tow bar socket

  1. Salty Spuds

    Trailer Pin9 Supply

    I've searched the forums & downloads section but to no avail, so I'll ask the collective. I have a camper conversion based on a panel van with factory fitted towbar & electrics. AFAIK, Pin9 in the towbar 13pin socket is a permanent 12v feed from the vehicle battery. If I'd had a factory 2nd...
  2. M

    Side Lights /fuse Issues.

    Hi I’ve just joined as I have a problem with my 2018 T6 van. I had a towbar fitted and all was well whilst I towed a trailer with led lights but towing with normal bulbs appears to have overloaded a fuse. It would appear that they’ve wired both left and right hand trailer lights together at...
  3. K

    Tow Bar Electrics

    I'm going to look at a van at the weekend that has a tow bar fitted but it only has a 7 pin socket has anyone chaneged the seven in to 13 pin which i nees for my caravan and how easy is it to do is it just a matter of connecting a loom into the existing plugs in the van loom Regards
  4. D

    Tow Bar Electrics Pin 10

    Factory Westfalia removeable tow bar fitted on 2016 Kombi. Pin 9 (permanent 12V) is connected but pin 10 (engine running 12V) is not. Is this "normal"? Best way to fix and where to take feed from? Going to be fitting leisure battery anyway so maybe best wait until then. Seems daft that this is...
  5. D

    New T6 Towbar Reverse Light Connection.

    Hi all, I have got a T6 lwb for work and started to fit things to help with day to day work. It has come with the 13pin tow bar. So I have made a led light with magnetic base to use as a work light and works excellent and just plugs into the towbar connected to the permanent 12v. I also made a...
  6. Stripy

    13 pin towing socket

    I had a tow bar fitted at vw when I bought my t6 but it was fitted by an outside firm, I have now found that the pin no 10 (fridge ign live) is not working. Would it be ok to put a link wire from pin 9 perm live across to pin 10 , I know that if the fridge is switched on 12v and left on...
  7. G

    Towbar electrics retro fitment

    when a towbar is retro fitted with the 13 pin socket with factory rear parking sensors and camera highline alarm. Regarding the charging of the onboard battery in the Caravan. Does the T6 have to have a fancy CTEK split charger or does the battery charging go through the caravans onboard...
  8. H

    Towbar probs

    Hi guys, had a towbar fitted this week, a bossal removeable one with a right connections wiring kit. Got the van back and now the intermittent rain wipers won't work and also where the cruise control display is there is now an exclamation mark and cruise won't work. I can't take it back...
  9. L

    VW towbar wiring kit DIY issues.

    help required please! IM GOING DEMENTED . Has anyone fitted a genuine VW 13 pin wiring kit to a T6 Kombi? In the wiring kit instructions it tells you to terminate some of the wires in the fusebox located under the passenger seat. i dont have a fusebox under the passenger seat! i have the cage...