1. A

    Catalytic Convertor query

    Hi, Sorry for what is probably an obvious answer - but anything mechanical soon loses me... There have been a large number of Catalytic convertors thefts in my area - I just wondered how easy a removal/where it is located on a T6 - I seem to recall reading it would'nt be the easiest but can't...
  2. B

    Broken Into

    One well place hole drilled in the side door and that’s all my power tools gone and my golf clubs. Gutted, I really hate thieves
  3. Loz

    White T6 California Ocean Stolen Bloxham

    White 4Motion Ocean stolen - Banbury Break in, found keys.
  4. Dellmassive

    Old Camper Stolen In Wickford Essex

    My camper has been stolen early hours Sunday morning share the hell out of this someone must of seen this about please contact me or the police if spotted thanks it’s taken out of my garage in wickford Essex in the UK crime ref 42/174947/19 Martyn Dynomite Tucker .
  5. X

    Van Security

    Got a few security related questions - How do I tell what standard security I have? I have a T6 T30 140 start line and don't have any over ride switch on the drivers B pillar so I assume I only have a factory immobiliser? Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket alarm/immobiliser? My research...
  6. Sabre

    Scary Stolen Van

    Just wanted to let you know what a tracking company recovery team found whilst going to recover one of their stolen vans. Once your van gets to this sort of place you aint gonna get it back, at all! and nothing will save it. :eek: (:smug:) no other tracker company was able to find this but these...
  7. Sabre

    Car Crime Increase

    Worrying statistics here...
  8. K

    Another Stolen Campervan

    Another camper van stole this morning from Oxfordshire. Midnight blue converted by Rolling homes. DS67 NDJ
  9. Davenjo

    T6 Grey Hillside Birchover Stolen - Rugby Area

    Just picked this up from Hillside:- **CAMPERVAN STOLEN** Keep an eye out for a grey VW Birchover campervan, registration FP18 YPK, especially if you’re in the Rugby CV22 area as one of our customers has had their Birchover stolen off their driveway. Please share this and if you have any...
  10. Markymark

    Detailed Theft Info On Fiats And Fords Data From Insurer

    Very surprised to receive this info from my insurer outlining problems with Fiats and Fords in Essex. Sounds like a gang doing the rounds. Over the past 2 months we have seen an increase in thefts of Fiat Motorhomes due to technology available to purchase online, which overrides the...
  11. A

    Had My T6 Tsi Broken Into, Advice Please?

    Two nights ago I had my T6 broken in to on my drive. I say broken in to, they gained access but did no damage, I am guessing they used some type of key transponder. Pretty scared they will try and steel it next, so bought a wheel lock and going to beef up security at my house. Anyone got any...
  12. Fish

    Stolen Van.

    Just had this through on tweeter.. The stolen vw register
  13. Loz

    Another Stolen Cali Doncaster Area

  14. Loz

    T6 Cali Stolen

    Black 4Motion - Reg KX17VFL Stolen from Chorley this morning spread the word..
  15. JaySal

    Catalytic converter theft

    I'm starting this thread in the hope that it will draw attention of all members and help prevent us all being victims of any of those S@$t's out there who cause hard working van owners to lose parts or all of there vans. . Fortunately I wasn't home last night but the neighbour was woken at ten...
  16. vw-me

    Stolen Van

    Might have already been shared on here, but Neil Thomas (I'm no good with links) Scum !
  17. N

    STOLEN T6 !!!!!!!!!!!