team grape-yellow

  1. O

    Wanted! Grape yellow california beach

    Hi, has anyone got a grape yellow Volkswagen t6 california beach for sale, preferably with the 3 seat bench seat/ black interior option, or know of one available?, My daily online searches showing zero available in the UK currently,
  2. bigyellowvanman

    Grape Yellow Sportline Front Bumper

    Considering selling my sportline front bumper as i am going for the swamper look. Is it of any interest to someone? Its been on my van from new so has some chips I expect. But its in decent condition overall. Let me know what its worth as I have no idea
  3. bigyellowvanman

    My T6 "Swamper" Build

    Hi all, I have found the forum super useful in getting information together for my build and deciding what I want. I figured I could document what I end up doing in case anyone wishes to do similar. I decided to write the thread in retrospect so the first few posts are back to back. I've...
  4. R

    Sold 2016 California Beach

    I have decided to sell my California Beach in Grape YellowIMG_1090 by Roadrunner posted 22 May 2017 at 22:29 you can see photos in the media gallery. It has a |STD headunit and reverse camera along with parking sensors. Wheels are Anthraciet sportsline It has covered 13500 miles Looking at...
  5. Dave F

    Green (but Maybe Yellow ?)

    I don’t own it yet but had a call from dealer today to have a look at this van. Is fully loaded and it look fantastic. Just need to convince my wife that we need a new camper.
  6. spook

    GRAPE YELLOW LWB build thread ,The fun begins

  7. spook

    Sold 2017 T6 LWB 84PS Camper in Grape Yellow. £34k

    REDUCED PRICE £36000 Time to sell,,as my new t6 on its way ITS HERE NOW my factory order grape yellow lwb multifunction leather steering wheel and gaiter ,gearknob Cab comfort pack Cab black carpet twin seats swivelling drivers and passengers seats with arm rests FACTORY tailgate heated and...
  8. R

    Team Grape Yellow

  9. andythom188

    Grape yellow California anyone

    just been nosing on eBay what my devonports are worth bloody 9 sets off vans on there so not worth listing at the moment, scrolled down the page came across this . Never seen this colour before not sure if it's my cup of tea though but nice looking van
  10. spook

    My Grape Yellow start to end so far