1. C

    Side bars and water ingress through underbody panels

    Hello, Hope all you are all well! Can’t wait to nee t you all at a meet!!! So I have bought gloss black side bars angled for my t6.1 and wen to get them fitted but went back and they weren’t done. Mechanic wanted my permission to cut the cover at the base of the van as he stated it’s designed...
  2. T

    Undertray repair/reinforcement

    Hi. Thanks for all the posts on water damage, missing undertray bits etc. Apart from that - have come to the conclusion that the T6 undertrays are just not designed for Australian gravel roads, there's so much damage and they cost a fortune. If you don't care how things look, there might be...
  3. RK04DUB

    Undertray fixings

    Afternoon all. Looked underneath today and clearly has the original exhaust on which is look g a little worse for wear… But…I need to remove the under trays and as with the exhaust, all the bolts are looking massively corroded having NEVER been touched by the looks. The rust is just flaking off...
  4. MarcoUK

    Rear "flap" number

    Hi All, I hope this is the right place for my message: what is the part number for the flap in front of the rear wheel (UK passenger side, T6 1, LWB)? Thanks
  5. vwwanderer

    4motion underbody protection

    Dear All, I am currently converting a 2018 T6 4motion (see photo) into a proper overland camper to be routinely driven off-road and on green lanes. To get it right I am going to need some help and advice on underbody protection and rock sliders. Can anyone direct or assist me or Many thanks...
  6. J

    Undertray MIA!

    Hi all, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has allowed the Undertray to be liberated from the underside of the van during the floods this last year. The last of it finally gave up today and had to remove the sad looking bits that were left! Does anybody happen to have the part number for the...
  7. CJW

    Wanted Off and Near Side Front Undertrays

    Hi. Both these undertrays were missing when I bought the van. VW have quoted but I thought I’d see if anyone has these lying around first. Mine’s an early T6 and the part numbers are the same as the T5.1. They’re the ones roughly level with the sliding door on each side. Don’t have to be...
  8. AussieMick

    Plastic undertrays

    Removed my front undertray yesterday to change the oil and oil filter , once again was pleasantly surprised how spotlessly clean underside of engine bay was I have been through muddy roads, water crossings and dusty roads since I last removed the undertray . There have been many posts on here...
  9. Epic-Rob

    Underbody protection plates

    Cant find a thread on this so here goes. Just looking for some mid level engine and diff protection plates. dont want Seikel as probly over the top for what i need and expensive. whats out there?
  10. M

    Am I missing an undertray?

    Hi, does anyone know if there should be an undertray or cover here by the right rear shock absorber please. There are two studs which makes me think there could have been something here originally. Thanks!
  11. bblake

    Adblue Damaged Tank Cover

    So took my 21 plate T30 SWB Kombi in for 14,000 service today at local VW dealership. Received an online health check from the VW dealership stating that 'Adblue tank cover is damaged' with a quote for £236.00 to replace it. Was also provided with photos, see below. Technician had gone home when...
  12. Mule

    What is this substance in the arches?

    I was finally getting round to giving our '71 plate camper a proper clean this evening and noticed a substance congealed behind the springs on the inside of the drivers side front wheel arch. It's the first time I've looked up in there and I'm hoping it's just wax from the manufacturing...
  13. Gasdoc

    part numbers - undertray

    Hoping someone on here can help me! I've tried to search on the forum and found Dellmassive's image of a parts diagram but I'm not sure if the part I'm looking for is on there. I was giving the underside of my 2016 T6 Transporter a good wash today and noticed what appears to be a missing section...
  14. Skyliner33

    Stumped by 'simple' clips.

    Its been so difficult to find someone to fit the floor rails for my California bed I decided to fit them myself. So after buying brackets and all the kit and after much procrastinating, putting off the job, I decided it was time to get it done. SO after about 1.5hours under the van removing...
  15. B

    T6.1 - What is this for on the underside please?

    As per the title, WTF is this for on the underside of our T6.1 please? it is a small piece of plastic on the underside in front of both wheels that drops down slightly. it’s like a small mud flap if that makes sense. the picture I have is poor as the supplier has hacksawed through them. i...
  16. Chris Sherwood

    Under Body Battery Storage

    Has anyone tried one of these under floor battery boxes from New Wave Custom Conversions; https://www.newwavecustomconversions.co.uk/product/under-body-leisure-battery-storage/ I am considering using one to free up room in the van but I am concerned what would happen if I crossed a river?
  17. K

    Undertray Part Number Query

    I drove through a puddle, flooded road recently. Backed out okay and since driven about 250 miles so major damage averted. However someone wading through the water approached me as I was checking the van and said they'd found this in the water and it might have come off my van, they didn't see...
  18. Unimog

    Webasto protection plate

    If like me you have mounted your Webasto underside, and concerned the standard VW plastic protection cover is not up to the job. Well Seikel have produced another quality aluminium skid plate to cover under the right side of the van.
  19. 3crispies

    Wanted Night-heater undertray

    Looking undervan and underway where diesel heater is smashed anyone know part number or where to source one as fitting diesel heater next weekend
  20. Spaghetti

    Found Plastic liner above spare wheel.

    Has anyone got a plastic liner in good condition for above the spare wheel please? Mine was cut to fit a tow bar which was subsequently changed and I’d like to fit a complete one if possible. Picture attached.