1. Garethwatford

    Side-bar fitting query

    Hi I got brand new t6 swb and purchased side bars from eBay. Comes with two side bars and for big black brackets with two holes in each bracket to affix to the van. Now school boy questions I can't work out how to fit. I assume the plastic under skirting has got to come off??? Any one else got...
  2. Garny999

    T6.1 Undertray Panels.

    Hello, I was about to venture into fitting a diesel heater under my passenger seat. I had a sneak peek at the access from underneath (undertray)for mounting the unit and running the ducting. The question I ask is....does anyone know what this lot is and is this also on a T6. I am thinking that...
  3. S

    Bolts / Nuts For The Hexagonal Holes In The Chassis

    There are loads of these hexagonal holes and I assume you can put a 'blind' nut in and bolt something to it. I'm wanting to put a bracket under the van and this looks like an obvious attachment point. I'm thinking they'd be an M8 bolt? I know this is a really basic question, so please stop...
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  5. T6 dork

    Found Buyer Beware Heavy Corrosion Underneath..reg DC16KUU

    Red and White Gen6 heavy corrosion underside to all visible metal components anything steel like suspension wishbones,arms,brackets,bolts,shockers,exhaust etc advert said electric sliding side doors and rear camera (non of these are on it) leave well alone its at Arnold Clark Edinburgh DC16 KUU...
  6. S

    It's Raining! What's The Wading Depth A Standard T6?

    Quite a bit of rain in West Yorkshire today, and I nearly came a cropper in a very big "puddle". Fortunately I knew the road, and the camber meant it was deeper on one side and not the other, but it got me thinking what's the safe wading depth of a standard T6? I know the key is the position of...
  7. T

    Underfloor Slide Drawers Plans?

    Hi, amyine know of plans for either single or dual rear drawers and a side drawer to fit a LWB t6? Thanks.
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  9. S

    External 12v Socket & Usb (waterproof Of Course) - Ideas Please

    Hello, This might be better in the camping section but then maybe not? We currently have an external 12v socket (for our fridge when in camping mode, works a treat) that i put on an alu bracket that mounts quite neatly by the towball electrics. I'd like to add the usb now as we have some...
  10. Sturge

    Heat Shield Loose

    Hi Just got my van back from bodyshop, and not sure if this is how it looked before it went in to them. I dont recall seeing the heat shield here before? Can someone compare to their van? Thanks
  11. Farnorthsurfer

    Should I apply Body Corrosion Inhibitor?

    Thinking of getting the van corrosion treated at a place near us that does Dinitrol treatment. Underbody panels off, underseal treatment and cavity wax. Any corrosion found will be treated with rust converter and protected. Includes a check and touch up in 12 months. My van is a 2016 and has no...
  12. michael thorpe

    How To Remove These From Heats Shield

    can anyone tell me if the underbody trim have trim fittings as well taken all the fasteners off that i can see and still not move.
  13. Lawce

    Sump Protectors, Warranty

    Hi all, quick question, are the under van plastic guards covered under warranty? Reason I ask is this morning I drove through a flood which I did not see due to it still being dark and when I reduced my speed noticed a strange sound. Upon inspection at the garage to get fuel I looked under the...
  14. 6B539A43-7CE8-4AEB-9346-51633A836E07


    Under engine cover.
  15. Dellmassive

    [Guide] Underside Engine Cover + Fitting Kit -- How I Done It --

    Seems to look ok . . . . . . but for £57 delivered with six fixing bolts? . . . . too good to be true - or just cheap rubbish? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fitm%2F182751665850&campid=5338644811&toolid=10001&customid=test i...
  16. Wills

    MY18 exhaust design

    1st time under my van today to remove the spare wheel so it doesn't get pinched and drill the holes for the Cali seat rails. Looks like some one's pinched the rear section of the exhaust system.. When did VW decide to shorten the system so it ends halfway along the van?
  17. T

    T6 Ocean Undertray

    As you can see from my profile I am the proud owner of a T6 204 DSG 4 Mo Hi Line but my partner and I were lucky enough to also acquire a shiny new T6 California Ocean (150 DSG) back in July. Being a VW I will be putting side bars on at some point (it's the law apparently!!), and having already...
  18. TassieT6

    4Motion Underbody Protection

    I'm looking for some underbody protection for my Multivan. I intend to fit this in addition to a small lift kit (50mm maximum). The kit needs to protect the engine, fuel tank and rear differential. Three choices I have found so far are: 1) Seikel - This kit is very expensive especially in...
  19. Buggirl

    OEM plastic under body covers

    does anyone have a pic of the underneath of a T6 highline? I am checking if I have all the protection covers on mine. Strange question I know but checking mine is totally protected from the elements as much as it can be!
  20. Walski

    Plastic under tray for engine

    Hi All Bit of a frustrating conversation with my dealer today. My panel van was delivered without the under tray which is the protection panel on the underside of the engine. I spoke to the dealer who said they would fit the panel when my van came back from the dealer. I contacted them today...