turbo problem

  1. A


    About to become the owner of a Caravelle T6 4Motion upgrading from a trusty Seat Alhambra as the family is growing. Only just registered here but the forum has already been a treasure trove of info. I hope to be able to give back once my knowledge picks up.
  2. D

    Bi turbo failure

    Hi all, my 2018 DSG bi turbos low boost turbo has failed at just 31,000 miles! The van has been well serviced with regular oil changes. The engine management light came on and my local garage said it was probably just a sensor that was faulty so I carried on driving the van for a week while I...
  3. W

    Intermittant Limp mode stuck turbo actuator implausible signal

    Hi Long time lurker here and now a new member because I had to reregister an account. Hoping that someone can shed some light before delving further or taking the van to the main dealer or specialist. Was driving the van last week and when I put my foot down to overtake it kind of stumbled...
  4. Exit_the_Ratrace

    2017 204 Bi-Turbo Engine Swap by VW Main Dealer

    Hi, long time reader first time poster here. I am finally getting my engine swapped under warranty from VW. Engine is ordered (paid for by VW) and hopefully installed within the next week or two. Question is, what else is worth swapping / upgrading whilst the block is out and easy to access...
  5. P

    What is this leaking component? Intercooler?

    Hi everyone, I was planning on going to look at a t6 on Saturday, it is 4 hours from where I live so asked for a walk around video, when looking at the engine it looks like something is bubbling? Is this the intercooler? Is it a big problem? I don't want to do an 8 hour round trip for a lemon...
  6. F

    No power after 120km/h for 10/15 seconds.

    Hello everyone, im a t6 owner and new on this forum! 2.0 TDI 2016 DSG, Im loosing power after 120km/h for 10/15 seconds, after 10/15 seconds works normal but dont want to change gear 7, sometimes works perfect and sometimes no. What I've checked: Both Turbo Boost Sensor, one near EGR pipe. Made...
  7. Ashok2429

    2018 204ps Turbo gone @96K -To be expected, early or just unlucky?

    Hi all, So on the way down to Cornwall last week, got as far as Exeter, van went in limp home mode with an all mighty screech coming from under the bonnet. Managed to get her off quickly at the next service station and rang the RAC. This isn't thread about how poor they were (they left the Mrs...
  8. piper1

    Advice needed please

    Hi, I hope some can help me identify a problem with my van that occurred yesterday. We set off for a 4-day break yesterday with the caravan in Wales and whilst traveling along the A55 and we had to make an emergency stop, the van appeared to lose power whilst going uphill at the same time...
  9. RunDSG

    2017 204ps Bi-Turbo issues - Seized turbo!

    I guess it's my turn? Driving up to Caravan and Camping Show, coil light starts flashing, ad blue suddenly low (topped up fully one week prior), no power. Engine temp fine, oil fine, engine sounds fine. Turned around and went home. Brought to a VAG specialist garage, they say: - split vacuum...
  10. S

    Sportsline Turbo problem

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my Sports line T6 on a 68 plate. While travelling on the motorway the van went into limp mode (40-50mph) once I got home and restarted it wouldn’t go any faster That walking pace. I took it to a garage I normally use, they told me it was the Dpf filter and...
  11. J

    No communication, boost pressure warning

    Hi all, First post, sorry to start with a disaster. And sorry in advance if I get terminology wrong - not mechanically competent at all. Love my SWB Caravelle 2L DSG. 2016 reg, had some minor issues with DPF needing regen and a replacement EGR before. But nothing as big as now - might not be a...
  12. J

    Hybrid 204ps anyone ??

    Hi all So my small turbo has given up and snapped the shaft on my t6 204 sportline So question is do I hybrid them? Tdi turbos have said they can do them and will send a courier tomorrow Good for 300bhp I believe Anyone done this? Also does anyone know the maximum flow rate = bhp the...
  13. J

    204 t6 small turbo help

    Hi all I have a t6 204 35k with a small turbo not working I have checked all the actuators and they hold pressure But I can't see the one at the very top, I can't see the arm move as there is no visibility to see it. The other two I can see and they hold pressure and move perfectly...
  14. M

    2017 - 150BHP Euro 6 - Seized Turbo - Not getting Oil

    Hi, Hopefully someone can help. I have a 2017 Euro 6 150BHP T6 Transporter. Now, i haven't had the van long and i like to stay onto off servicing and making sure they are in tip top condition. There was an oil pressure warning light on the van (the red oil can light, i believe this is the high...
  15. W

    Turbo issue, lack of boost

    Hi guys yesterday I was driving my t6 204dsg on a 67bplate and there was a whining noise coming from the engine which I thought could be the turbo, I pulled over called the AA they ran some checks on the roadside and his computer said it's not making enough boost and its now in limp mode .He...
  16. B

    turbo fail.

    I bought this van in 2017 with 35000 miles on Had issue with my egr and cooler and turbo in Nov 19 Turbo failed again and was replaced June 2020 and was told to keep eye on oil Was told that its the type of engine and can use upto 1liter every 1000km (666miles) I was topping up oil as required...
  17. S

    102PS with 2 Turbo Failures - was re-map to blame?

    Hi People, I recently had my 3 1/2 year old T6 Euro 6 102ps re-mapped with a Quantum Tuning map by a highly recommended and accredited mapping guy. I had the full power, up to 170ps map so was expecting great things. The van drove fine after re-mapping, but I was hard pushed to sense a big gain...
  18. Woodman

    Mod / pump upgrade to lube turbo better?

    Hi all, I went to collect my daughters A2 from a mate's garage today (20/11) after spending more than the car was worth fixing it after it failed its mot. In his workshop was a Transporter with failed upper turbo. Van only 5 yrs old. He said he has a few where the upper turbo fails as the lower...
  19. Leehoops

    Glowplug light flashing

    hi guys my van has been parked up for a few weeks and when I drove it yesterday and noticed that when driving the coil light was flashing ? I turned engine off and re started it but the light was still flashing ! Does anyone know what’s wrong ? The van started and drove fine tia
  20. andy greenwood

    Whirring Noise From The Turbo

    As of yesterday there is a strange whirring noise from the turbo, it does this when stationery and also when driving. I'm fairly sure it did not sound like this until yesterday. Also when stationery I have noticed the engine will only rev up to 2,500 rpm, unfortunately I can't remember if it...