1. M

    Wanted Highline front bumper grilles

    As title please, looking for high line front bumper with grills , also looking for a rear bumper if anyone has anything available Thanks
  2. Roodedoo

    Wanted Highline bumper (with a separate grill)

    Anyone got a highline bumper in reasonable condition they want to sell me? I'm in S Wales and willing to travel ipf it's not too far. I can't fit a bullbar while the sportline bumper is on. Obvs I can take off the lower bit, but going badgeless would be a nice option.
  3. General-Monty

    How do I access MFD to change service interval in 19 Trendline.

    Guessing it’s me, but I don’t know how to access mfd data. Been sat in the van ten minutes with no luck. I’d like to change the service schedule to Long Life and change the digital speedo from Kph to Mph. I don’t have steering wheel controls. Done a search but can’t find anything helpful. Can...
  4. B

    Steering wheel swap

    Hi, I've read several posts on swapping steering wheels, but I can find the answer to my specific question. I have 2019 euro 6 Trendline with the basic plastic steering wheel with no buttons, but I do have the ACC on the stalk. I would like to know if I can do a straight simple swap for a...
  5. General-Monty

    Exhausted from researching Sportline bumpers, and still none the wiser !!

    I’ve spent most of this weekend, searching this forum, researching online, visiting sites, and the outcome is I am virtually no more informed than when I started. I’m feeling a bit fed up if I’m honest. I would like some answers to simple questions, if anyone feels they can spare the time to...
  6. General-Monty

    Here she is…..

    After a month of searching I finally bought my new van last weekend. 2019 Trendline 150. I was dubious as it already seemed cheap, and then I haggled him down 2K. You know the saying, if it’s too good to be true, then it usually is, but on this occasion, it seems not. I’d been looking for a...
  7. CJW

    EUR5 MFSW Retrofit Guide - Oct 2023 Update

    ***Follow this guide at your own risk*** Just mind-dumping after collecting a whole load of research which will leave my feeble brain if I don't write it down: This applies to a very niche application, which is retrofitting MFSW to a EUR5 T6 (one of the earliest ones). It does not cover cruise...
  8. J

    Trendline vs Highline

    Hi we are new to VW we are looking at buying a 2019 T6 Camper we are looking two , both 2019 , one is a Highline and one is a TLine with same mileage both in very good condition the extras on the TLine are a tow bar, a solar panel and a diesel heater and an awning the Hline does have 20 inch...
  9. Jim Rey

    VW T6 Trendline immobiliser question

    I have VW T6 Trendline. Insurance company renewal (Adrian Flux) renewal arrived in email. They state it has to have a Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser. Are these standard on a VW 2018 T6?
  10. B

    What bumper addition is this?

    Apologies as this is probably a stupid questions. But what’s the name of this bumper? I’m going to be taking it off to hopefully fit a genuine commercial style one, so need to know what to name it when I come to list it for sale. Cheers guys
  11. L

    Heating dial not working properly

    The heat dial on my T6 isnt working properly. Its starts cold but after about a quarter round still on the cooler side, the temp is really hot. Any clues?
  12. dubber36

    Is there such a thing as a foglight delete panel for a Highline bumper?

    As per the title really. I want to remove the front fog lights completely, so need something to fill the hole. I'm pretty sure that all painted bumpers came with fog lights.
  13. J

    Trendline bumper upgrade

    Hi I wonder if you guys can help and advise me, i previously posted about my 2017 start line T28 and I want to change the front bumper to a trendline as I’ve had problems with the start line bumpers when painted twice before by a company the conversion place used, anyway I had a full refund for...
  14. G

    Can i retrofit rear Parking sensors to my Shuttle headunit?

    Hi all can anyone help I have this head unit part no 1k8035150e can I add genuine vw rear parking sensors to it the shuttle I have is a treadline if that helps many thanks Steve.
  15. davek

    Found Near side Dashboard air vent 2017 trendline T6

    Just fitted Van X Matte Black Glove Box, only took 45mins, looks good, but....., Got a bit excited and put a crack in the fascia of the near side air vent as i took it off, (think it was faulty, wasn't my fault, honest!) Anybody got one spare, for sale, promise I'll be careful next time, did...
  16. M

    How to remove the Front bumper

    Useful little fun clip for those who dont know. Might help:
  17. Sackmycook

    Folding mirrors 2019 Trendline

    People, I'm 2 days into ownership of my T6 2019 Trendline. Sadly it didnt come with the book pack, the dealer has ordered new ones for me. In the meantime, I've been exploring the features and have found the auto window close function from the key fob. I was under the impression it would have...
  18. T

    How do I fold my mirrors in?

    Good Day All I took delivery of my wonderful 2018 T6 trendline plus this afternoon and I was incredibly excited until I approached my garage door. Is there a way the side mirrors can fold in on the Trendline plus? I have searched the internet and cannot find a way. (We have an owners manual on...
  19. Adam_T6

    Trend line Multi Function Steering Wheel Retrofit -

    Hello all, I own a 2016 EU5 Trendline with cruise control on the stalk - I would like to fit a MFSW. I think I’m almost there but just wanted to confirm. Original wheel: Steering wheel: From looking at ETKA, there are 3 options, with each in black or grey? Can anyone confirm the correct...
  20. Teesix

    Do Trendline's Have An Alarm?

    Simple question. Not sure mine has one. Do the trendlines come with an alarm?