1. DTT6

    Captain seat rattle fix

    Hi all, an someone point me in the direction of how to dismantle the chair base/swivel unit? I’ve discovered one of my factory fitted captain seats in the caravelle rattles (tin sound) if I swivel and lock it in one direction but doesnt if its turn and locked in the other direction. I am...
  2. New2t6

    Tailgate rattle

    done 1000 miles in new kombi now and still can’t locate rattle coming from rear tailgate area. First thought it was jack-removed-still rattling......then thought it was boot lid inner handle bumping against tailgate when going over bumps....nope.......I can only think it’s wires behind the...
  3. osman

    Rattling adjusters on arm rests

    Whilst trying to tame some of the members of my rattle symphony orchestra also referred to as my t6 I’ve noticed that two big offenders are the arm rest height adjusters .. they pick up on the beat and can’t help but join in with the overall rattling going on . It occurred to me that many have...
  4. L

    Annoying dashboard rattle

    Hello, After reading lots of previous posts regarding similar issues I've tried all the advice (removing the wiper blanking hole plugs, removing the square sun sensor rom the front of the dash) but to no avail. There is a rattle coming from the front of my dashboard pretty much all the time and...
  5. osman

    Rattles and squeaks

    Having spent the best part of a year hunting down rattles I’ve finally got rid of 90% of fixable ones however as the van gets ever quieter I’m noticing the dreaded drivers seat squeak !!!! Argh It’s over bumps mainly .. does anyone have a diagram of where any springs are or how to find the...
  6. CarpyT6

    Annoying rattle/knock

    Hi all, i seem to have a very annoying rattle or knock coming from either the hand brake or double passenger seat. Only when reversing off my drive and accelerating, occasionally over bumps. It sounds like metal on metal, almost like a coin has been dropped and rolls back and forth hitting...
  7. Skyliner33

    sponge / foam surround for loom - where from?

    I am looking for some insulation like in this pic as the wires to the ceiling lights in my ply roof (that I taped down) seem to have come loose and I can now hear them bouncing on the ply roof. I was hoping to find some of the sponge tubing in the pic will stop this even if the wires are not...
  8. cy294

    Noisy Driver's Seat.

    Help, I have a knocking noise I think that is coming from underneath the drivers seat. I have looked underneath and taken the seat of the bracket, looked as best I can but can't find anything obvious. The noise happens when I turn a corner or go round a roundabout, I can only describe it like...
  9. osman

    Noise From Headliner ( Light Cables )

    Anyone else put up there head liner with those extra long clips that replace the originals ... but are impossible to remove once used ? I hate them but I like the fact they hold up stuff !! Just don’t like the permanence .. anyhow I got a little frustrated with how long my van is taking to...
  10. M

    Rattling On Sliding Door - Driver Side

    Hi, I’ve seen postings similar to this about people having rattling sounds going on for months. When driving, I am hearing the sound to the side of my right ear. I think it is to do with these parts attached as media - I don’t know what they are called, sorry. The rattling is only when driving...
  11. C

    How To Stop Rock&roll Bed From Rattling When Traveling

    Rattling rock & roll bed when traveling
  12. T6180

    Sliding Door Rattling

    Anyone else had this problem, seem to be coming from near the B Post ...I've lubed all parts and check all bits are tight. Sometimes it sounds like the door is going to fall off
  13. FISHY2


    Hi all, first post, After owning my T6 from new, after 8 months it has now developed the most annoying rattle/noise known to man . I’ve searched the forums on rattle etc and gone down every step that members have mentioned, e.g sprayed all rubber with silicone spray, tightened nuts/bolts under...
  14. M

    Rattling Sound - Not Sure Where From

    Hi. Van under warranty - T6 shuttle - but they can’t seem to fix an annoying rattling sound. Seems to be coming from driver’s side sliding door. Could be somewhere else but seems to be door. Any help please, as really getting fed up of hearing it.
  15. JonB

    Air Vent Removal

    hi all, Does anyone know how to remove the driver side air vent on a comfort dash? I’ve got a rattle that’s coming from that area and want to rule out the air vent or something behind it. Tried the usual stuff like the a pillar trim . Thanks Jon
  16. Tym

    Rattle From Passenger Seatbelt Area...!!

    hi guys... please help, this is driving me insane.. there is a rattle from the seatbelt area, passenger side.. right at my ear level. I can’t seem to locate it, I’ve tried adjusting the belt height, pulling it tight whilst driving, pushing and prodding the plastics on the b post, the seat...
  17. 9

    Rattling From Dashboard?

    hi all. Another teething problem for the highline kombi. I am now getting a very annoying vibration rattle when driving on roads. It’s coming from passenger side but can not isolate it whilst I’m driving. Has anyone experienced similar or ideas what it could be. The kombi has a comfort can...
  18. Oldrat

    Rattly Seat Belt Height Adjuster

    It’s driving me nuts, it’s the o/s one and beside my ear. It rattles like a good un. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone got a parts fiche diagram so that I can check that nothing is missing? I’ve taken it apart, and the problem is the ‘slider’ in the metal frame, it just bounces up...
  19. S

    Rattle from b-pillar?

    I have a very annoying rattle that seems to come from where the seat belt is fixed by drivers door. Removed tools etc from back to check it wasn't the cause. Anyone any ideas? Scot
  20. Ronnie Remo

    Vibration rectified, might interest someone?

    I took my T6 Kombi in to have it's missing armrests installed today (Don't ask ha) and while I was dropping it off I mentioned a vibration noise I had between 1600-2000 rpm seemingly around the dashboard front area, it was at it's peak around 1800rpm. I thought they might think I'm the usual...