rear speakers

  1. R

    Rear speakers popped now just hiss??

    Hi Got in the van yesterday started driving with no music on. we heard a little pop then rear speakers now just hiss loudly. only way to stop is turn stereo off so now can't use the satnav any ideas?
  2. B

    Rear speakers really quiet

    Before I loose the will to live, does anyone have any idea what might be causing a problem with my rear speakers. I upgraded the headunit in my T5.1 to an RCD 360 along with a quad lock harness that feeds rear speakers, front tweeters and has a pre-out for an amp. Both the headunit and harness...
  3. Skyliner33

    T6.1 Activate rear speaker out?

    I would like to activate the rear speaker out in a T6.1. I am sure I remember this can now be done with vcds, however I cant find the post by @Absolut5 that says it is possible and how to do it. If anyone has better search skills than me I would be grateful. Thanks
  4. Tsixty

    Rear Speaker quiet [cable snagged]

    Help! Going round in circles. Installing Skipton rear speakers, these come with a plug and play harness so you don't have to put the rear speaker pins in the quad lock connector. Have enabled the rear fader using OBDEleven according to some instructions found on the forum. Fader is working, but...
  5. Tsixty

    Fitting Skipton Car Radio Rear Speaker Pods

    I've purchased the SCR rear speaker pod and head unit connection kit (so I don't have to worry about putting new pins in the existing quadlock) that fits in the rear corners of the van (excellent service and quality looking products from SCR btw). I'm happy pulling the head unit out and running...
  6. Spottyfrog

    Rear speaker location - Kombi

    HI I have a factory fully glazed T6.1 kombi, my van has the factory aux heater installed. Where is the best place to fit rear speakers? The passenger side seems simple, just stuck with the drivers side... Im also fitting a forty winks bed system in the next few days.
  7. GordyT6

    Can rear speakers be added to the standard head unit with front/ rear fader?

    Hi peeps anyone taken one of these headunit out yet? Got some new speakers to fit. I've heard you pop the front off? Any tips. Ta ;)
  8. Andysmee

    Show us your rear speakers!

    This question went unanswered and I'm interested too, so show us your rear speakers please! Other threads for install advice:
  9. P

    T6.1 - Adding rear Speakers

    Hello ** This is a specific question regarding the T6.1 Infotainment System ** I have the T6.1 highline with the Infotainment system installed (which I believe is an upgrade). It's a pannel van at the moment, but I will be upgrading to a camper soon. I'l like to add speakers to the back of the...
  10. P

    Caravelle/beach rear speakers

    I want to upgrade the speakers in my beach, which has the 6 speaker Composition media. I was intending on fitting the Etons in the front. What size are the rear speakers so I could order some coaxials to fit?
  11. Tim Sparkes

    Fader - Rear Speakers - Media Control app

    Might be of interest to those of you without Fader coded or able to get your hands on VCDS. I was able to adjust the fader in the van by using the Media Control app on my phone even though I don't have fader coded yet. You still won't be able to adjust on the go via the headunit but it will...
  12. Apretext

    Speaker Rear Balance

    Anyone any idea if I connect rear speakers, whether the standard head unit (Nav version), will allow front/rear balance control?
  13. Y

    For Sale Audison Speakers & Carpeted Rear Internal Side Panels

    From my T6 SWB. Pair of rear lower side panels - please see the pictures. These are 4mm ply made and fitted by Slidepods with their signature moulding. They have hidden fixings. 12v and 2 x USB sockets in both panels. Speakers are high quality Audison VOCE AVX6.5 coaxials. Selling because the...
  14. Coradia63

    Blam Speakers

    Hi all, I have Blam RS200 speakers fitted in the front, I now need to get some speakers for the rear planning on fitting them just behind the C piller near the roof I have ran the wires in so just need the speakers and mounting rings I have been looking at Blam 165RX (please bear in mind I...
  15. M

    Barn Door Speaker Pods

    I had an idea to make some pods and pop them in the doors. I was debating to make a mould of them and wondered if they might be of interest to others? made from fibreglass
  16. S

    Rear Speakers And Bulkhead

    Ok, so I’ve seen Kombis with rear speakers in the ‘boot’ area and others with bulkheads. So if you have a bulkhead and want rear speakers where do you put them? Only place I can think of is in the roof panel kinda above the rear seats or can you not have both?
  17. Farnorthsurfer

    Can I Code Rear Speakers Before I Fit Them?

    Had a look through the threads but most people sensibly code rear speakers when they get then fitted. However I have the chance to borrow a VCDS and in addition to coding the H7 lights and folding mirrors I wonder if I can code the rear speakers fader before fitting the actual speakers? If I do...
  18. P

    Rear Speakers For T6 Kombi 2019?

    I have a T6 Kombi as a work van and I’m struggling with making calls (prob because I’m a bit deaf!). I suspect it is because I have the boggo head unit and only front speakers. Any ideas about how to improve it? Was thinking about speakers in the back but which ones and where? Right at the...
  19. T

    Rear Speakers Finally Fitted, Along With New Dimmable Lights.

    I finally got around to fitting new rear speakers in our camper. I worked out 4in speakers would just about fit flush in the rear section which avoided stealing vital headroom above the bed with speaker pods. I used Audison APX4 speakers and I'm very impressed with the sound quality given the...
  20. O

    Route Speaker Cables Into Tailgate

    Any bright ideas to get speaker cables down into tailgate? I can get them to tailgate but struggling to get them down to tailgate through tailgate voids. Am trying with stiffer wire at the moment to try and push that through to use as puller. IMG_20190714_181814981 by Owain posted 14 Jul 2019...