1. J

    Travelling to Spain & Portugal

    Hello, this summer I’m driving through Portugal and Spain. Never done this before. Last year in France I had to get stickers to say what the emissions are on the van, anyone know if I need anything like that for Spain/Portugal, I can’t see anything? Also I’m going to stay in Lisbon and maybe...
  2. S

    Portugal - electronic tolls

    Back home after a two month+ tour of Spain and Portugal, and thought it might be useful to others if I post something about our experience of driving in Portugal. This is to do with the toll roads in Portugal only. We got stung for 84 euros on the day we entered Portugal, probably because I...
  3. 3crispies

    1000 mile blast

    Just drove to South Spain in one go 45mpg @ 80mph with AC full where could, couldnt believe this time how busy all routes were. What a farce at eurotunnel blagged pcr tests and by the time our results were through we were halfway to Paris, not bad will miss the van when home as new one has arrived.
  4. V

    French Tolls

    So we're off to France for a couple of weeks in the van for the first time soon but having never taken the van (or a car for that matter) over there we're trying to work out what the toll cost is likely to be At the moment our plan is very lose in terms of where we are going but a rough plan...
  5. Tourershine

    Drivers Door Window Replacement?

    Whilst it's not unusual to find me here early in the morning, this isn't a case of I cannot sleep. I've just been woken to my alarm going off and subsequently now have no drivers door glass, or wallet :( (yeah I know it's daft to leave it in the van, but I always have, or I end up forgetting...
  6. Kramsdog

    Coca Cola Kombi’s and HMRC

    Just spoken to my brother who works for Coke, he’s just told me that his company has lost its case with HMRC. This bad news for company Kombi drivers/ builders Check out this link Coca-Cola fails to overturn company car tax ruling
  7. BigBarn

    When is a van not a van ... ask HMRC!

    Saw this posted elsewhere... Legal ruling could increase Double-Cab van tax | Business Vans
  8. phil_n

    M6 Toll

    What are people paying to use the Toll in their vans. Mine randomly alters between class 2&4 (£5.90 & £11) with no rhyme or reason. It's a T32 Kombi.