scuttle panel

  1. markob

    Victron Blue Smart 12V / 15A Charger - Fit next to battery?

    Sorry if this has been answered before.. Is it possible to mount the above charger (or the 25a version) next to the main battery under the bonnet ?
  2. D

    Alarm-sounder stainless-steel box

    After sound deadening the scuttle area the alarm sounders stainless steel box doesn’t fit. I removed the box and the alarm sounder fits snugly. Does anybody know the reason the box is fitted as standard? Is there is an issue with water tight integrity of this alarm sounder, or is it to protect a...
  3. A

    [Guide] Removal Of Scuttle Trim

    I realise that this is probably a blindingly simple job, but before I damage anything please would someone just give me some simple advice on how to remove the windscreen scuttle trim on my T6 camper van. After I remove the wiper arms, how do you release the scuttle? Thanks very much in advance