side steps

  1. J

    Hi from Gloucestershire

    Hi folks, just settling in with our 2019 T6 Kombi. Trying to keep it usable for 3 kids but also something myself the wife and hound can overnight on the odd weekend. Have started tweaking with wind deflectors, roof rails and an awning. Bought a £20 dbl bed frame which I have 'adjusted' so we can...
  2. Nev-D

    Wanted T6 Electric Side Steps

    T6 Electric Side Steps I am currently disabled myself and I am finding it harder for myself and my wife who now has Rheumatoid Arthritis to get into and out of our T6 T32 and I am thinking of getting either the Thule electric steps that are provided on Ex Disabled/Mobility vans or the full...
  3. JasonW

    Automated electric side steps

    Useful maybe for some people who struggle getting in and out the T6 cab Automatic Electric Side Steps For Volkswagen VW Transporter T6 - Pegasus 4x4 - UK
  4. Loz

    Sidebar/step/skirt Gallery

    Please post a picture of your sidebars with a short description of what it is and who supplied it (a link will help). This will work like the Wheels and Awning gallery and the Moderators will standardise each post to keep it consistent. The sidebar discussion is here...
  5. R

    Side step adaptor required

    Can anyone help me with the link to get one of these?
  6. Dave Coughlan

    Which Side Bars?

    I'm looking for black sidebars that hug the side of the van tight and not too big either. I'd love the Trapezoid ones but too expensive... I guess 500 or so by the time they are powder coated. Looking at the Veedub ones as a possability. Any suggestions welcome. The addition of a splitter has...
  7. Pauly

    Side Bars or Side Boards?

    Had a good look around for some side bars with steps as my youngest is struggling to get in and out of the back. I only have one rear door and really want a set of bars with three steps, 2 on one side and 1 on the other as i dont like the look of an extra step where there is no door, i have seen...
  8. Repete

    Repete´s New Ride.

    Hello all. Might be the time to take a step forward after sniffing around in this nice and very informative forum for awhile. Yesterday I went VIP member as an appreciation of all the info I already found here. Thank you all for sharing knowledge. After having driven a Fiat Scudo Panorama for...
  9. Whiz

    Fitting Side Bar/side Steps ..... Issue With A/c Pipes!

    I have just been shown by garage why the Side bars I have bought cannot be fitted to my T6 Shuttle LWB T32. This is due to the a/c pipework running under the van (for the a/c in rear cabin), covering the bracket where the front supporting crossbar needs to be bolted to allow the Side bars to be...