1. B

    Thoughts on windscreen solar panels?

    I have a Renogy briefcase Solar at the mo and it’s fine but thinking it would be easier if I can just have something on the van all the time whilst Parked that can be routed through a window to connect up. I’ve seen some that are designed for windscreen and wondering if anyone has used them and...
  2. E

    Windscreen Covers

    Hi All I'm thinking of getting a windscreen cover ready for day trips in the summer. Does anyone have any recommendations on any to help keep the van cooler for when re return with the dog? Like the look of the Steel and Stitches cover but not sure if its just for black out Thanks
  3. Coly

    polycarbonate sheet windows??

    Has anyone used clear polycarbon sheet on inside of windows to improve insulation and reduce condensatipn?
  4. Sammyste

    Thermal windscreen cover - internal or external??

    During winter is it best to have thermal blinds for the front windows as opposed to the outer wrap do you think?
  5. M

    Windscreen condensation - advice

    Please be gentle as I’m a relatively new T6 owner and I love her We bought our van from a company who had converted transits into transporters. I noticed over the winter that the inside of the windscreen had terrible condensation and can freeze inside. I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips...
  6. BikerPa

    T6.1 Lane assist/Traffic sign recog. camera after windscreen replacement

    Looking to speed up a warranty issue as local main dealer do not see many vans with this option. Basically the windscreen was replaced by Autoglass/Ins with OE screen. They can’t calibrate this system properly & neither can JCT600 VW CV. VW tech UK have said check another van/velle with the...
  7. N

    T6 Windscreen Replacement

    So, coming home on Saturday something flew up off the road and hit my windscreen. Let's assume it needs replacing. I just don't want to end up in some sort of crazy spiral of things not working afterwards. It's a T6 and it has heated windscreens and automatic wipers. What's the odds of those...
  8. R

    Windscreen Blind or Wrap

    New to the T6 camping experience. Looking forward to our first night away however what do people recommend for blocking out the front windscreen and side windows? A wrap that fits around the outside or thermal blinds inside? Any recommendations where to buy? Thanks Richard
  9. A

    T6.1 windscreen v T6 windscreen

    Does anyone know if the T6.1 windscreen is the same as the T6. I'm looking to buy a silver screen, but can't see any advertised for T6.1 - only T6.
  10. MrTesco

    Retrofit Heated Windscreen??

    Evening boys n girls , Just walked up o my van and noticed my screen is cracked . Now I just wondering before I get it changed is there a way to retrofit the heated screen option, and if so what sort of price would I be looking at? Cheers in advance.
  11. T

    Windscreen mositure at bottom of screen - where does it go?

    Hi I have a 16 Cali with comfort dash. I get a fair bit of moisture on the windscreen which is what I would expect in a camper that is being used. It's enough to use a squeegee at this time of year. Last weekend I just pushed all the moisture down to the bottom of the windscreen and it...
  12. Monkster1

    Screen - Excessive moisture

    Hi all, I've noticed again this winter as the temperature drops away over night, the inner windscreen has a fair amount of moisture - enough to have to use a 'T' style squeegy and a paper towel to remove the excess before driving. I'm thinking there must be moisture within the van somewhere in...
  13. burendan

    3D Printed Windscreen Solar Blanket Attachment Clips

    If anyone is interested, I have created a 3D model for some small attachments that slide over the top corners of my windscreen so that I can tie down a solar blanket across the windscreen. These fit my T6, I assume the windscreen thickness and spacing is the same on T5/T6.1. Windscreen Clips...
  14. R

    Thermal blind Sun blind T6 Front Windscreen (internal)

    I have a T6 Campervan and I have noticed on the A-Pillar (internal) three press studs equally spaced? Are these for a a thermal blind ? And if so can anyone recommend where I can buy? THE PRESS STUDS LOOK FACTORY FITTED?
  15. Cham13

    Front Wipers Failing

    My wipers have more or less given up and I think its most likely the motor? If I spray water onto the front screen they don't wipe automatically, however if I switch them onto full power, after several seconds they start moving, but stick at times and then its a matter of stopping them at the...
  16. JordanGT

    Rain Sensor

    I want to install a sun strip across the top of the windscreen, however I have the rain sensor fitted. Does anyone have a template I can use to cut out the section?
  17. T

    Heated Front Windscreen Connections.

    Hi all, Had my heated front windscreen replaced a few weeks ago and now only the passengers side heating works. Fuse keeps blowing on the drivers side. Have seen the wiring diagram and looked at the connections but newish to the transporter world so not sure if it is connected properly. Can...
  18. sparkywig

    Cleaning Windscreen

    Just a quick question. How the f*ck do you clean the middle top of the windscreen? I can't reach from in front or standing in the door opening.
  19. C

    Windscreen Protection

    Had ClearPlex UK fit my windscreen protection yesterday (apparently fitted to the space station) only to have something bounce up from the road (M25 @ 70mph) this morning and hit the centre of the screen and bounce off, no damage, thanks ClearPlex. . .
  20. catfood12

    Dash Windscreen Trim Strip - What A Difference !

    There's a pesky gap between the dash and windscreen on the T6. I only noticed when I lost a parking pass down there. There's also some high frequency tapping that propagates from the engine through the gap. When I had a hoodie laid across the top of the dash it became a bit quieter. This...