1. C

    will t28 springs fit a t32

    As above My t6 van feels like it is riding over pot holes all the time. Its never load so want to make the ride softer. The shocks are different but can i swap them for t28 or t30 springs
  2. L

    Is A T28 Enough?

    Hi Im in the process of looking at (swb) transporters which will be good as the base for the conversion. I've been speaking to one converter and their recommendation was to go for a T30 or T32. Id be looking at a fairly standard conversion of pop top, rear seat/bed and kitchen units and just...
  3. Sabre

    Dash Binnacle Change?

    Has anyone changed out their low tech dash display for a proper one? How has it come out? Does the existing function stuff work and is it worth doing. Not having the overall milage visible when driving and no oil temp is driving me nuts. Hazzydays can do a full swap out but it's pricey and...
  4. D

    Overloading A Van - T28, T30, T32 Question

    I get that a T28 can gave a gross weight of 2.8 tonnes, but is that simply the specified weight, or the legal weight? If I load it to 3 tonnes, am I breaking the law or just risking breaking my suspension? I currently have a T28 T5.1 (why are they both 'T' numbers??) and sometimes I'm sure...
  5. P

    T28 As A Camper Weight Limit

    Hi all, Just looking to buy my T6 to start my camper conversion. Found a T28 I really like but concerned regarding going over 2800kg. Does a full camper conversion with poptop get close to the limit? Is there a physical difference between T28 and T30? Or is it possible have a T28 replaced?
  6. E

    New Conversion Project Load Question

    Hi All I am a total newb but I have my eye on a 102ps T28 SWB and wondered if this would be adequate for a conversion that has a full width rib bed, micro pod (sink/hob/fridge) and a pop top? It’s me, my missus and 2 year old too. I could make our border terrier walk.
  7. S

    Bilstein B14s Fitting In Northern Ireland

    hi guys, So been scouring this forum, (absolute legend who started this ) have got my wheels and have decided on lowering my van with B14s and just wondering does anyone know anywhere good to bring my t6 here in Northern Ireland Cheers
  8. Sabre

    T28 Van Weight with kit

    Just had her weighed today so I left my usual kit in there, put 36litres of water on board, the mountain bike on the back and threw in a 48 sheet box of silent coat for good measure... 2380 gross, with me on board too. Then moved forward to just after half way to get an idea of the back axle...
  9. Boomshanker

    Tyre Rating for my T28

    Hello All, Looking to get some new tyres, a friend can get Pirelli's at staff discount but they are a slightly different spec. The old tyres have a rating of 103Y and the possible new ones would be 99Y. Would this matter?
  10. Pau1GTI

    Weigh Bridge Tomorrow! Eeek

    Big day for Bryan our camper tomorrow. He's due to be weighed and I'm slightly nervious with him being a T28 and a fully loaded camper. I over looked this at the start as always thought it would be more than enough. No roof just yet so all should be fine for now but hoping with only two of us...
  11. A

    Buying A 2015 Volkswagen Transporter T28 Swb Tdi 102

    Hi, First time poster and looking to buy my first Transporter. Any advice when going to look at a 2015 Volkswagen Transporter T28 Swb Tdi 102? What do I need to look out for? Thanks in advance.
  12. 3crispies

    T28 Weight Carrying Weight

    Have fitted eibach lowering springs and I believe these are same for T26-30, need to pick up pallet of bricks @ 860kg am I right in thinking the rear wont sag as much now. I know van is registered as gross weight of 2800kg. What tyre pressure as currently running 44psi at rear was thinking + 10...
  13. Zave

    For Sale T28 original shocks, springs and anti roll bars

    Above is for sale since I upgraded to B14's. Just 500 miles. Make me an offer. M25 J8 Surrey
  14. Simon Kay

    T28 or T30 for LWB camper conversion

    Looking for advice on this...have got a T28 on order but now starting to sweat a little as I'm going to go pretty much full options on the conversion,pop-top, solar roof, awning, eibacher heating (or whatever it's called ;)), 80 liter tank, bike rack (tow bar). it'll only be for the 2 of us but...