed to carry a load, but I would like to tailor it to my personal requirements.

    It might be that H&R springs are a risk if owners have been having issues with them.
    I'd appreciate any feedback on what the ride quality like on eibachs compared to standard springs.
  17. Mattsvan

    Mattsvan Member VCDS User T6 Pro

    About to put B14's on my T5 but cant compare between standard as I've been running H&R coilovers for past 5 years. I'm hoping they are a better ride as we are fed up with crashing over every bump, it looks good though!
  18. Jules

    Jules Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    I'm in the same boat. I have my van in at the moment having other stuff done but was considering putting in the H&R 40mm springs. The place my van is in with only suggest H&R and consider Eibach really poor quality and told me yesterday they are constantly replacing Eibach with H&R. Confused.com if you ask me!
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  19. BiTurbo

    BiTurbo Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    I'm running H&R heavy springs all round. No knocking rides very nicely. But it does weigh around 2700kg when fully loaded.
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  20. T6 dork

    T6 dork Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    im confused about lowering now H&R or EIBACH
    i was told by VW the Eibach 35mm are recommended by VW and they fit them too plus does not invalidate warranty
    ive searched for some and the price on Eibach varies £200-£400
    how do i buy the right ones ?

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