1. R

    For Sale T32 springs ( very good condition )

    Hi I have a couple of sets of T32 springs . Looking for £30 a set Collection from Renfrewshire. Can post uk wide. At buyers expense. Thanks for looking.
  2. Base1388

    Wanted Caravelle Rear Springs

    Hi all Failed MOT here. Broken spring ! I’m after a pair of Caravelle rear springs Thank you please Romany
  3. C

    Paid for lowering springs but having doubts they’ve been fitted..

    I bought my van in November last year & ordered lowering springs at the same time. The springs have only just arrived at the dealer & they were fitted today. However, the van didn't really look any/much different to when I dropped it off. After arranging to have them fitted when they told me...
  4. dshelton999

    Ex AA t32 rear blue springs

    Hi, I am currently in the process of converting my ex aa t6 t32 to a camper. The ride can be very bouncy on the rear end due to it not having any weight in the rear anymore. I plan on having a bed and a small bit of furniture this year but not a massive amount of weight. Are the blue springs...
  5. Mixersmate

    uprated rear spring rubber bushes

    Morning all - Has anyone had any joy with aftermarket rear spring rubbers? I'm getting around 7/8 months out of a set, its always the passenger side that starts to squeak first! THQ have uprated ones on their website but out of stock, hopefully someone has a link to some they can...
  6. P

    For Sale T32 springs and rear anti roll bar

    T32 front and rear springs and rear anti roll bar. Came off my 2020 T32. May be of use to someone locally looking to stiffen up the ride. Please check which other models they will fit. £50 the lot. Collection only from Worthing area. Can meet nearby if needed.
  7. t6blo

    Rear coil spring moves when jacked up - MOT failure?

    Just been doing some pre-MOT checks on my van. I have STX coilovers fitted and the adjusters are wound all the way down as low as it will go. When jacking the rear wheels and allowing them to droop, the rear springs move when wiggled about. They can’t dislocate at all and have the rubber seats...
  8. Sabre

    FREE Suspension

    Anyone want this before it goes out? Was from a T32 2018. Springs have to be useful for someone if not the rest.
  9. Glenn Board

    For Sale Full set of T6 Suspension from 2016 4Motion Kombi 5,000 Miles

    Hi, I converted my 2016 4motion Kombi to Seiko suspension shortly after getting the van, I guess the suspension has only covered around 5,000 miles, and has been sat in my garage should the time ever come to revert back, but now decided I won't! The suspension is in perfect condition apart from...
  10. A&A

    t32 hard suspension - pot hole avoidance

    I have had a few transporters in the past & a couple of LT's and the ride has been fine, but this van is such a hard ride I have to avoid potholes & cats eyes on every journey. Is it a T32 issue? I know there is a lot of advice here about suspension....but I am still confused. Any advice would...
  11. B

    Caravelle Rear Coil Springs - Lifespan?

    Afternoon all My T6 Caravelle went through its MOT yesterday with the local independent garage that its been to for several services, and urgent last minute work (brakes when warning light came on, and door mirror removed by passing motor home.) All good experiences so far and work reasonably...
  12. NathFlav

    Broken H&R Spring

    Hi, I’ve had a set of -50mm H&R springs fitted to my T6 for the laser few years. Failed MOT today on broken near side spring! Unable to source these indovidially! Anyone had the same issue and got any tips or places I can purchase 1 or a rear pair ? Thanks
  13. Shaun P Bass

    Found T32 Rear Springs + Shocks...N/East

    Hi all. Looking for a set of T32 standard rear springs to boost up my back end on my 2017 T6. Maybe shocks also. Ideally located within 25 miles of TS13 (N.Yorks/East Cleveland) area...or poss post to me?.. Many Thanks Shaun..
  14. T

    Spring frustration

    Just trying to figure out if I am being unreasonable or not. I purchased some replacement front springs for my T6 T32 on eBay. The VW dealer has informed me that the correct spring for my van is grey grey grey green. The eBay seller who has sent me different colour coded springs from another...
  15. D

    Should I replace VW T6 (T28) rear Springs with T30 Springs... Benefits?

    NEWBIE HERE... Can I upgrade my rear springs on my T6 T28 panel van (65 plate), bearing in mind that I've just fitted a towbar, and I will be adding furniture soon into the rear (as part of its conversion into a campervan). Just 2 adults and the dog will travel in it, but I suspect the van will...
  16. D

    T28 Broken rear Spring

    Hi folks, Newbie here... Just bought my first van and its a VW Transporter T6 (T28) panel van with just under 75k miles on it. I'm about to convert it into a camper, and today I've found its got one rear broken spring that needs replacing. Van rides great, so I just want to know which...
  17. R

    For Sale As new T32 springs

    Hi I have a set of as new T32 springs looking for £30 cash on collection from Glasgow.
  18. LambethBoy

    For Sale Single T32 B14 rear spring nearly new

    Mine snapped about three weeks ago and the guys over at THQ sent me one that they said had only done 500 miles on one of their demos, I think I put another 200 on that. Cost me £80. I have now changed my suspension so not needed. Might be handy for someone to keep in stock for a back up as...
  19. 1271A

    Sold T6 T30 standard suspension - from a low mileage Van

    Removed from a T30 with only 13,000 miles. Never carried any weight. collection only from Ringwood, Hants. £80
  20. LambethBoy

    Found T32 rear Bilstein springs

    Looking for a replacement one of these. As you can see mine has snapped off and is nicely sat inside of itself. Part no. was E4.FD1.Y196 B00 Now E4.FD1.Y196 B01 Thanks in advance.:thumbsup: