1. R

    Thermal blind Sun blind T6 Front Windscreen (internal)

    I have a T6 Campervan and I have noticed on the A-Pillar (internal) three press studs equally spaced? Are these for a a thermal blind ? And if so can anyone recommend where I can buy? THE PRESS STUDS LOOK FACTORY FITTED?
  2. Cham13

    Front Wipers Failing

    My wipers have more or less given up and I think its most likely the motor? If I spray water onto the front screen they don't wipe automatically, however if I switch them onto full power, after several seconds they start moving, but stick at times and then its a matter of stopping them at the...
  3. JordanGT

    Rain Sensor

    I want to install a sun strip across the top of the windscreen, however I have the rain sensor fitted. Does anyone have a template I can use to cut out the section?
  4. T

    Heated Front Windscreen Connections.

    Hi all, Had my heated front windscreen replaced a few weeks ago and now only the passengers side heating works. Fuse keeps blowing on the drivers side. Have seen the wiring diagram and looked at the connections but newish to the transporter world so not sure if it is connected properly. Can...
  5. andy greenwood

    Cracked Windscreen !

    Unfortunately i have a cracked windscreen, i am going to get a new one through my insurance. As the rear view mirror is stuck on, do i have to restick this to the new windscreen ? If so what do i use ?
  6. sparkywig

    Cleaning Windscreen

    Just a quick question. How the f*ck do you clean the middle top of the windscreen? I can't reach from in front or standing in the door opening.
  7. C

    Windscreen Protection

    Had ClearPlex UK fit my windscreen protection yesterday (apparently fitted to the space station) only to have something bounce up from the road (M25 @ 70mph) this morning and hit the centre of the screen and bounce off, no damage, thanks ClearPlex. . .
  8. catfood12

    Dash Windscreen Trim Strip - What A Difference !

    There's a pesky gap between the dash and windscreen on the T6. I only noticed when I lost a parking pass down there. There's also some high frequency tapping that propagates from the engine through the gap. When I had a hoodie laid across the top of the dash it became a bit quieter. This...
  9. marmite monster

    Cracked Screen :(

    Huge stone hit the window on the way back from Devon last week, no apparent damage at the time came back to the van today 8" crack across the bottom :( Van is Just over a month old now needs a new screen ..gutted Anyone had any luck with insurance companies fitting a OEM window and not some...
  10. Gareth1

    Front Screen Query

    Hi, Having recently bought a T6 I am puzzled by the box and wire that is fitted to the nearside of the windscreen. Can anybody please help me determine what this is? I've attached a photo to help show it. Many thanks
  11. Base1388

    Screen Wash Help Please

    So I've been putting a lot of time into polish thanks to here for all advice But one thing i'm interested to learn is is there a nice screen wash ? I've been using Gtechniq 0.015 G1 Clear Vision Smart Glass on my screen and windows amazing stuff and in last month not used the wipers at all...
  12. mopardave

    Chipped Windscreen

    Right wife's mini has a windscreen chip with a small crack right in zone A.....and it's probably just over the ten mm limit. MOT time is looming so I'm wondering if there's any point getting it repaired for the MOT tester just to fail it anyway. I'd rather keep the original screen...
  13. Peatey

    Windscreen Washer Jets

    Does anybody know of an upgrade for the washer jets. Im looking for a spray rather than six peeing cherubs just clearing the scuttle panel I've tried adjusting them but only managed to wash the Poptop and its a pig of a job being where they are. I'm just wondering if people are happy with...
  14. Jay586

    Broken Windscreen

    Anyone else waiting on a windscreen replacement? Been waiting a couple of weeks and have no date, as the glass people are saying they can't source the correct windscreen from VW. T6 heated screen.
  15. Lukavell

    Easy Mod...

    Apologies if this has been shared before but I havent seen it. I was disappointed with the windscreen washer jets on my caravelle. They were the three separate jet types, my 2003 velle had much better type that sprays one wide arc. I found some on Amazon and changed them over this afternoon in...
  16. Anthony Ball

    Rubber Seal Upgrade Between Dash And Windscreen

    Nice little mod carried out today , aftermarket rubber seal that fits along the gap between the dashboard and the bottom of the screen , stops parking tickets and other flotsam dissapearing down the tiny gap that is there normally , someone bought it me as a gift , took less than half hour to do...
  17. W

    Wiper Motor Unbearable

    had a new 67 plate high line, Can’t stand the whining of the wipers (which go quiet when the engine cuts out). Had 7 Transporters prior to this and never noticed the noise, last van was a 64 reg. Anyone else had this issue, VW just shrugged. It’s overpowering the radio and in traffic it’s like...
  18. Arrow

    Jet Washer Spray Nozzles

    Anyone upgraded the washer nozzles to the jet type? Wondering if an upgrade kit exists? Even better if they are heated too. Been a pain having to defrost the nozzles every morning.
  19. PukkaT6

    Windscreen Washers

    I know its freezing but has anyone experienced the drivers side washers not working? Im wondering if me trying them while frozen has popped the pipe off. Cant see any water leaking under the bonnet though.
  20. Fish

    Another cracked screen.

    Well another day, another t6 drama.. No stone chip.. just over night crack.. Cold/ heat not sure.. But no doubt be a battle to change with Listers