1. N

    Rattling noise when starting

    Hello, I have rattling noise when I start the car. I will try to post video on here so that you guys can hear what is wrong it. After driving for 2 to 3 minutes noise it zelf goes away. Any help is greatly appreciated Thank you
  2. H

    Seatbelt recoiler unit rattle

    I have a transporter T6 & the passenger side seat belt (the lower unit that coils the belt up seems to developed a rattle inside . Has anybody had this issue?
  3. H

    Rear rattle

    I’ve noticed a rattle in the rear which I’m guessing is the lock mechanism in the LH barn door . After a few bangs it does sound horrendous. Has anyone got any ideas for a fix / deaden ? Cheers
  4. Jonwm

    Random Rattling / buzzing noise (video)

    Morning All Appreciate the vans all rattle (well mine does!!) but this is a bit different, over the last month my van has developed a weird rattle / buzzing noise that comes from the centre of the dash by the bulkhead, at first I thought it was something that had slipped down, it wasn't...
  5. P

    T6 rattle from tailgate.

    T6 rattle from tailgate. New 6.1. Really loud banging rattle from tailgate. 8 weeks before the dealership can have a look. Any ideas ?
  6. VanDamMan

    Rattles that ……Just Mad !!!

    Been driving my self half mad……trying to cure a low rumble/rattle from my sliding door …I had @Absolut5 replace rotten door cards they even thought it could be door alignment….so took the plunge and used white Lithuim grease ( WD40 spray type )..on all metal parts even sprayed the electric door...
  7. The Happy Snail

    Annoying rattle from ceiling cubby-hole area

    Hi, can anyone help, I’ve got an annoying rattle/noise which seems to be coming from or around my light switch area. Sounds like something is hitting plastic any ideas? Thanks
  8. JonriceT6

    [Resolved] Annoying rattle behind glovebox.

    About a month ago, I had my rear speakers connected to my headunit. 2-3 weeks ago the vehicle developed one hell of an annoying rattle coming from inside the dash behind the glove box area. Only happens when driving in low revs or pulling off. Sounds like plastic rattling on the crappy...
  9. T

    dash noise - any recommendations?

    hi. i have a 2019 T6 kombi. its been to VW 4 times about a noise coming from near side front on the dash board. does anyone know someone who can sort it out in the midlands please.
  10. david173

    Front door window rattle when closing doors

    I have 2017 T6 Factory kombi. I find that when I close the front doors when the window is open at all the glass seams to rattle slightly? Its the same both sides. Never has this on any other vehicle, I didn't know if it was just because its a commercial vehicle and i'm yet to apply any sound...
  11. dave_b

    Passenger seat rattle

    Hi, the passenger seat back rattles quite badly when no one is sitting in it. Is there a way to tighten it up?
  12. Dub-noob

    Common Sources of rattles

    Hi all, My Kombi has some interior rattles. Not the 'something is loose like a connector' but more a general rattle over bumps etc. I suspect the interior panels which were carpeted (poorly in some places) before i got it. They used the original hardboard panels rather than getting some ply...
  13. Dogs Dung

    T6.1 Rattling Dash

    does anybody else have a rattle in the dash over rough ground, its the top section that has in the middle where it seems to be coming from.
  14. A

    Glovebox door rattle

    Hi folks, my glovebox door rattles when it’s closed, when I press/hold it, the rattle stops… any ideas or fixes? I’ve tried a search but nothing is coming up. Just been on a trip around the highlands and it’s annoying the hell out of me.
  15. F

    T6.1 Rattle from passenger side of dashboard

    I have something rolling about inside my dashboard at the passenger side. I’ve checked in the air vent and can’t see anything. I’ve removed the glove box and Bluetooth unit to look down behind there and can’t see anything. I’ve checked the gap between the window and the dash and nothing in there...
  16. Andy_l

    Very annoying dash rattle

    Hi Over the last few weeks this rattle is getting worse. Iv checked under bonnet like some past posts have said but I have no idea with out taking dash out what it may be. Has anyone else had a similar noise?? It’s a taping noise seems to be from centre of dash Iv recorded it but unable to...
  17. W

    Another Bilstein B14 rattle

    Hi everyone, So I’ve had a really annoying rattling coming from the rear of my T6 since the day I got it, already fitted with a B14 kit. Having a bit of a read through the similar threads on here I fitted some oem shocks to see if the rattle stopped, which it did. I also noticed the shocks have...
  18. DTT6

    Captain seat rattle fix

    Hi all, an someone point me in the direction of how to dismantle the chair base/swivel unit? I’ve discovered one of my factory fitted captain seats in the caravelle rattles (tin sound) if I swivel and lock it in one direction but doesnt if its turn and locked in the other direction. I am...
  19. New2t6

    Tailgate rattle

    done 1000 miles in new kombi now and still can’t locate rattle coming from rear tailgate area. First thought it was jack-removed-still rattling......then thought it was boot lid inner handle bumping against tailgate when going over bumps....nope.......I can only think it’s wires behind the...
  20. t6blo

    Rattle - from my rear end!

    Got a very annoying rattle coming from inside the back of the van - it is a metallic rattle noise that only happens when going over bumps/potholes. I think it must be either the barn doors or the 3 seater Kombi bench tipping/release mechanism - there is no other metal bits around that area...