1. T

    Rear spring removal

    Hi guys - really quick one, trying to swap in some T30 springs into my T28 (rear only) but even with the shocks dropped I can’t get the springs out. mom guessing I’m going to need a spring compressor but should I have undone more than just wheel and shock?! cheers
  2. Gillyg46

    For Sale Cobra lowering springs for sale Glasgow

    Hi guys, selling these cobra lowering springs. I done about 2k gentle miles on them before I ditched the 20’s and went swamper. I also have an original set of T32 rear springs if anyone is interested, they came off a van with 3k miles on it. In Glasgow and open to offers! Ps also got a black...
  3. Superowls

    Sold T32 set of OEM springs, front & rear

    Set of springs front & rear taken from a 2017 VW T6 T32 Kombi Only covered 20k miles In good condition £30, collection from Sheffield
  4. Ed Webb

    For Sale Uprated standard height OEM rear springs

    Set of OEM standard height uprated rear springs as heavily discussed in the below thread https://www.t6forum.com/threads/back-heavy-and-poor-traction.804/ Bought following positive results experienced by posters of the attached thread. Springs did indeed cure the rear end sag of my T30. I've...
  5. Ed Webb

    FREE T30 Standard front springs.

    Free to anyone collecting from me at forumfest this weekend Euro5 T30 standard front springs. Used for 3years 35,000 miles.
  6. Longster82

    For Sale T32 OEM Springs

    Hi all, Have just replaced my T32 springs with B14 Komforts. They're off a 66 (Feb 17) plate van and can arrange collection/delivery in/around London or potentially regularly on route between London and Sheffield or London and Poole. Happy to consider offers. Thanks! Phil
  7. C

    will t28 springs fit a t32

    As above My t6 van feels like it is riding over pot holes all the time. Its never load so want to make the ride softer. The shocks are different but can i swap them for t28 or t30 springs
  8. G

    T32/T30 spring fitment

    Hi, can anyone tell me if standard t32 springs will fit into a t30 ok, my t30 has been lowered and want to take it back to standard height and can possibly do a straight swap as long as it can be done? Thanks in advance
  9. J

    Coil springs - no spacing

    Just got my t6 it’s had cobra springs fitted all round on the rear the coils in the middle are all touching each other is this right
  10. S

    Sold Eibach lift springs (new)

    These where bought last year when I was living and working on a country estate so had planned a tramper van. Change of job recently and change of van plans has left these gathering dust! The box is a tad worn after moving it around a few times but the springs are fine Please DM or post here...
  11. Carl1974

    H&r Spring Numbers?

    Good afternoon, It’s time to sell on my H&R springs either as a full suspension or possibly seperate, however how can I tell if they are 40 or 50 mm drop. The springs have part numbers but I can’t find any corresponding information.
  12. Pete C

    Factory Spring Colours

    Is there a reasonably definitive list of what colour markings go on what springs go on what T6 derivatives ? If so, could someone point me in its direction please - I am after some T32 rear springs, and yes, I realise that there are variations on a theme here. If there isn't a list, I am happy...
  13. T

    First Timer - lowering + Wolfrace wheels?

    Im a first timer! just purchased my first T6 LWB, wondering what people think of just using lowering springs. and the quality of 19" wolfrace dortmund alloys?
  14. Vanman

    Suggestion To Correct Stance After Conversion

    Following the completion of our camper conversion, I notice that the van looks decidedly middle-aged (ie its backside has gone south). It is a t30 and I wonder if a spring change to t32 will do the trick. Not a fan of lowering the van to compensate. It’s not really that far out, but if there is...
  15. D Brown

    Tty Bolts

    Hi can any tell me which bolts should be changed when changing F/R springs
  16. J88arv

    Squeaky Suspension On 55mm Cobra Springs

    hi team As you know I purchased the t6 about a month ago and on it came the cobra springs. To be honest the squeaky ness is doing my head in, mainly from the rear however when turning into my drive the front has a moan aswell. Never been a fan of putting springs onto standard suspension and...
  17. dubber36

    Caravelle Lowering

    I'd like to go a smidge lower and may 'get away' with doing the job with springs. Now my van is 20mm lower than standard. Does anyone know if this is just shorter factory springs, or do they come with matching shorter dampers? My thinking is that if I use T30 50mm springs, they will lower it...
  18. Strange Al

    For Sale T32 Springs, Shocks And Arb

    Sold as a Package or as Springs + Shocks and ARB separately. Sold used having done approx 35000 miles. £90 for the lot or £60/£40 separately. Collection in the Wolverhampton/Telford area or posted at buyers cost (doubt it will be cheep due to size and weight).
  19. Sabre

    T28 Van Weight with kit

    Just had her weighed today so I left my usual kit in there, put 36litres of water on board, the mountain bike on the back and threw in a 48 sheet box of silent coat for good measure... 2380 gross, with me on board too. Then moved forward to just after half way to get an idea of the back axle...
  20. walnuts

    Sold 30mm Lowering Springs

    I'm selling the 30mm Lowering Springs off my T6. They've done about 9000 miles only. These are the Eibach ones that are sold by VW dealers. Here's a link with part number and spec etc. Transporter Lowering Spring Set – Volkswagen Parts UK (I think these are the springs used on Sportline...