1. nikster

    Under engine cover replacement after brown trouser moment

    Hi all. Have just swapped out my T6 Velle for a T6.1 version - on the drive home from the dealers a metal bucket came loose from a highways maintenance truck and straight at me. I was on the M3 so was driving at speed - luckily for me and my underpants it dropped in front and went under the...
  2. steveratcliffe

    First T6 Purchase - Corrosion Advice

    Hi All, First post on the forums! I have been looking for a van for a while now and avidly researching pretty much every detail for which this forum has been an absolute gold mine of information, so thank you all for contributions over the years which have helped us massively to make informed...
  3. stupot

    Plastic under tray behind passenger front wheel

    Hi folks I’ve had a search but not sure I’ve found the right info. I was cleaning my side bars and noticed a plastic under tray hanging down at the end behind the passenger front wheel, poking down below the sill near the side bar bracket. Any ideas if this is a big piece? Easy to replace? I...
  4. Leemondo12

    Kombi Triple Seat Fitting

    Hi All, I will at some point in the future be fitting a triple seat in the back of my T6. My understanding is I would need 8 of the brackets for underneath only utilising one of the holes on each with the other hole just sitting vacant as its not needed. While trawling through Youtube I came...
  5. S

    Electric problems after driving through water

    Hi all, I’ve just joined the forum as tonight I’ve driven my T6.1 combi through water and lost my power steering and hill, headlight, front assist and sign display! I’m happy to pay for premium but is the T6.1 fuse board list available as I’ve found a T6 one but I’m hoping that’s different as...
  6. P

    Spare wheel cowl

    Hi Guys, Happy new year! I’m trying to identify a piece of trim on the underside of my van which in its previous life has been broken. TPS didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. If you kneel at the rear of the van and look underneath, there’s a plastic trim that comes close to the...
  7. AeonMach

    Undercarriage damage - what is it?

    Can anyone help me identify what this damaged piece of undercarriage is? Underneath passenger seat/well. Plastic - so not structural but covering and/or protecting something? T6 LWB 4mo. (I suspect I hit something - well obviously - when I thought I’d “just” gone through a really awful...
  8. D

    For Sale T6.1 Undertray right side central

    Part number 7LA_825_210_C Perfect condition, removed from new van to fit water tank. £15 Collect from Bolton
  9. PapaJay

    Attacked by Puddles

    Well more of a rant/therapy corner this one. Van got attacked again by a rogue puddle this morning lurking in the dark. Second time in three weeks and yep you guessed it the ‘under’ engineered undertray is damaged and will need replacing £££ It only got replaced two weeks ago. I know slow...
  10. Dubious

    Thin metal cover underneath of t6.1

    Hi all, I hit some flood water a bit fast on Friday and it seems to have damaged part of the underside of my T6.1. There is a piece of thin, flimsy silver metal hanging down. I’m unsure if it’s a heat shield or a protective element. There seems to be a single piece down either side of the...
  11. C

    Side bars and water ingress through underbody panels

    Hello, Hope all you are all well! Can’t wait to nee t you all at a meet!!! So I have bought gloss black side bars angled for my t6.1 and wen to get them fitted but went back and they weren’t done. Mechanic wanted my permission to cut the cover at the base of the van as he stated it’s designed...
  12. T

    Undertray repair/reinforcement

    Hi. Thanks for all the posts on water damage, missing undertray bits etc. Apart from that - have come to the conclusion that the T6 undertrays are just not designed for Australian gravel roads, there's so much damage and they cost a fortune. If you don't care how things look, there might be...
  13. RK04DUB

    Undertray fixings

    Afternoon all. Looked underneath today and clearly has the original exhaust on which is look g a little worse for wear… But…I need to remove the under trays and as with the exhaust, all the bolts are looking massively corroded having NEVER been touched by the looks. The rust is just flaking off...
  14. nicktrst

    Underbody guard - hanging down?

    Hi, I've just lowered my van on B14's. Going to drive out for a few days then final adjustments on the coil overs. But there is a huge plastic case thing on the left hand side under the van. It looks like a guard for the fuel tank etc. Has anyone taken this off?
  15. MarcoUK

    Rear "flap" number

    Hi All, I hope this is the right place for my message: what is the part number for the flap in front of the rear wheel (UK passenger side, T6 1, LWB)? Thanks
  16. SpudP

    Passenger side mid undertray 'joining panel' removal?

    Hi, Just in the process of fitting some running boards, the middle passenger side bracket requires two holes located under a small undertray section that has no visible fixings to remove. Does anyone know how this is removed? There is some kind of fixing under the inner flat part and the whole...
  17. J

    Adblue undertray retaining fixings.

    Hi Guys, I need to replace the undertray cover for my adblue tank and the original fixings are missing. VW tell me that the fixings on the tank are part of the tank assembly and not available separately ! So can anybody help me source the 3 screws for the tank area ? Also I need 3 of the 8mm...
  18. vwwanderer

    4motion underbody protection

    Dear All, I am currently converting a 2018 T6 4motion (see photo) into a proper overland camper to be routinely driven off-road and on green lanes. To get it right I am going to need some help and advice on underbody protection and rock sliders. Can anyone direct or assist me or Many thanks...
  19. J

    Undertray MIA!

    Hi all, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has allowed the Undertray to be liberated from the underside of the van during the floods this last year. The last of it finally gave up today and had to remove the sad looking bits that were left! Does anybody happen to have the part number for the...
  20. CJW

    Wanted NearSide Front Undertrays

    Hi. Both these undertrays were missing when I bought the van. VW have quoted but I thought I’d see if anyone has these lying around first. Mine’s an early T6 and the part numbers are the same as the T5.1. They’re the ones roughly level with the sliding door on each side. Don’t have to be...