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  1. S

    Black van cleaning

    Hi Folks I have a pearl black 6,1 never had a van that shows scratches so badly its a real meanace . They are not fingernail deep but dont seem to buff out , any of you good people have a tip or product you can recomend that would be ace .
  2. S

    For Sale 2016 T32 150ps Highline Kombi Twin slider 55k miles £28k ono

    Hi, I've decided to sell our T6 Factory Kombi. It's not our daily and we only use it for camping holidays, bike trips and family days out, and we're getting less opportunities to get away due to other commitments. It was last serviced at Vw 12 months ago in March 2023 and its only covered...
  3. Ali-G

    Black T6 detailing makeover

    This one belong to anyone on here? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so enthusiastic about their work, and what a result.
  4. CarpyT6

    Fuel Zephyr alloys

    17x8.5J wide 65.1 CB Offset ET34 Shod with 225/60/17 103 Cooper Discoverer All-Terrain tyres. These fit fine on vans as low as mine (80mm) would probably be fine to about 90mm but not 100%.
  5. t6blo

    Bloated Black Kombi Build - #vanlife2.0

    Introduction Welcome to my build thread for my new (to me) Deep Pearl Black T6 Kombi. Bloater is a nickname I’ve had since I was a teenager :rolleyes: This is my second Transporter - last one was a Reflex Silver panel van I did Kombi conversion on myself. I had it 2.5 years and in that time...
  6. JonnyTee

    What colour wheel? Team Black

    Hello, I pick my 1st VW T6 Camper up on Tuesday and need some Wheel Colour Help… it’s a black Camper with everything done in Black including the 20” Cross wire alloys. Not too keen on These And will be getting some Navis Twin 5’s and using original tyres as new,, Just need some colour help I’ve...
  7. A

    HiLo Pop Top Gel-Black Roof on Pearl Black T6? Plus general HiLo poptop thoughts

    Hello all, Second post - almost 3 years since I posted a question when considering buying my T6! Well, I bought it, and it's been completely un-loved while I renovated our first house (complete gutting, back to brick level!). The house is done now, and I'm gearing up to convert my van. Have...
  8. Dickieboy3

    My ‘bought just before lockdown’ van

    How's it look?
  9. M

    This Is Jayne - Satin Black

    Hi everyone - really really really small conversion company here so I though id say hello and show you my baby 'Jayne'. She's my own van and I'm really proud of the work I've done on her.
  10. T

    Pearl Black Swirl Marks...

    Morning all. I recently purchased a 2016 LWB Kombi in Pearl Black. She's done few miles and while mechanically sound the paintwork has evidently seen a few car washes... I've been over the whole van a couple of times with a DA and a couple of different scratch removal compounds and while...
  11. louisfeakes

    Black & Gold

    Base van is a pre-registered 204 dsg T32 SWB with some nice spec; LED's, twin electric sliders, comfort dash etc. Two months into ownership and the mods are coming thick and fast... Interior has been insulated, carpet and suede lined and LEDs & USBs fitted. Exterior has been treated to a...
  12. jimmyp

    My2017 Black Highline Panelvan

    I picked up my latest work van on Friday 29th of November from the main dealer I am over the moon with it. jim
  13. IMG_0557


  14. col661

    T32 Lwb Conversion

    Hi all, Picked up a new Kombi van few months ago and started our conversion journey. We don't really have a solid plan on what we are doing but will use it as we go along and develop it organically as we determine what we need. Its a daily drive so I wanted a 5 seater from the off with some...
  15. Nick t6

    Self Build Lwb To Full 4 Birth Camper

    Hi, This is not the first conversion I have done, but it is the first time I have tried to capture the sequence of events photographically and then add some kind of description. I do not claim to be a pro converter or any good at blogging, so please forgive any spelling or grammatical...
  16. R

    Colour Advice Please

    hi all just joined the group. I just paid for a T6 150 BHP van which will be converted within the next few months. I have until monday to chose a colour and have been doing my own head in weighing up options so thought I'd ask advice from the pros. initially I'd thought black but worried about...
  17. WhitePearl

    Edition style side decals

    Hi all. We have just bought privately a T6 Cali Beach. It's only a few months old. One of the things we like about her is the Edition style de-calls down the sides. Not factory fitted, but fitted through VW dealership before previous owners took possession. Unfortunately I've noticed some of...
  18. Brickie

    This is me, Brickie

  19. RichDavies82

    Finally, She’s Arrived...

    So, after a wait that felt like a lifetime, I collected my new (to me) Camper King van. It’s a MY17 T28 102 Highline with the “Santorini” conversion. First impressions - love it! Build quality is excellent. Everything works as it should, with no rattles or squeaks. Despite having 50k miles on...
  20. KevinW

    Big Bertha

    Finally got round to buying a T6 , I've been looking around for a couple of years and took the plunge last week, kids have named her "big Bertha" even the Mrs is pleased with it