scuttle panel

  1. K

    Leaf debris build-up

    Hi, Does anyone know of anything that can be fitted to stop the accumulation of organic matter (leafs etc that decompose and cause a damp compost like matter behind the front wheelarches? Happens on the TT and probably many cars, it can lead to corrosion if left and not cleaned away. Leafs...
  2. Constalation

    Plastic section across bonnet top

    Can anyone help. I need to remove the plastic piece that the wiper arms go through to check the heated screen connections. How does it attach. Can't see any screws. Any help most appreciated
  3. N

    Positive Feed Routing

    Hi All, Looking for some advice on routing the positive cable from the main battery to the DC-DC charger and leisure batteries I am fitting in the rear of my T6.1. The easiest option is that I already have a second battery under the passenger seat, which is factory fitted to power the...
  4. D

    Trim under front windscreen

    What is the plastic trim under the front windscreen called and how do you remove it? I'm needing to lay cables from the battery to a B2B charger inside and can see a grommet to put the cables through behind it....
  5. R

    Water in engine bay/under battery

    Hey guys, Hope you’re all well. Just wondering if anyone can ease my mind and confirm if this is an unavoidable problem. Noticed a small leak in the passenger footwell of my 2017 T6 transporter (second image). Pulled the glove box off and found no real damp spots. Pulled the scuttle panel off...
  6. T

    Battery scuttle panel water leak. Is this normal? T6 2018

    I was wondering does anybody else notice water leaking from the passenger side scuttle panel behind the battery after wet weather? I guess unlike the drivers side panel that is above the scuttle it is a low point under the scuttle so water would pool there and eventually leak. Is this normal?
  7. T

    Scuttle panel drain hose? Just a hole.

    Hi everybody. I was looking under the scuttle and I notice the drain holes are open to the wing and very close to the air inlet. The wing has multiple openings to the engine. I've often wondered why we occasionally smell oil etc. Should there be some kind of drain hose in there? I see posts...
  8. markob

    Victron Blue Smart 12V / 15A Charger - Fit next to battery?

    Sorry if this has been answered before.. Is it possible to mount the above charger (or the 25a version) next to the main battery under the bonnet ?
  9. D

    Alarm-sounder stainless-steel box

    After sound deadening the scuttle area the alarm sounders stainless steel box doesn’t fit. I removed the box and the alarm sounder fits snugly. Does anybody know the reason the box is fitted as standard? Is there is an issue with water tight integrity of this alarm sounder, or is it to protect a...
  10. OllieGBR

    Sound-deadening and Thermal Insulation of Cab

    I've watched nearly all the video's and read many posts, does anyone actually sound proof and thermal insulate the cabin area under the seats? I've seen one picture of sound insulation, nothing else? (I have the original matt that appears quite substantial) Picture for dramatic effect
  11. A

    [Guide] Removal Of Scuttle Trim

    I realise that this is probably a blindingly simple job, but before I damage anything please would someone just give me some simple advice on how to remove the windscreen scuttle trim on my T6 camper van. After I remove the wiper arms, how do you release the scuttle? Thanks very much in advance