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  1. V

    Horizon Roof Special Offer!

    Please check out the special offer that is currently on for the Horizon Sport Roof. For availability and questions please contact us.
  2. kevindu

    For Sale VW T6.1 E-grille EHU

    £200 delivery or collect from Cambridge
  3. Martin Stockwell

    Future of elevating roofs - Horizon

    It's official. Its been launched....
  4. V

    VTA: The Future of Hilo Sport Roof

    Please check out our Facebook page for more info on this subject
  5. Ads_Essex

    Replacement Grille With Built-in 230v Socket

    Has anyone seen this yet? Vision Tech Automotive showcasing their replacement grille with a 230v socket built in behind the VW badge. Brilliant idea but, at £400, I’ll probably not.
  6. Covmod

    T6.1 E-Grille EHU

    Anyone tried to fit an E-grill to a T6.1? I purchased a new gloss black grill and the E-grill kit but have found it way harder to fit than the you tube video suggested (although the video is for a T6, so expected it to be a little different. The biggest issue is getting the Exgrill to fit into...
  7. S

    It’s Arrived

    So after months of research then months of planning then months of building it’s finally done and arrived !!! Interested in thoughts and comments ....... be kind though guys ..... I’m quite chuffed with it

    Group Buy On VTA e-grilles??

    Would anyone be interested ?? If we can get a little discount VTA eGrille. • VisionTech Automotive I’ve emailed , see what I hear back !
  9. revdecal

    Visiontech Colchester

    After much deliberation I chose VisionTech in Colchester to fit my Hilo pop roof along with a few other things. Leisure Battery, captain chairs, Webasto heating system, awning etc... I have to say that they were pretty faultless. Fitted on schedule and as per their build sheet. I am fussy by...
  10. revdecal


    Well I'm taking the plunge and going to have some mods carried out after deciding to keep my 16 plate rather than 'upgrade'. VanKing sent me their kombi bed frame last week (amazing product and service by Murray by the way!) Visiontech will be installing a Hilo Sport colour coded Pop roof...
  11. Andy Cody

    VisionTech Hilo Roof Norfolk

    Hi All, Just wondering if there's anyone in the Norfolk area with a Hilo roof fitted by VisionTech that wouldn't mind me having a quick look before I book in? I had a good look round a van at one of the festivals this year but would like to refresh my memory (and make sure I'm doing the right...