speaker cable

  1. L

    Speaker wiring polarity

    Would appreciate if someone could help me here. It seems that on the stock wiring the left wofer speaker has the opposite wiring colors than the tweeters. Is this correct? I looked in the wiring diagrams, but that didn't state the polarity. I have the brown/blue wire going to the negative...
  2. Jontheone

    T6.1 multivan speaker wires.

    Hi all. Just bought a T6.1 multivan and I want to tap into the front right door speaker to run a sub wire to the boot. Can someone please confirm the colour of the front right speaker wires please. I have read a few threads and there is varying comments. My plan is is use the 12v in the boot...
  3. Skyliner33

    Best way to connect speaker loom to crossovers?

    Just wondering if there is a better or preferred way to connect the audio loom to the crossovers. Two methods I've looked at are in the photo. One just wrapped round the screw and the other using a connector:
  4. Absolut5

    Speaker / Headunit Upgrade packages.

    We have been manufacturing underseat enclosure for Transporters for years, based on a JL Audio 10" sub We are also about to do a active one Many on here are running one...
  5. Skyliner33

    sponge / foam surround for loom - where from?

    I am looking for some insulation like in this pic as the wires to the ceiling lights in my ply roof (that I taped down) seem to have come loose and I can now hear them bouncing on the ply roof. I was hoping to find some of the sponge tubing in the pic will stop this even if the wires are not...
  6. Skyliner33

    Cable Colours To Speakers.

    I'm trying to find out the colours of the cable to the front door and a pillar speakers. I am making a loom to connect an amp to the spearers, so I need to know which wires I need to connect to the amplifier OUT + and OUT -. I am running the loom that I am making directly from the amp to the 4...
  7. NickPr

    Wanted 4x Quadlock Speaker Crimp Connector Inserts

    4x quadlock connectors needed to add rear cables into the head unit for my new speakers, please. I need crimp connectors that will accommodate 2.5 mm2 cable. Can't seem to find these anywhere. Ebay has lots that are small, but won't take 2.5 mm2. Thank you!
  8. M

    Cable Routing (media Unit -> Rear)

    I would like to retrofit rear speakers to a T6 conversion done by Cascade (big mistake not to have gone for the speakers originally as the kids can't hear their music in the back without turning up the volume a lot). As it's post conversion, cable routing will be a bit more difficult. I think...
  9. A Brown

    Ice Install, Wiring Routes And Oe Connections

    Hi all, I'm about to install a half decent ICE set up but after a lot of searches I can't find some information that may help speed things up, so if anyone can help me out that would be very much appreciated, I'll list the questions I have below! I've spent quite a while gathering some good...
  10. Matt bremner

    So The T6 Caught Fire

    So yesterday my T6 caught fire, luckily for me I was quick and managed to find it and pull the fuse quick, rip trim out faster than that, and then cut the wire, turns out that when my van was built, who ever put the van-x light steps in decided to wire it in used normal speaker wire!!!! Amazing...
  11. foggy3061

    Speaker cable

    I was wondering what CSA speaker cable have people used when retro-fitting rear speakers in their vans? Common options are 2x0.5mm2 (3A), 2x0.75mm2 (6A) or 2x1mm2 (10A).
  12. slidepods

    Speaker Upgrade packages.

    At Slidepods we are working hard to provide our customers with a range of speaker upgrades to improve the lacklustre sound generated by the door speakers in the new T6. I will try to keep this thread updated regularly with each new product we can offer the T6 community hopefully it will lead to...