1. B

    Stuck, between the dashboard gap and the windscreen!

    I have the Rubber Dash Gap Windscreen Trim Seal bought and ready to fit. But before i do I need to fish out one last item! You see a plastic trim tool fell into the gap between the end of the dashboard and the bottom of the windscreen. I've been trying to fish it out with 2 more angled trim...
  2. Steved55

    Pop top deflector

    Further to my recent post - windscreen insurance claim - I've booked through my insurers to have a new screen fitted next week, but have just noticed that the pop top roof has a rubber deflector strip bonded half to the screen and half to the metalwork above. Anyone have experience of removing...
  3. Steved55

    Windscreen claim

    Hi - please help an old man! Had something hit the screen on my shuttle today just to the drivers side of centre - it's made a big bullseye about 20mm dia at moment with several cracks looking ready to propagate. I'm pretty sure it will need replacing, what I am unclear on is the procedure for...
  4. T6180

    Windscreen Sun shade / sun strip?

    Anyone know where I can get a sun strip from or got any pictures?
  5. sparkzer

    They dont make 'em like they used to - windscreens

    My daily driver Golf suffered a whack to the screen last year (not exactly sure what hit it, it wasn't a stone but I was just about to overtake a scaffold lorry, so assumed a bolt or something bounced off the back as the damage was not typical of a stone) the car was 5 years old at the time, and...
  6. R

    Skoda Windscreen Ticket Holder

    Has anyone fitted the Skoda Ticket Holder to the A-Pillar of their T6? If so, how easy was it to fit?
  7. czmate1999

    OEM vs aftermarket windscreen

    Hi all, As some of you know my windscreen needs to be replaced after a stone chip on the way to Camperjam. Anyway the insurance is offering an aftermarket replacement or I can pay £700 for an OEM replacement… Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with aftermarket glass?? Cheers CZ.
  8. Andyf

    Thermal Screen Cover recommendations?

    As above, can any body reccomend one Cheers Andy
  9. A

    Damaged windscreen from wiper-blades

    Hi. Anyone encountered this issue . Windscreen has been scratched by the the wiper blade brackets on my t6.1 ? The bracket either end and in the middle was touching windscreen and making a slight rash. Went and bought new wipers and is the same with new ? As the wiper changes direction the...
  10. Steved55

    Parking ticket clip

    Hi - just been in my mates skoda and it has a really useful clip on the drivers A pillar for holding car park tickets. Have found stick on ones on line but can anyone recommend one that fits behind the pillar trim? Thanks
  11. B

    Thoughts on windscreen solar panels?

    I have a Renogy briefcase Solar at the mo and it’s fine but thinking it would be easier if I can just have something on the van all the time whilst Parked that can be routed through a window to connect up. I’ve seen some that are designed for windscreen and wondering if anyone has used them and...
  12. ellyp81

    Windscreen Covers

    Hi All I'm thinking of getting a windscreen cover ready for day trips in the summer. Does anyone have any recommendations on any to help keep the van cooler for when re return with the dog? Like the look of the Steel and Stitches cover but not sure if its just for black out Thanks
  13. Coly

    polycarbonate sheet windows??

    Has anyone used clear polycarbon sheet on inside of windows to improve insulation and reduce condensatipn?
  14. Sammyste

    Thermal windscreen cover - internal or external??

    During winter is it best to have thermal blinds for the front windows as opposed to the outer wrap do you think?
  15. M

    Windscreen condensation - advice

    Please be gentle as I’m a relatively new T6 owner and I love her We bought our van from a company who had converted transits into transporters. I noticed over the winter that the inside of the windscreen had terrible condensation and can freeze inside. I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips...
  16. BikerPa

    T6.1 Lane assist/Traffic sign recog. camera after windscreen replacement

    Looking to speed up a warranty issue as local main dealer do not see many vans with this option. Basically the windscreen was replaced by Autoglass/Ins with OE screen. They can’t calibrate this system properly & neither can JCT600 VW CV. VW tech UK have said check another van/velle with the...
  17. N

    T6 Windscreen Replacement

    So, coming home on Saturday something flew up off the road and hit my windscreen. Let's assume it needs replacing. I just don't want to end up in some sort of crazy spiral of things not working afterwards. It's a T6 and it has heated windscreens and automatic wipers. What's the odds of those...
  18. R

    Windscreen Blind or Wrap

    New to the T6 camping experience. Looking forward to our first night away however what do people recommend for blocking out the front windscreen and side windows? A wrap that fits around the outside or thermal blinds inside? Any recommendations where to buy? Thanks Richard
  19. A

    T6.1 windscreen v T6 windscreen

    Does anyone know if the T6.1 windscreen is the same as the T6. I'm looking to buy a silver screen, but can't see any advertised for T6.1 - only T6.
  20. MrTesco

    Retrofit Heated Windscreen??

    Evening boys n girls , Just walked up o my van and noticed my screen is cracked . Now I just wondering before I get it changed is there a way to retrofit the heated screen option, and if so what sort of price would I be looking at? Cheers in advance.