side steps

  1. R

    Side step adaptor required

    Can anyone help me with the link to get one of these?
  2. Katoof

    Opinions needed - side bar, side step

    We have a difference of opinion on the sidesteps. Which one do you guys all prefer? Currently looking at these two- I like one and and he likes the other...
  3. Skyliner33

    Side Bars Or Not? That Is The Question.

    Not sure if I like the side bars on my van any more. Think I will take them off and see how I feel. Maybe some side bars in the for sale section soon.
  4. P

    Side Steps

    Hi! Does anyone know if there’s any heavy duty side steps for the T6 LWB? My van is used for work and I’m regularly strapping stuff to the roof rack, so side steps would be really useful. Most (all) of the ones I’ve found seem to be just decorative.
  5. Jamie2.0

    Side Steps/ Running Boards

    Do any members here have running boards rather than side bars fitted? Looking for photos that aren't close ups or just the running boards like you get on the various parts websites. Much appreciated in advance, thanks J.
  6. Repete

    Sidesteps For Multivan T6 Swb

    Hi Need to fit a sidestep for the Multivan arriving here in the coming weeks to help my daughters in/out access to the van. So what I am looking for is a good balance between functionality and aesthetics. Love the 60 mm tubes with steps from Cobra but practical functionality is not sufficient...
  7. Repete

    Repete´s New Ride.

    Hello all. Might be the time to take a step forward after sniffing around in this nice and very informative forum for awhile. Yesterday I went VIP member as an appreciation of all the info I already found here. Thank you all for sharing knowledge. After having driven a Fiat Scudo Panorama for...
  8. Bluey

    Fitting Side Bar/side Steps ..... Issue With A/c Pipes!

    I have just been shown by garage why the Side bars I have bought cannot be fitted to my T6 Shuttle LWB T32. This is due to the a/c pipework running under the van (for the a/c in rear cabin), covering the bracket where the front supporting crossbar needs to be bolted to allow the Side bars to be...
  9. Jonny

    Side Steps?

    So my lovely Nan is struggling to get in and out of my van when I'm taking her shopping each week. I've been looking at some side steps but they look like they sit in a really awkward position. To me, it seems you can only get the tip of your toes onto them before getting into the van. Has...
  10. Coradia63

    Caravelle side steps

    Does anyone know if the T5 caravelle side steps and tailgate threshold is compatible with the T6? Im going to be fitting the caravelle rails and need the deeper steps but can only find ones advertised for T5's also anyone know the best place to buy new ones other than a VW dealership? Thanks