team chrome yellow

  1. Jwoodhea1

    Sold 2017 LWB 204 4MOTION DSG T32 Kombi 42k miles NO VAT Fully loaded kombi to caravelle conversion. £40000

    Time to sell up. Two new toys arriving on the drive so this one has to go. Huge spec and unique custom conversion carried out to the highest standards by Bognor Motors and Slidepods. Too much to list but here's a start 2017 T6 T32 LWB 204 4MOTION DSG Kombi twin slider highline in stunning and...
  2. Jwoodhea1

    4motion capability

    Can anyone that has a 4motion advise on capability on slippery/muddy inclines? We have a holiday home in Shropshire that has a b access track with a moderate incline. In winter it's wet and muddy. Front wheel drive cars won't get up it at all this time of year (see pic of my old Toyota getting...
  3. Andyf

    Colour van

    Hi Does any know anything regarding the yellow / orange van on the transporter Is it a new colour or dealer special Regards
  4. Jwoodhea1

    New arrival

    New member and new bus. Just collected today. Formulating plans for camper conversion. LWB Kombi Bitdi 204 4motion HighlineTtech pack, Chrome Yellow. Should be a nice base for conversion. Loud colour but Im pretty sure i like it
  5. bootsam

    New T6 Owner

    Hi. 1st post from me. Just bought a 30k 2016 204hp 4motion dsg kombi. To camper up. 1st step leisure battery, 2nd - poptop (hilo), 3rd - RnR etc... I've been perusing this site and theres so much info here, so much. Please excuse any silly questions. I've a sense of humour, so dont mind bants...
  6. N

    The Yellow Campervan Question

    Hi New member, so new I don't even have a T6 yet - though I'm looking around and speculating. It's quite a journey, right? :) Anyway, I have found one I *really* like. The only thing at the moment that's stopping me pushing the button is it's Chrome Yellow. To me, it looks absolutely gorgeous...
  7. Paul Holmes

    Team Chrome Yellow

  8. Paul Holmes

    Chrome yellow kombi camper conversion

    Finally got the stealth roof in carbon fibre and smartbeds evolution 2 fitted on rails
  9. F

    Chrome Yellow or Orange

    Im struggling again with the VW online configuration, and my local dealer's knowledge could seemingly be written on a small postage stamp. What options of engine/trim (startline, highline etc) will allow me to have either of the two above colours? And failing that, how much should i budget for...
  10. Kingsway

    Chrome Yellow??

    Just come across this for sale, a bit different but expensive! Used Volkswagen Vans | Details - Volkswagen Transporter Kombi 2.0TDI 150 EU6T30 HL BMT SWB - Bridgwater : Volkswagen UK Marshall Van Centre Bridgwater