water pump

  1. AdamT

    Toothed Belt change

    Can anyone who’s had their van a while and had it serviced by VW tell me if this relates to cam belt change ? And if so would VW do the water pump at the same time as a matter of course? It’s part of the history print out that I was given by independent dealer upon purchase of my van but not...
  2. n10n

    Show us your used parts!

    Had timing belt, water pump, aux belt and related rollers changed at 90000km / 6 years. Here’s some photos of the removed parts. 1. The changed lot, apart from the belts 2. Aux belt looks pretty much impeccable 3. Timing belt looks little bit worn but not bad. Didn't find any damages...
  3. camperguy

    Problem with Auxiliary Water Pump

    Hello, I've had an issue with my VW T6 Auxiliary Water Pump. I have changed the pump and the issue still persists, therefore I suspect it is the actual wiring but I don't have any information on how the wiring is configured. I would like a diagram or manual for this if possible to show me where...
  4. osman

    Cam belt and pump replacement yet again !

    So I’ve just had my van in after breaking down due to a problem with the clutch diagnosed by The AA as a leaking pump / fluid situation and it’s been diagnosed by the garage …….no problem with clutch it’s a rattling fly wheel causing it to over heat ! And whilst they were diagnosing this little...
  5. C

    Water pump changes

    Hey peeps. Doing cam belt today and pre ordered a kit. new water pump has a solenoid and the old one is plain. can it still be fitted?
  6. C

    Water pump fault code after cambelt change

    Hi guys and girls just after some information please if anyone could help me my t6 has just had cambelt water pump and crank seal changed. There is a fault code for the intercooler waterpump. Can someone tell me if this is the same waterpump that's just been changed that's driven by the cambelt...
  7. eden warren

    Brown connector identification [Solved]

    Hi Can anybody tell what this Brown connector is for and where it should be plugged in? Thanks Eden
  8. N

    Cambelt/water pump and DSG oil change - 5 year change?!

    Hi Guys just booked my 2018 T6 150 DSG in for service and Mot as it's 4 years old in January I was expecting to replace cambelt / water pump and DSG gear box oil... VM service informed me that according to the chassis number my engine and DSG box are on 5 year schedule!
  9. Bathaudio

    T6 VCDS crank and water pump question

    Hey all, can I please ask for a little help on the water pump and crank sensor codes?? When starting the van I get 3 longish beeps and doesn't start that well. I can't rev beyond 2000 when in neutral which didn't use to happen. If you know the par numbers that I need it would be massively...
  10. M

    Redesigned water-pump

    Hi all looking for a bit help. Just stripped timing belt of my van with engine code CXHA. The water pump I removed was just a simple pump. But the new one supplied has a sensor and small look fitted. Can this be fitted and simple left unplugged? It’s a SKF kit I have bought. Here is a picture...
  11. Van Buddy

    Fake water pump ????

    I have just had a Gates water pump fail after 4 k. Looking like it may be a copy/fake. If anyone has a genuine Gates pump, old or new, please could send me some pictures of it. I’m still looking for the box which is another good indicator, as shown on Gates web site. Thanks.
  12. Andrew Walden

    Rattling noise after Cam belt/ water pump

    Hello All, MY 16 plate T6 102 PS manual has just had its cam belt/ water pump done by the dealership. On collection there was a rattling noise after driving a couple of miles (engine speed linked) so I took it straight back to the dealership (Beadles VW Chelmsford van centre) The technician...
  13. MarekS.

    Engine coolant bottle empty [Resolved]

    Hi all. My engine coolant compartment is bone dry. My wife still thought it's ok to drive it when red thermometer was flashing at her! Can I just get the coolant and replenish myself or do I need to go to garage? Yes, I know I need to find out where the original content had gone. Any advice...
  14. mhill

    Thermal Efficiency

    I've noticed over the past couple of days that the engine is completely unable to "warm up" unless your running at over 60mph. This evening a trip back from my nans doing no more than 30 for 37 minutes over 16 miles (lots of very thick fog) I got home parked up and there was ice on the bonet...