1. J

    For Sale H&R 30mm wheel spacers.

    Got a set of H&R wheel spacers for sale if anybody is after a set. They are the 30mm (each side) version and come with the bolts to bolt them to the hub. Bought last year to use on the rear with devonports (also for sale) covered a couple of thousand miles or so. They are used so will have the...
  2. J

    T28 Campervan - Massive Suspension Upgrade

    So I have a brand new T6 camper conversion. I love it and it's amazing. The only issue I (had) was the ride and handling that I can only describe as driving a cross between a space hopper and a pogo stick. So this has been transformed in 2 stages as my budget allowed. 1st stage - brand new...
  3. E

    H&R fit?

    Would these fit my t30 edition? Any help with the codes printed on them? Going cheap so worth a punt Any help is appreciated guys!
  4. Leigh

    Sold H&r Coilover Kit For T32 (including 4motion)

    Removed form a T32 having covered only 5k miles. Kit is complete front & rear with all the bits ** THIS KIT WILL FIT T32 ONLY - Including 4Motion ** £695 ovno (Picture is of actual kit)
  5. Carl1974

    H&r Spring Numbers?

    Good afternoon, It’s time to sell on my H&R springs either as a full suspension or possibly seperate, however how can I tell if they are 40 or 50 mm drop. The springs have part numbers but I can’t find any corresponding information.
  6. CRS Performance

    Latest development from CRS Performance

    After many months of debate on the best low suspension for the Transporter Buses, we have eventually taken our development to another level. Over the last 6 months we have shown that probably the best all round kit with sensible drops is the KONI shocks and H&R spring kits ( correctly spec'd )...
  7. .50

    Koni Active Dampers And H&R -40mm Springs

    Ever since I have had my 2017 T30 Kombi I have found the ride to be quite harsh. I fitted -40 Cobra springs to the standard dampers more to just reduce the arch gap above the wheels than for comfort. Like me, many people over the years have asked, "how do I make my Transporters suspension...
  8. Captain Mainwaring

    Tell Me About B14’s

    i have a T32 4motion Kombi that’s coming up to 3 years old. From new I had the dealer fit OEM 30mm lowering springs and aftermarket 18” alloys. It looks OK but it pretty crashy of poor surfaces, and it’s higher at the back because I never have much weight in it There have been lots of mentions...
  9. Vdubcuz

    Springs Or Budget Coilovers?

    Chaps, Expecting delivery of the Kombi in a couple of weeks and im already looking at lowering the vehicle!. I was going to go with a set of 50mm drop H&R springs but after doing a bit of research I've seen a fair few good reviews on the stance plus coilovers which are roughly the same price as...
  10. R

    Rear Knocking After Coilovers Fitted

    Hi guys, need help :) usual, fitted cobra coilovers , set to max low, and although the ride is pretty good, the problem is, and I've searched every possible solution to this, but, I keep getting a knocking noise, as if the whole back of the van is going to break off :mad: I changed the rear...
  11. P

    H & R Ultra Deep

    So thought I would share my experience to date 500 miles on the H & R deep coilovers. My previous transporters a T5 & T5.1 have both been run using coilovers, both a variation on V max and while I had no issues with these the front was never as low as the back, ride quality was ok over 50K...
  12. D

    Bilstein Suspension - Which To Choose For My T6 ?

    Hello guys! I'm from Poland and I'm new in here. I have bought new T6 Multivan 2.0 TDI 150 KM few months ago.After 10K I have decided that I need to change my suspension because car floats on corners too much for me.I have read that Bilstein's B14 are the sweet spot in here on the forum. But...
  13. andythom188

    H&r Deep Coilover Kit Anyone Got Them On Their T6

    just been looking at the H&R deep coilover kit 100mm-130mm drop has anyone got them on there t6 bit pricey at just over £1600 but nearly double the drop of b14
  14. Captain Backfire

    H&r Or Van Slams

    Van slam coil overs better to go for then H&R lowering springs. I know I can’t compare apples with pears... It’s going to be for my T6 family chariot so needs to be comfy. I’m a complete novice with all this and need some guidance after reading lots of information on this forum and google, you...
  15. Dannyb6467

    H & R spacers. DIY or not?

    Evening folks. I’m thinking of putting some 235/55/17 all terrains on my Devonports. I like the look of the wheel with a spacer. Any suggestions on how far to go and are they easy to fit for a tyre dealer? Cheers.
  16. gmaster

    Squeaky Billies!

    I've had my Bilstein B14's on for about 3,000 miles now and they have started squeaking and creaking over bumps on the rear. Any ideas on how to resolve the squeaks with minimal effort?
  17. rhinoman

    Lowered my work van.

    Been waiting for my van for months so had already accumulated many parts. I knew I wanted to lower and stiffen the ride so bought the H&R Antirollbars and after deciding that coilovers had the potential to offer a better ride than just lowering springs, decided to order the matching H&R...