rear speakers

  1. SteveJones001

    Enabling rear speakers using VCDS

    Hi, I want to use allow four speakers and the have the fader active, I have been told I need to enable VCDS. Does the unit do this automatically, I think it might but will lose it when an amp is connected in place of speakers?
  2. P

    Caravelle/beach rear speakers

    I want to upgrade the speakers in my beach, which has the 6 speaker Composition media. I was intending on fitting the Etons in the front. What size are the rear speakers so I could order some coaxials to fit?
  3. Tim Sparkes

    Fader - Rear Speakers - Media Control app

    Might be of interest to those of you without Fader coded or able to get your hands on VCDS. I was able to adjust the fader in the van by using the Media Control app on my phone even though I don't have fader coded yet. You still won't be able to adjust on the go via the headunit but it will...
  4. Apretext

    Speaker Rear Balance

    Anyone any idea if I connect rear speakers, whether the standard head unit (Nav version), will allow front/rear balance control?
  5. Chrisaus

    Adding Rear Speakers

    Does anybody know what iso pins I need to add rear speakers to van regards chris
  6. Y

    For Sale Audison Speakers & Carpeted Rear Internal Side Panels

    From my T6 SWB. Pair of rear lower side panels - please see the pictures. These are 4mm ply made and fitted by Slidepods with their signature moulding. They have hidden fixings. 12v and 2 x USB sockets in both panels. Speakers are high quality Audison VOCE AVX6.5 coaxials. Selling because the...
  7. Coradia63

    Blam Speakers

    Hi all, I have Blam RS200 speakers fitted in the front, I now need to get some speakers for the rear planning on fitting them just behind the C piller near the roof I have ran the wires in so just need the speakers and mounting rings I have been looking at Blam 165RX (please bear in mind I...
  8. S

    Rear Speakers And Bulkhead

    Ok, so I’ve seen Kombis with rear speakers in the ‘boot’ area and others with bulkheads. So if you have a bulkhead and want rear speakers where do you put them? Only place I can think of is in the roof panel kinda above the rear seats or can you not have both?
  9. Farnorthsurfer

    Can I Code Rear Speakers Before I Fit Them?

    Had a look through the threads but most people sensibly code rear speakers when they get then fitted. However I have the chance to borrow a VCDS and in addition to coding the H7 lights and folding mirrors I wonder if I can code the rear speakers fader before fitting the actual speakers? If I do...
  10. P

    Rear Speakers For T6 Kombi 2019?

    I have a T6 Kombi as a work van and I’m struggling with making calls (prob because I’m a bit deaf!). I suspect it is because I have the boggo head unit and only front speakers. Any ideas about how to improve it? Was thinking about speakers in the back but which ones and where? Right at the...
  11. T

    Rear Speakers Finally Fitted, Along With New Dimmable Lights.

    I finally got around to fitting new rear speakers in our camper. I worked out 4in speakers would just about fit flush in the rear section which avoided stealing vital headroom above the bed with speaker pods. I used Audison APX4 speakers and I'm very impressed with the sound quality given the...
  12. cy294

    Rear Speakers.

    Just had rear speakers fitted which work fine. I know that in order to get the fader option, VCDS has to be used. Should the fader option show on the head unit anyway or does it only appear when VCDS is used to activate it? I've take a picture of the headunit for advice. Thanks all.
  13. O

    Route Speaker Cables Into Tailgate

    Any bright ideas to get speaker cables down into tailgate? I can get them to tailgate but struggling to get them down to tailgate through tailgate voids. Am trying with stiffer wire at the moment to try and push that through to use as puller. IMG_20190714_181814981 by Owain posted 14 Jul 2019...
  14. S

    Rear Speakers Question.

    I currently have my rear speakers in the bulkhead (kombi) low down behind the rear bench seat. They are cheap and nasty and about to be replaced with something more worthy of my new head unit. The rear wheel arches are boxed in and the rear speakers vent into this void, if you can imagine that...
  15. Paul H

    Rear Speakers

    Hi If you get rear speakers fitted, do you have to get your Head unit coded to get fade operating. The reason I ask is because the volume is low coming out of the rears so it doesn’t sound balanced.
  16. T6 Owl

    Interior Overhaul

    Hi All, Recently had my T6 interior brought up to speed, thought i’d share it! Dynamat sound deadening Insulation Two tone carpet lining Alcantara roof lining Carbon fibre wrapped roof splits LED spots Rear speaker installation Front speaker & tweeter upgrades 12v socket in rear Jack moved to...
  17. M

    Cable Routing (media Unit -> Rear)

    I would like to retrofit rear speakers to a T6 conversion done by Cascade (big mistake not to have gone for the speakers originally as the kids can't hear their music in the back without turning up the volume a lot). As it's post conversion, cable routing will be a bit more difficult. I think...
  18. Steve H

    Insulation Query

    Currently halfway through some soundproofing on the left hand side of the van, but having a mind wrestle regarding the rear lower quarter area. There are several plastic wiring boxes attached in that area which could be controllers of some sort, and I'm loathe to stuff Dodo insulation down...
  19. Jimmi

    Rear Speakers And In Line Amp

    Sorry if all this has been asked before but I’ve had a search about and I’m still a bit confused. I want to add rear speakers in my Kombi and an in-line amp to drive them, I’m not sure which is the best way to route the speakers, also I have a leisure battery under the passenger seat so I’m...
  20. Goyt

    Rear Speakers

    Afternoon, I'm fitting new speakers in the back and whilst I have the correct spade terminals for the speakers I have been unable to buy the crimp terminals for the radio end of the speaker cable. Any hints, tips, suggestions, insults or emoji's will be gratefully received.