1. LambethBoy

    Rear arch clear-film chip protection

    Does anyone know the part number for these rear wheel arch stone chip paint protectors? I’m currently having a big argument with Volkswagens warranty Department as I took this in to be repaired as they said it would be covered under warranty but then they checked the depth of the paint and said...
  2. G

    Ultimate detail and Xpel coating done! (and it looks amazing!)

    I tend to keep cars/vans for a long time so decided to get the new arrival Xpel PPF coated on the front. (Bonnet. Bumper. Lights. Mirrors. Pillars, Wings and the bit above the windscreen) Before adding the coating the stone chips were touched up and the van was cleaned within an inch of its...
  3. RikParr73

    How best to protect new painted front bumper and spoiler?

    Hi Last year I had the front bumper and spoiler painted (My first van) a year later and there are a few chips as to be expected. I've removed the sportline bumper and will be fitting an ABT spoiler and have that along with the bumper sprayed again. I'm struggling to find anywhere in Lancashire...
  4. cgtmiles

    800 Miles Down And First Stone Chip On Bonnet!

    I have only done 800 miles in my van and have already noticed a rather large stone chip on the bonnet. So I was wondering what the best way to protect against this is? I’m not a fan of bonnet bras etc so what other options are available. Is it possible to colour match a wrap to match the rest...
  5. Loz

    Matt Vinyl Wrap

    So after lusting over the new LR Defender all day yesterday, I was well impressed with the matt finish achieved with the protection wrap and wondered how that would look on a Blackberry?
  6. Jamielad83

    New Owner .... Finally.

    Firstly, can I thank each and every one of you that have taken the time to respond to my many PM’s. Your knowledge and information at the start of this journey has been greatly appreciated..… if not somewhat damaging to the wallet. After many months of ups and downs I can finally say I'm a T6...
  7. S

    Scratch Film For Door Handle Recess

    I'm picking up my T6 this week and I noticed that on some of the older Van's at the dealer there was evidence if scratching in the recess behind the door handles. Is there any type pre-cut clear film you can buy to stop this?
  8. Davenjo

    P P Protect - Ceramic Coating Etc.

    I used these guys (Richard and Connor), after recommendation from @Mick, a couple of months ago to get my new car ceramic coated (see Ceramic Coating) and was so impressed with the results I immediately booked the Gnu in for similar. We dropped the van off with them first thing today and...
  9. K

    Ppf And Ceramic Coating

    Hi there The internet is full of ‘experts’ and opinions on what to do and what not to do which is exactly where you can find yourself when researching detailing and PPF. I wanted to give you guys an update on my van and the stages i am having it put through in an attempt to add sufficient...
  10. 8balladdict

    Ppf Update

    Hi All, I've just picked up a new T6 and knowing how peppered my old one got with stone chips, I'm considering getting the front covered with PPF. I've been reading the threads on here and know a few people did get it fitted so just thought it would be good to get an update a year or so on to...
  11. MrTesco

    Bonnet Wrap Recommendations

    Afternoon boys n girls. Looking at getting a bonnet spoiler after getting my first stone chip. What are people's thoughts on them as I never had one on my other van. Do they cause more damage then they save and has anyone got any recommendations of any ? Cheers in advance Charlie
  12. Morrispd

    Ppf - Paint Protection Film

    Hello all, I know there are a few threads on this already but I'm looking for someone around Northamptonshire that can install this. I've a source for 3M Venture Shield and front end precut kits are a lot less than £800 I've seen priced on some of the older threads. The kits I can get vary in...