vw assist

  1. DarrenTT

    VW assist only 12 months cover

    Hi all, I’ve had my t6.1 from new since September last year. I’ve just received a letter through the post from vw saying my 12months vw assist is coming to an end and I can extend for £99/year. My question is, is it worth the £99 to continue the vw assist or just rely on my breakdown cover that...
  2. Vinci

    Fuses Fumin’!

    Easy enough....van in for service, along with water jet adjustment and fixing top of dash power socket. In main dealer for a day. They rang to say all done. Whilst stuck in traffic, I went to reorganise various cables, annnnd no power. Irate call to poor girl in reception, resulting in dropping...
  3. spook

    Extended Warranty, Roadside Assistance

    Extended Warranty, Does anyone know how long Roadside Assistance will last if u have a,, 5yr factory Warranty?????

    Vw Assistant....

    I know a lot of people have a good moan about VW ASSISTANT..... But I can’t praise them enough ........ On my travels to Poland after doing the first 660 miles being in the middle of Germany . The engine light come on , I carried on driving until I could find somewhere safe to pullover...
  5. T6 Owl

    UK & Euro Breakdown Cover

    Hi all, We’re off on a bit of a road trip around France in August in the T6 and so I am looking at getting some breakdown cover. I have UK cover via my bank account, but this doesn’t extend to Europe. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  6. Lord Mfwic

    Vw Assist.

    Hi, I believe that my van comes with 3 years of breakdown cover with VW Assist from new. Mine is now 2 years old (17 plate) and we are travelling to Europe in the summer. I recall reading somewhere on this forum that you only get 2 years cover for Europe. Can anyone clarify if this is correct...
  7. R

    Help! Engine Seized

    hi guys I’ve driven uk to Sweden it’s not even cold 0c and the engine is like it’s hydro locked Everything was fine last night when I switched it off after a big run The coolant level is low and it was perfect before and no warnings before eg temp was fine heater working no warnings or...
  8. Dieseldonkey

    Warranty and breakdown cover

    Having bought the van second-hand and not from a VW dealer can someone confirm that the standard VWCV warranty is 3 years. Is it restricted to a mileage? Also how long to you get VW assist / breakdown cover for. Thanks