1. M

    Sold Transporter T6.1 Suspension

    Due to a recent upgrade to the suspension on my T6.1 highline T28 van i have a full set of used front/rear factory fitted suspension for sale all components are genuine OEM fitments and have done just over 7000 miles i would prefer to sell all components together but am open to individual sale ...
  2. J

    T28 Uprate

    Evening all. I was looking for some advice to see if its worth me paying for an uprate to my T28. I have recently installed some T32 suspension which I purchased from CRS, the reason being I was sagging on the rear as its fully converted and I needed the clearance as im running 235/55/18...
  3. B

    T28 wheel load rating - how much to allow for camper conversion?

    I’ve got my eye on some wheels that are load rated at 815kg. This is on a t28 swb conversion. I know they would be ok for standard van but should I be adjusting for the conversion? If so does anyone have a ballpark on what a fairly standard conversion might add? Thanks
  4. S

    For Sale T6/T28 Full Set of Discs & Pads

    Full set of Brembo discs and pads (front and rear) for a 2016 T28 Transporter with the 102tdi engine. Bought to change them myself, but ended up getting a garage to do it as the weather turned; and they would only fit their own parts. Part numbers: Front: Discs 09.D211.11 x2 Pads: P 85...
  5. D

    Should I replace VW T6 (T28) rear Springs with T30 Springs... Benefits?

    NEWBIE HERE... Can I upgrade my rear springs on my T6 T28 panel van (65 plate), bearing in mind that I've just fitted a towbar, and I will be adding furniture soon into the rear (as part of its conversion into a campervan). Just 2 adults and the dog will travel in it, but I suspect the van will...
  6. D

    T28 Broken rear Spring

    Hi folks, Newbie here... Just bought my first van and its a VW Transporter T6 (T28) panel van with just under 75k miles on it. I'm about to convert it into a camper, and today I've found its got one rear broken spring that needs replacing. Van rides great, so I just want to know which...
  7. C

    T28 lowering options?

    Hello. I’m getting really confused about how to lower my t28. Some kits say fits all models, some say they don’t. I have zero interest in adjusting coilovers but equally don’t want to ‘knacker’ the current ride comfort. Not looking to go super low as I do a lot of miles, just want to get...
  8. C

    T28 spring and shock ‘upgrade’

    Hello. I’m not overly happy with my current ride height. It’s just the std t28 set up but fully converted so I suspect I have a saggy arse. I was thinking lowering springs but fear the ride will be harsher. I have zero intentions of adjusting coilovers once on however I heard that may...
  9. M

    For Sale T6.1 T28 rear coil-springs

    Hi I have 2 rear springs that came off my T6.1 T28 SWB. I have done approximately 1000 miles on them. I removed them to replace the rear springs with an upgrade. I’m asking £50 if anyone is interested. I’m in the Chester area by the way.
  10. Keaney

    20" Tyre Advice - sizing / brand / pressure

    I've now picked the alloys and dimensions but what tyre brand are people using on 20’s Been quoted on accelera which was really cheap and may go down this route initially but normally stick to main brands, yoko, Pirelli and Michelin etc
  11. Barley53

    Camper + towbar = sag

    Hi, I've got a t28 with full camper conversion, there's the usual sag over the rear which to date hasn't bothered me over much, but I've recently had a towbar installed and this added to the weight of the conversion plus the occasional passengers, reading past posts on the subject it seem...
  12. nails54

    Sold 2018 T28 140PS 5-speed Day-Van, Indium Grey. £24,000

    2018 T28 Indium Grey Day Van. Euro 6. Air Conn . Rear parking sensors. Originally Trendline Van. Professionally converted and all work documented and receipted. M1 Rock and Roll full size bed. Side bars and roof rack. Sports spoiler on rear doors. Leisure battery with USB ports and 12v port...
  13. B

    Knocking from Koni’s on my campervan

    I’ve had Koni shocks and lowering springs fitted, now when going over bumps the front makes a bang/knock noise and the rear makes what I can only describe as a scrunch noise. Replaced top mounts and drop links at the same time, it’s a 2018 t28. Thanks in advance
  14. M

    T28 badged as T30

    Bought a 67 plate T6 about a year ago. Camper conversion. Only noticed the other day that all the paperwork (V5C, insurance) says it’s a T28 when the badge says T30 on the back. The badge doesn’t look like it’s been altered in any way or replaced. So I wonder what gives. Is this a van that has...
  15. S

    Is 6mm ply suitable for flooring?

    Hello all. I have a T28 6.1 It already had 6mm ply flooring down (looks CNC cut) when I bought it. I will be bolting the units to the flooring. I have two options, use the 6mm ply, and add 9mm ply batons glued under the 6mm ply (between the metal grooves) for extra strength where the units...
  16. Z

    New T6.1 - what's the differences between a T28 and a T30?

    I'm considering changing my 2018 T30 swb 150DSG Kombi Edition for a new T6.1, cant believe how much it's still worth after nearly four years and 46,000 miles! Looking on the VW configurator the price difference between a new T6.1 T28 and a T30 is about £600. I understand the T30 is built to...
  17. P

    Grabbing brakes. Braking too sharp

    Hi all, I bought my 2018 T28 camper van a few weeks ago. I am finding that the brakes are extremely sharp. Just the slightest pressure on the brake pedal brings the brakes on with a vengeance! My wife says it’s my bad driving and hangs on to the grab handles if she thinks I’m going to brake...
  18. P

    newbie question - do these springs look normal?

    Hi, I have a 2016 T28 T6 with 40mm lowered suspension. The ride in the rear is really uncomfortable and every bump sends a shudder through the van. I've taken a look at the springs to see if i can identify them and notice the coils are really compressed. Would this normally be expected?
  19. W

    Aracaju wheel load rating

    Hi, just bought a second hand set of Aracaju alloys (standard spec 17 inch on some Caravelle and California 3070kg GVW models). Hoping to fit them to my T32...but have not been able to find the wheel load rating for them. Can anyone offer a hint of where to look out this information? Many...
  20. R

    VW T28 Rear Springs Upgrade

    Hi - I have recently purchased a converted T6 T28 and the rear is sagging a touch. I plan in-time to upgrade the suspension when I change wheels etc but for the short term looking at changing the rear springs only. I have taken a look at T32 springs but can’t find a solid answer as to whether...