1. M

    For Sale H&R 15mm and 20mm wheel spacers

    £275 including postage Full set of 15mm and 20mm H&R wheel spacers including new H&R wheel bolts (50 and 55mm) I bought these from Performance Alloys but had a change of plan and they don’t do returns on special orders. Never fitted to the van. Paid £320 a few weeks back.
  2. NathFlav

    Broken H&R Spring

    Hi, I’ve had a set of -50mm H&R springs fitted to my T6 for the laser few years. Failed MOT today on broken near side spring! Unable to source these indovidially! Anyone had the same issue and got any tips or places I can purchase 1 or a rear pair ? Thanks
  3. D

    H & R spring numbers

    Hi, I’ve seen this touched upon a few times and have searched what I can find but the relevant numbers and info I just can’t see anywhere. Wondered if any of you lovely lot could help. I have a 2011 t30 kombi. I’m looking at buying some springs from someone but as most of the H&R stuff I’m...
  4. GingerPig

    Sold H&R lowering springs (-40mm) Kit 3: 29270-3 Brand New

    Brand new set of H&R lowering springs (-40mm) Kit 3: 29270-3 (Front < 1500kg, Rear > 1561kg) Perfect setup for a full camper layout. Heavy rear springs allows for the added weight. See link below for more info: H&R Lowering Springs for Transporter T5 / T5.1 / T6 - 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.5 TDI (~40mm)...
  5. W

    Coilovers: H&R v Bilstein

    Hi everyone, I’m going to be taking delivery of a brand new T6.1 on Monday and I’m definitely going to be fitting coilovers. I’m trying decide between H&R or Bilstein and wondered what people thoughts were? I’ve got H&R lowering springs on my 17-year old Vito, and have been very pleased with...
  6. Andrew

    Spring backplate rubbing

    Hello all, It seems I keep ruining my van. I had some new H & R Springs fitted with a 40mm drop. These were done by a local garage, who have seen my van for the last time. Has anyone experienced this noise before. Thanks
  7. davek

    poly bush set for rear H&R anti roll bar

    Hi think i might need to replace the bushes that came with my rear H&R ARB a couple of years ago as there is a slight knocking when the van rocks from side to side. Does any one know where i can buy the set of 4 in 30mm diameter Thanks
  8. S

    Rear Springs Question

    Hi all, I’ve been worried about my saggy arse for a while (I’m at that age!!) so after reading on here I decided the solution was to put some T32 springs on there thinking the original springs must still be in place. Anyway I decided to look under the van to check and the springs are actually...
  9. Thatratman

    Changing from H&R Coilovers - Help needed

    Hi all, I have a t6.1 T32 4M, I had the H&R coilover kit fitted approx 6 months ago. I'm finding the van just too harsh on rough road surfaces. It takes pot holes etc surprisingly well and overall the suspension set ups feels very positive and on a smooth road its faultless. However most of the...
  10. DWS

    For Sale H&R T32 lowering springs

    Removed tail end of last year when I fitted SoLows, these have covered around 25k miles, sat at a decent height with my banded amaroks, from the code I’m not sure exactly what drop they are but I’m sure someone might know this answer for me. Prefer collection based in Horsmonden Kent, but can...
  11. MattPoss

    H&R T32 Springs.....

    Can anyone confirm these Springs are suitable for a T6 T32 with a 50mm Drop?! I believe thats what they are for but just want to double check before fitting them......
  12. T6ARF

    Sold H&R Lowering Springs (-40mm)

    Genuine set of front and rear H&R lowering springs removed from my van yesterday by @CRS Performance. Steve at CRS described them as ‘as new’! The springs have covered less than 7000 miles and are -40mm lowering springs taken from my SWB T28 van, so would be a direct swap onto the same spec van...
  13. G

    Koni shocks and H&R springs and ARBs

    Yesterday I bit the bullet and headed on up to CRS in Cannock. I've been unhappy with the height of my tow ball, just way too high when the van is empty and my twin axle trailer was riding with too much weight on its rear axle. Steve listened to my issues and came up with a solution. Steve and...
  14. j4ckal

    Sold H&R 30mm wheel spacers.

    Got a set of H&R wheel spacers for sale if anybody is after a set. They are the 30mm (each side) version and come with the bolts to bolt them to the hub. Bought last year to use on the rear with devonports (also for sale) covered a couple of thousand miles or so. They are used so will have the...
  15. CRS Performance

    T6.1 H&R parts

    We are pleased to announce that the Dedicated H&R sport springs for the T6.1 are now available and the much anticipated Anti Roll bars will also be in stock this week for the new Van .
  16. J8mes

    T28 Campervan - Massive Suspension Upgrade

    So I have a brand new T6 camper conversion. I love it and it's amazing. The only issue I (had) was the ride and handling that I can only describe as driving a cross between a space hopper and a pogo stick. So this has been transformed in 2 stages as my budget allowed. 1st stage - brand new...
  17. E

    H&R fit?

    Would these fit my t30 edition? Any help with the codes printed on them? Going cheap so worth a punt Any help is appreciated guys!
  18. Leigh

    Sold H&r Coilover Kit For T32 (including 4motion)

    Removed form a T32 having covered only 5k miles. Kit is complete front & rear with all the bits ** THIS KIT WILL FIT T32 ONLY - Including 4Motion ** £695 ovno (Picture is of actual kit)
  19. Carl1974

    H&r Spring Numbers?

    Good afternoon, It’s time to sell on my H&R springs either as a full suspension or possibly seperate, however how can I tell if they are 40 or 50 mm drop. The springs have part numbers but I can’t find any corresponding information.
  20. S

    TÜV approved coilovers?

    Hi! I just got myself a 2016 long 4M T6 (T30) and want to lower it (alot). Not sure what coils to buy. Been looking at B14's and KW V1. I need them to have TÜV, but want to drop them all the way down after I get them approved on the van (strict rules for lowering in Norway, so want papers on...