1. T

    Westfalia t6 Kepler one

    Hello from Italy, we just picked up this beauty. New to campers so hoping to get lots of information from the experts.
  2. C

    Water leak Westfalia Kepler One

    We have a leak and it seems to be coming from behind the shower attachment. We had it fixed under warranty about 2 years ago but the pipes leading to the attachment have likely come loose again. We need to get in there to reattach them and wondered if anyone has any experience of this..,.does...
  3. S

    Westfalia Tow bar electrics kit

    Hope someone can help here, I'm halfway through fitting a Wesfalia Tow bar to my 2017 Shuttle. So I'm looking specifically at the point were three wires are connected to the extra fuse bar thats under the passenger seat. Now the instructions say that the three cables are fitted in spots 5,6,7...
  4. shaiboyuk

    PFJ or Dealer to fit Towbar?

    Hi, So the Transporter is coming the next day or so, and need to get a towbar for going away. I've priced up VW one and Westfalia (PFJones), detachable, 13 pin electrics, extension lead (non TP) and Towbar plastic rail and fixings. VW one comes in at £592. Westfalia (PFJones) one comes in at...
  5. RunDSG

    Error: ACC and Error: Brakes… Workshop!

    Ok, someone please save me. I’m worried I’ve seriously wrecked something. I’ve just finished a series of jobs. Most likely to have caused the error, fitting Westfalia towbar electrics. I now get these two errors. Error: ACC *reading here suggests this sometimes happens after towbar install...
  6. J

    Westfalia detachable tow-bar self-fit [Guide]

    So I decided to purchase the Westfalia detachable tow bar this week and set about fitting it. I bought the towbar and dedicated electrics from PF Jones. I've fitted it to a 2017 T6 and taken a few photos which may help someone. Not a bad job, but I'm fortunate to have ramps at our garage. It's a...
  7. T

    Which detachable Tow Bar?

    I'm doing my research ahead of getting a tow bar fitted. I definitely want a detachable one, and want the electrics to be out of sight when not in use. Looking back at old threads here, I see conflicting info about whether some brands (Westfalia, Tow Trust, for example) actually do this...
  8. V

    Westfalia Tow Bar electrics - 2019 Multivan

    Good day all, I have a problem. I have a VW T6 Multivan Trendline Liberty, year 2019, 2000ccm, 150 PS/ 110 KW 4 Cylinder TDi Common Rail EU6 SCR Diesel. Rails on the floor. Seats 1 triple and 2 single, fully removable / sliding. I sent email to Westfalia. Send chassis number, make, model...
  9. Superowls

    Sold Westfalia fixed swan neck Towbar for T5 or T6

    Just had a towbar removed from my T6, previous owner had it fitted under a year ago so not had much use The fitter that removed it told me it will fit all T5 & T6's, it comes with electrics and is non detachable It's a Westfalia so not a cheap one I dont know much more than that about it but...
  10. Paynewright

    Todays top towbar tip..

    When trying to remove your detachable Westfalia towbar, try pulling the handle out and turning it before resorting to the big rubber hammer! Regards Ian
  11. M

    WARNING - towbar mounted bike racks

    Thought it best to share today’s experience and caution others. Please please please check and recheck any towbar mounted bike racks. Even though we triple checked before setting off, ours decided to part company today whilst travelling at 60mph on the M1. Standing helpless at the side of the...
  12. Village

    The Towbar Company

    Had a westfalia detachable fitted by Gary at the Towbar Company yesterday. He’s based in Bournemouth but will travel. Very accommodating guy and very professional instal. Highlight recommended and can give his details on request. :thumbsup:
  13. S

    Westfalia Towbar

    Hi I’m looking to buy a westfalia fixed or detachable tow-bar for my T6 2017 T32 highline Kombi SWB but unsure which model number/code is the correct one. Please can anyone advise on this matter. Many thanks Pete
  14. stuart-t6

    Westfalia storage bags

    Help.. I have seen these, does anyone know where I could buy them please
  15. Paul Holmes

    Found Westfalia Towbar

    Westfalia detachable swan neck tow bar with or without electrics
  16. ABusAndBeyond

    Westfalia Kepler Six

    We had a look at the Westy Kepler Six, some of you may find it interesting...
  17. A

    Westfalia Club Joker City

    After being contacted by a forum member who was thinking of buying one, it occurred to me it might be worth doing a mini review of mine as there is very little information out there even now and there was virtually nothing when I ordered mine July 2016 after seeing one at the NEC show. I have...
  18. C

    Westfalia Kepler One

    Just had a friend been to Germany and looked at a VW Westfalia Kevlar One based on a VW T6, it looks very cleverly designed and a lot of thought put into it for a self contained vehicle, I googled it. Thread should read Kevlar One, but I couldn’t edit it?