1. EdH

    North Wales - garage / auto-elec recommendation

    Hi all, the campervan is due for its 1st service (got VW service plan). Any recommendations for VW Van dealership in North Wales area. The closest to myself is Aberystwyth and Wrexham. Wrexham slightly easier to get there. Any reviews on Wrexham van centre?
  2. JFWerkstatt

    JF Werkstatt Ltd - Gloucester

    Hi, JF Werkstatt are a small business based in Gloucester. We are ‘family run’, just me (Josh) at the moment with the wife being dragged in directly to help out. The business has been created out of a genuine passion for doing ‘car stuff’ and fixing issues that others can’t or don’t want to -...
  3. Howzat

    The Vehicle Tuner - Warrington

    The Vehicle Tuner - Vehicle Tuning Warrington I'd been considering a map for a while but had an issue with clutch judder which was putting me off pulling the trigger. My mechanic wasn't sure it was a worn clutch/DMF with only 60k on the clock so we tried a few things with no luck before...
  4. t6blo

    Service Query - Flexible & All-in Options

    My van is shortly 4 years old (June 2023) so I am aware MOT, timing belt, water pump, aux belt and DSG service are required. But, I also *assume* an engine service (minor or major) is also due. I bought it approved used at 3 years old (June 2022j and it had just been MOT’d for the first time. I...
  5. S

    VW specialist in West Yorkshire

    2020 t6.1 high line. Kombi DSG Hi does anyone have any recommendations for a good specialist around Leeds West Yorkshire, a few things I’m after - tracking and steering wheel alignment (slightly tilted to right) had it tracked by vw main dealer in Wakefield but no better - possible upgrade...
  6. Garyf123

    Servicing Intervals

    Hi, My May 2020 registered (2019 year of manufacture) T6 High line 150 HP Converted camper has 11200 miles on the clock. The previous owner gave me an invoice for an oil & filter change carried out in May 2022 at 8040 miles. This was done at a non-VW garage. Is it likely to have had (or...
  7. G

    John Galley Motors - East Yorkshire

    VW experts seem thin on the ground in East Yorkshire so I can recommend John Galley on Pocklington industrial estate (near the gliders). Very experienced with VW. He diagnosed my DMF when others didn’t and replaced it with new clutch and release bearing for less than a £1k all in. Very happy so...
  8. P

    Service interval query, 20,000 or 9500??

    Hi All, Hopefully some can help with this query. Collected my New Van back in May and done 8500 miles over the summer. When I bought the van, I purchased the service pack also and was told the van would need servicing every 20,000 miles or 2 years and the service pack would see me through to...
  9. Johnod17

    High mileage servicing

    My T6 4 Motion 2017 DSG 204 has just come up with service ,it is at 99k and has had cam belt etc . What is changed at this interval as VW say oil,filter, air filter,fuel filter and pollen filter. Just been quoted £407 ? Is there any other things/checks they need to be doing? Thanks John
  10. D

    Servicing - VW dealer or local garage?

    My 2019 T6 is asking for an inspection (I'm assuming it means a service). I've done 35,000 miles. Do I have to take it to my inept VW van centre, or can I take it to my friendly local garage? What are the benefits or taking it to VW (if any)? I'm guessing the bulk of the service is an oil...
  11. B

    Garage recommendation solihull or Birmingham for oil change service

    Van due an oil change service… is this basically exactly that and nothing else? It’s still under warranty so not sure whether to go main dealer or Indy? My local vw is a Johnson’s but not sure if they do vans yet. Any other recommendations around this way? Thanks
  12. Brae

    Garage recommendation - Scotland

    Hi all Van is now out of warranty and I’m looking at using another recommended garage in the Aberdeen area for servicing and repairs . anybody on here use other garages other than Clark commercials? Cheers
  13. Mule

    Main dealer service or Independent garage (in warranty period)

    Hi all, I have a 71 plate converted T6.1 which has only done 3k miles but will soon be coming up for its first anniversary and therfore its first service. The van is still in warranty so I'm wondering if I 'need' to go down the main dealer route for the service history & warranty or would a...
  14. O

    Independent garage - near Warrington Cheshire?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good T6 garage in the Warrington area for an MOT, service, replace broken suspension springs and fit 4 new wheels/tyres, I’m trying to avoid VW dealers because of the cost, many thanks
  15. Mupp3tt

    Thistledome Autocare, near Glasgow If your near Glasgow, or south Lanarkshire I highly recommend Thistledome autocare ! they popped the computer on and read off the fault to me and were generous enough not to charge me. They knew I was doing the sensor swap...
  16. Barley53

    Mobile mechanic Huntingdonshire, recommendations please

    Hi all, recommendations please for a mobile mechanic that will be able to visit my poorly van currently sitting in VW Huntingdon. VW can't even look at the van for 3 weeks, and I have a trip booked up....and tbh I just want my van back and healthy asap... Thanks in advance.
  17. G

    Main dealer or Independent? Cumbria

    A lot of discussions on this one,been quoted over £400 for major service,so, would we go main dealer or independent, And iif anybody knows and recommends.. somebody out there in cumbria,would be appreciated ..
  18. gmaster

    Garage recommendation in Bristol?

    Hi All, Where would you recommend I go for my vans first service? Ideally in, or near Bristol (12,000 miles)? I have previously used Heritage Automotive, Bristol but they can be terrible!! Am I being silly not going back to them? After all it's just a service? I had an Ad Blue error code pop...
  19. Carlwaynie

    Service history gap

    Hi all, new to the forum and already looking for some advance with a T6 that I’m looking at buying end of the week. Been asking the dealer for the service history on the van and he has finally sent me through what they have , now to me there looks as if some is missing as there is almost a three...
  20. Nik

    Main dealer or Independent? 50k service

    Hi, VW called me this week to say, your van is due its 50k major service and MOT. Their cost for this service is £400 + the MOT £. My question to you guys is; do I do this service with VW to keep the full main dealer service history or go to a local independent specialist? Thoughts on a...