1. D

    Wanted Any T32 Rear Springs available?

    I read a lot of people giving away or selling T32 for next to nothing - I’m based in Australia and would like to try to see if anyone can help me ship a set of T32 rear springs to Sydney :) Fingers crossed and thanks! Diego
  2. BikerPa

    Std height comfort springs for B8 shocks, suggestions/advice please

    Looking for recommendations for the above for a 6.1 T32 4motion. The van came to me wearing the B8’s with H&R 35mm lowering spring set which seems pretty good comfort/handling wise. As the van is a Kombi/day van with pop roof but never going to be a full camper conversion & I do a lot down...
  3. L

    Wanted T32 rear springs wanted

    Looking for T32 rear springs for my California t6.1, not sure if t6 are the same. Would love air suspension but too expensive for me.
  4. F

    sportline springs / dampeners resale value

    Do people ever sell sportline springs / dampeners on when they upgrade / change to coilovers?
  5. L

    Front suspension knock - unusual culprit.

    Funny story. Got the dreaded front knock on my 2016 T6 van today. Was driving home from work when suddenly the car started having loud bangs and knocks on every small hole in the road. So I immediately pulled over, crawled under with a flashlight and inspected. Could not find anything wrong...
  6. S

    Rear Springs Question

    Hi all, I’ve been worried about my saggy arse for a while (I’m at that age!!) so after reading on here I decided the solution was to put some T32 springs on there thinking the original springs must still be in place. Anyway I decided to look under the van to check and the springs are actually...
  7. W

    Wanted T32 rear springs wanted

    As above
  8. W

    Fitted T32 rear springs but still got a saggy rear

    Hi I’ve got a 2017 T30 on standard springs. Since conversion it has been sitting low on the rear end. I recently ac some T32 shuttle rear springs from a forum member and had them fitted yesterday. Unfortunately the stance still appears similar to before. Is this to be expected? I was hoping...
  9. T

    FREE T6 Shuttle/Kombi Standard Springs

    Set of standard springs from a T6, 2016 , FOC but collection only
  10. Jeffers316

    FREE T32 Standard used springs

    I have a set of T32 springs taken off my 2017 T6 with 29k on the clock. These may be of use to someone and can be collected from the Southampton/New Forest area.
  11. R

    VW T28 Rear Springs Upgrade

    Hi - I have recently purchased a converted T6 T28 and the rear is sagging a touch. I plan in-time to upgrade the suspension when I change wheels etc but for the short term looking at changing the rear springs only. I have taken a look at T32 springs but can’t find a solid answer as to whether...
  12. DWS

    For Sale H&R T32 lowering springs

    Removed tail end of last year when I fitted SoLows, these have covered around 25k miles, sat at a decent height with my banded amaroks, from the code I’m not sure exactly what drop they are but I’m sure someone might know this answer for me. Prefer collection based in Horsmonden Kent, but can...
  13. R

    FREE As new condition springs

    Hi morning all. I have a set of as new t32 standard springs from a t6 I boxed them up for a guy took them to the post office got the price of £30 . Told the guy and he changed his mind. If anyone wants them there's a set of centre caps in the box too. FREE if someone wants to pay the postage...
  14. nigeltreves


    SWB side bars (see original post 29/6/20 for more details) T30 front and rear springs(delivery mileage) Tailgate gas struts Collection from CM20
  15. cy294

    FREE Original shocks and springs

    Original shocks and springs taken off a T30 Highline, having done approx 70k miles. They have been in the garage for a while since swapping them out for Stance+. Free to good home or they will be going to the the local recycling centre. Socially distanced collection (Carmarthenshire, Wales)
  16. P

    For Sale T6 T32 Eibach 50mm Lowering Springs and OEM Dampers £100

    Hi - have a set of Uberbus Eibach 50mm lowering springs and OEM dampers for sale. They are off my T32 and have done 9k. The springs are red - have a few marks on the top of the springs where they have rubbed. Nothing that you would ever see. I can send photo's if anyone is interested. They are...
  17. R

    For Sale Standard springs and shocks t30

    I have these standard springs and shocks from my van have done 2.5k miles on a 2019 t30 swb looking for £100 all in collection only thanks
  18. Captain Zappa

    Lowering springs - Amax Apex or Vogtland?

    I am looking to take my T5 down 30mm, the obvious spring is Eibach, but does anyone have fitted either Amax Apex or Vogtland springs and if so are they worth the budget price, thanks
  19. L

    FREE T6 T32 Shuttle SE standard suspension

    I recently upgraded to B14's and now have a full set of T32 shocks and springs in the way in my garage. I'm in Camberley if anyone wants them before they get dumped. 24,000 miles and no issues at all.
  20. GingerPig

    Sold Caravelle Executive spring and damper full set

    Morning All, Changed my whole suspension to H&R coilovers and springs so selling the following: Standard Caravelle Springs Standard Caravelle Dampers