Grape yellow California anyone


T6 Legend
image.png just been nosing on eBay what my devonports are worth bloody 9 sets off vans on there so not worth listing at the moment, scrolled down the page came across this .
Never seen this colour before not sure if it's my cup of tea though but nice looking van
It's definitely a colour you would have to love, but not for me, not when I see some of the other colours available.
Same colour as @spook van. I love it.

I wanted this colour but was told it not available for Kombi Highline. I guess the reason is to keep the Cali Beach as individual as possible.
I became a Beach/Ocean spotting geek while away; the way to spot the difference (if it's not yellow)? The roof struts are different.

Not seen a "Coast" yet.
lovely, you can certainly spot it, in a large carpark; even in the dark:)
Iam also living the yellow but to be honest I am still abut miffed that the highline didn't come in pure grey.
I always wanted stone blue, but it seems to have disappeared for the T6.
I have a Danbury Active in this rather fetching colour another my first choice but as they used to say on the TV the price was right .