1. Pete C

    Need pictures of underside of T6 please

    Folks, Parts of the protective undertray on my T6 have been stripped off by big puddles etc. It’s the bits on the near side that run back from the front wheel arch. I have the big bit on order, but myself and my local dealer can’t work out from the VW catalogue what else I may need. I should...
  2. PhilBob

    Side-bar fitting query

    Hi All, I'm in the middle of fitting a towbar+electrics and crawling under the van for the first time. When taking the body under-trays off I noticed there was a fair amount of debris under the sills. The van is only ~18months old so was quite surprised. I'm thinking this maybe a result of...
  3. Garny999

    T6.1 Passenger Side Undertray Stuff.

    Hello, I was about to venture into fitting a diesel heater under my passenger seat. I had a sneak peek at the access from underneath (undertray)for mounting the unit and running the ducting. The question I ask is....does anyone know what this lot is and is this also on a T6. I am thinking that...
  4. S

    Bolts / Nuts For The Hexagonal Holes In The Chassis

    There are loads of these hexagonal holes and I assume you can put a 'blind' nut in and bolt something to it. I'm wanting to put a bracket under the van and this looks like an obvious attachment point. I'm thinking they'd be an M8 bolt? I know this is a really basic question, so please stop...
  5. CaptainZag

    Underbody Trim Damage O/s (right)

    I bought a T6 around 5 weeks ago and it has o/s (right) underbody trim damage (item 11 below): o/s (right) Underbody trim T6 by CaptainZag posted 5 Mar 2020 at 16:25 The local VW Van Centre has quoted just under £300 to replace! I need part number 7E0 825 208 A. I have seen this on fleabay...
  6. L

    Help Identify Part - underbody

    Hi Bought my first T6 multivan 204 hk -2016 for like a week ago. What a car, feels very luxury driving around my kids in this car. But, premiere tour to skiing paradise here in Sweden I managed to damage an safety shield underneath the car. I'm trying to find out what part and where to order...
  7. IMG_0026


  8. T6 dork

    Found Buyer Beware Heavy Corrosion Underneath..reg DC16KUU

    Red and White Gen6 heavy corrosion underside to all visible metal components anything steel like suspension wishbones,arms,brackets,bolts,shockers,exhaust etc advert said electric sliding side doors and rear camera (non of these are on it) leave well alone its at Arnold Clark Edinburgh DC16 KUU...
  9. Glenn

    Undercover Undertray Under Tray Cover Clips Screws Bolts

    OK so I went through a flooded section of a road yesterday, came through the other side with the passenger side undertray ripped in half hanging off !!! I’ve found a replacement on eBay, but it doesn’t come with any fixings. There’s only 1 or 2 left on the original tray. Where will I get the...
  10. J

    Does This Look Right?

    Hi Could I ask you kind folks if this bit looks right. It’s a small plastic bit on the underside of the van just behind the front wheel. Seems to be protecting the open edge of one of the underside covers. The lower photo is all the crud that was packed in above it, presumably due to all the...
  11. Bentley T6

    Undercarriage Cracks?

    Hi everyone, I joined back in August and my plan was to get a T6 and get converting over winter. I have now found a van and will be collecting in 2 weeks. One thing I noticed when I went to view was some cracks to the underside. Can anyone tell me if this is something to be concerned about...
  12. S

    It's Raining! What's The Wading Depth A Standard T6?

    Quite a bit of rain in West Yorkshire today, and I nearly came a cropper in a very big "puddle". Fortunately I knew the road, and the camber meant it was deeper on one side and not the other, but it got me thinking what's the safe wading depth of a standard T6? I know the key is the position of...
  13. R

    Underbody Trim

    Hi all, anybody have or know where to get a replacement underbody trim from. It's the one that covers the external mounted diesel heater which runs under the driver's seat. I believe the part number is 7E0 825 208 A. But can't find any results when googling. Thanks in advance as always Glenn
  14. Hah!

    Under Body Cover Damage

    Hello everyone, need a bit of advice on some damage to the underbody fuel tank (I presesume) covers. I hit some standing water last night and it would seem to have damaged and bent out of shape the protective cover. I am wondering if this part is available (@Pauly ), how easy it may or may not...
  15. T

    Underfloor Slide Drawers Plans?

    Hi, amyine know of plans for either single or dual rear drawers and a side drawer to fit a LWB t6? Thanks.
  16. RichDavies82

    Is This Normal??

    Took a few pictures of the van yesterday and noticed that my fuel tank seems to be hanging on one side?? Is this normal or does it need looking at? Can anyone take a picture from a similar angle to compare it?
  17. IMG-20190809-WA0003


  18. czmate1999

    Under Engine Cover

    Hi All, Just delving deeper into the forum and come across this subject - via @Dellmassive threads - would be grateful for any answers/thoughts to the below, thanks! CZ. Question 1 : I have factory ordered a T6 Kombi - does it come with an 'under engine cover' and is it plastic or metal...
  19. S

    External 12v Socket & Usb (waterproof Of Course) - Ideas Please

    Hello, This might be better in the camping section but then maybe not? We currently have an external 12v socket (for our fridge when in camping mode, works a treat) that i put on an alu bracket that mounts quite neatly by the towball electrics. I'd like to add the usb now as we have some...
  20. Shaun Witts

    Heat Shield Loose

    Has anyone had any of their heat shields come loose or break away? My van is going into Preston VW centre on Friday for them to look at the heat shield that runs to the left of the centre tunnel (& hand brake cable), beside the petrol tank. Two of the tabs have broken off leaving it dangling as...