1. Adam_T6

    Multi Function Steering Wheel Retrofit Mfsw - Photos Inside

    Hello all, I own a 2016 EU5 Trendline with cruise control on the stalk - I would like to fit a MFSW. I think I’m almost there but just wanted to confirm. Original wheel: Steering wheel: From looking at ETKA, there are 3 options, with each in black or grey? Can anyone confirm the correct...
  2. C

    My T6... (sponsored By Amazon)

    Hi! Not sure if 'build threads' exist here but it's been a while since I've done one and I plan to keep this van for a long time so might as well start early! So after a relatively unsuccessful spell of running a car dealership for 2 years I needed a flexible way to make money fast and Amazon...
  3. Leigh

    MFSW retrofit to a basic van

    Just wondering whether a Multi Function Steering Wheel can be made to work with a Startline T6? Our High Top Camper Conversion has a standard platic wheel & I'm mising the steering wheel controls. Thanks for any help....
  4. Pedro

    Adding foglights to trendline

    Pauly, do you know if it's possible to fit the standard fog lights as a retro fit, I have the trendline but need to put in fog lights as will be going for sportline front spoiler ?