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  1. Kdicko1

    Kdicko1 New Member

    I'm going to look at a van at the weekend that has a tow bar fitted but it only has a 7 pin socket has anyone chaneged the seven in to 13 pin which i nees for my caravan and how easy is it to do is it just a matter of connecting a loom into the existing plugs in the van loom
  2. Deaky

    Deaky On yer bike VCDS User Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    The loom is only plug n play if your van has towbar prep. I'd suspect it doesn't so you'd need a dedicated electrics kit for T6. You'd have to run the loom under the van, up below the passenger seat and make a couple of connections there, up into the engine compartment and connect to the battery then across to the van BCM and make a couple of connections there. It's nothing too difficult and can be done in a couple of hours :thumbsup:
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  3. Littleblackflash

    Littleblackflash Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Its about £140 for the wiring kit and it's worth having because it enables the stability control to help reduce snaking.

    Connections under the seat aren't needed if you connect it to the CAN bus.
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  4. Kdicko1

    Kdicko1 New Member

    Thanks for that but what is the CAN bus sorry but new to all this transporter stuff
  5. Stripy

    Stripy Member T6 Pro

    You can buy an adapter that you plug into your 7pin socket and it will give you a 13pin, all caravan shops sell them or eBay , it will be a lot cheaper.
  6. Stigofthedub

    Stigofthedub Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    I believe you will be missing a charger supply, a fridge supply and reversing lights when using a 7 pin. These can be added separately, but the can bus systems drive trailer lights from a module and not as in the old days by piggy backing onto the van rear light wiring. To have it all correct I would probably put a new wiring loom and module for a 13 pin. Talk to pf Jones, they are very helpful and probably the cheapest.
  7. Kdicko1

    Kdicko1 New Member

    Thats what i was going to say the adapter would not suppy everything needed
  8. Littleblackflash

    Littleblackflash Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    The adaptor will only work the lights on the caravan. It won't run your fridge or charge your batteries in the caravan.

    CAN Bus - All modern cars have this to transmit data around the vehicle. For example, you switch on the windscreen wipers and the switch sends a signal via CAN to the fuse box (BCM) to tell it to turn on the wiper motor. Other items such as the ABS also see the signal that the wipers are on and react by changing the ABS brake bias to the rear more.

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