team blackberry

  1. N

    New Blackberry member

    Hi all, initial pic of my T6. great forum with loads of info, cheers. Niall
  2. Gav s

    Blackberry paint touch up issues

    Guys, I have T6 Caravelle in Blackberry. Issue is the official VW and aftermarket touch up paints appear miles different to the real colour; it is loads lighter and appears more pearlescent even after a good shake. I attach a couple of images which were difficult to take with reflection and...
  3. B

    What colours for floor, units, work top in an uncarpeted Blackberry T6???

    Going to camper my Blackberry T6, without carpeting. I've insulating behind the existing panels/cards and ceiling and don't need carpet. Thinking of kitchen pod from EVO motion design, which gives plenty of choice of colours for units/tops. There's the floor to choose too. I'm thinking dark...
  4. Loz

    Matt Vinyl Wrap

    So after lusting over the new LR Defender all day yesterday, I was well impressed with the matt finish achieved with the protection wrap and wondered how that would look on a Blackberry?
  5. R

    Colour Advice Please

    hi all just joined the group. I just paid for a T6 150 BHP van which will be converted within the next few months. I have until monday to chose a colour and have been doing my own head in weighing up options so thought I'd ask advice from the pros. initially I'd thought black but worried about...
  6. K

    C.nut Van

    Not finished but is any VW?
  7. Dene Olley

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello from Whitley Bay. Loving this forum, still trying to find my way around but hopefully Ill get the hang of it soon.
  8. andythom188

    She has arrived

    It feels like ages I've been waiting for this day but it's only been a month as was stock van but it's been a long month ha. She finally turned up on my drive at 2,30 bit dirty from travelling 123 miles from listers in Stratford upon Avon but what a beauty , caught the next door neighbor having...
  9. T6dder

    Team Blackberry

    Photo of my T6 pre spoiler and roof rails.