1. Lukavell

    Sold Vw Tiguan R-Line

  2. W

    Tiguan 2018 Direct TPMS installing

    hello guys , i need help if you can into installing & coding TPMS SET to my tiguan 2018 >>> i bought a tpms system pack from AliExpress (Module& 4 Sensors & harness ) first problem i faced that after research i found some guides did this installation by connecting the two wires from tpms module...
  3. R

    Vw Tiguan 4motion 2013 help

    Hi all, Just bought a 2013 Tiguan 4 motion. As per norm after checking round it and getting it hole I’ve noticed that the front tyres are 225/55/18 and the rears are 235/55/18. Initially I didn’t think of it being an issue but ready on the net I’ve seen that mixing tyre sizes could potentially...
  4. dubber36

    For Sale Thule roof bars and bike carriers (not T6)

    I'm selling my Thule roof mount bike carrying set up. It consists of, 3 ProRide 591 carriers, 1200mm long wingbars, Raised rail 710410 foot pack, All keys present. The rails suit most estate cars and small SUVs. I used it last on our old Tig. £150 takes the lot. Collection from SY7 8-- or...
  5. dubber36

    Sold 2016 Tiguan R Line 150 TDI DSG 4Motion

    We are selling the Tig to make way for a new one. It's a 2016, 65 plate Rline Edition. The Edition bit means it's the run out model, so gets leather and a couple of other extras. I've just taken the private plate off, so it will go back to FV65 ZJO. The log book will probably come sometime next...
  6. Andy_l

    Tiguan chrome trims discoloured

    Hi all Can anyone help me, my trims are discoloured on my Tiguan and they are driving me mad. any ideas??
  7. david173

    Vw Tiguan help! Electrics not working whole nearside

    Took our tiguan our for a drive as not used it in 9 weeks due to lockdown. Started perfectly which was good as i was concerned it might need a jump. Anyhow the passenger front and rear doors wont unlock on fob, internal lock button or from the inside. The windows wont work either and the...
  8. Ali-G

    Bye bye Tiguan.

    Well, it’s a sad day today, said a final fairwell to the Tiguan 240 R-Line. I’ve no regrets about getting the T6, but I really am going to miss the Tiguan. I drove it today for the first time in about 3 weeks, and although the T6 is a 204, it’s obviously a completely different animal to the Tig...
  9. Lukavell

    My Other Vw's

    In chronological order... My first VW was a Passat Estate 115 hp 1 .9 PD. It was my first Dad car after the birth of my first son and I loved it. I think a paid a grand for it and it was a solid investment and gave me the VW bug. Previously I'd had a couple of Pug 306's, an Escort and a...