1. Phil_j89

    PDC Retrofit coding

    Hello! Just fitted a front upgrade parking sensor kit, from car systems.. along with replacing the original radio unit with a discover media unit. Currently having trouble getting the parking sensor range display on the screen, with the vehicle in reverse. I’ve refitted the original unit and...
  2. D

    Front parking sensors don’t pick things up unless I put it in reverse

    Hi. I have an issue with my front parking sensors. They seem blind to things in front of the van. I stop the van and then as I put the van in reverse gear (DSG) the front sensors magically pick up on the target in front of the van! This happens when parking forwards towards a variety of targets...
  3. Sunwhite

    ParkPilot deactivation

    ParkPilot. Is it possible to turn this feature off? Every time I select reverse gear it beeps very, very, loudly; I can then mute the audio via the touch screen but that initial very loud beep is very annoying. If I must I can live with the visual display (although I don't trust it) but I...
  4. JasonW

    Park Assist Tone adjustment

    Adjusting the volume and tone of Front and Rear Park assist using VCDS Select Controller - 'Park / Steer Assist' .Select Adaption From the drop down menu select MAS01426 /27 for Reversing tone adjustment and MAS01428/29 for front Park assist tone adjustment MAS01426 Rear Parking aid...
  5. Stevemcc

    Front and rear pdc buzzer locations ?

    Hi all can anyone help with locations of the buzzers for parking buzzers front and rear cheers
  6. Phil_j89

    For Sale Rear Parking Sensor Control Unit

    Selling a parking sensor control unit as fitted to T6 with rear sensors. Part no. 7E0919475T Parkhilfe 4K unit Ideal for if you have a faulty unit, or looking to retrofit rear sensors. In good working order, only replaced due to fitting F+R parking sensors. Located in kendal, Cumbria Could...
  7. M

    PDC display lingering after removing from reverse gear.

    Hello, hope I'm posting in the correct part of the forum as completely new to the forum. I've had my lovely T6.1 Kombi Highline for about 8 weeks & truly loving the whole van feel & look. Last week I noticed that my factory fitted front & rear parking sensors have started to do something odd...
  8. Robert

    For Sale PDC module 8K, front and rear, 7E0919475N

    PDC module for sale - eight channel, front and rear Part No SW: 7E0 919 475 N HW: 7N0 919 475 Component: PARKHILFE 8K H06 0205 Excellent condition. £45 delivered.
  9. Big.mac

    Parking Sensor Implausible signal

    I’m having a problem with my Park Assist and hoping someone may be able to give me a pointer to where the problem may be. I first had this issue a couple of weeks ago. It was that Friday that was the hottest on record so at the time I assumed something had gotten too hot as it went away by...
  10. Van Buddy

    PDC retrofit - not working [Resolved]

    I’ve just retro fitted front PDC with parts from carsystems. PDC not working back or front. Long beep the first time you try and use PDC. Any suggestions ?
  11. Van Buddy

    Front PDC retrofit - cable route?

    I’m retro fitting front PDC using genuine parts. I’ve got the bumper loom in with the plug next to fog light plug. Where is a good place to come through the bulkhead To the 8k module ? Thanks
  12. Deaky

    Sold 8K PDC Module Front and Rear

    Part Number 7E0 919 475 AA Front and Rear Parking sensor PDC OPS module. Same as this pictured £50 posted.
  13. G

    Sportline front splitter and parking sensor problem [Merge]

    I’ve got a t6 with the sportline front bumper fitted from new, since I bought it when I put it in reverse the front 2 middle sensors Go off. I think it must be picking up the bumper, anyone else had this or know how to resolve it? Thanks
  14. R

    Parking sensors front and rear retrofit

    Would someone just be able to confirm if the following kit is everything I need to install front and rear parking sensors. Just want to make sure that’s everything before I order. https://www.carsystems.eu/new-vw-transporter-multivan-t6-park-pilot-front-and-rear-w-ops,id3299.html
  15. Van Buddy

    Found Front PDC

    Parts to fit PDC to the front of my Highline.
  16. Thegee6

    Front PDC audio volume

    Can the volume of the audible beeper be increased in VCDS? Mine sounds a little quiet
  17. R

    Wanted Rear parking sensor module

    Does anyone have a 4k rear only module for sale please, think mine has shorted due to wire damage 7eo 919 475t
  18. gerry

    Retro fit front sensors

    in the process of installing speed cameras before I have to change my park assist than choose between: 7e0919475N and 7e0919475aa thank you
  19. Littleblackflash

    Front Park Pilot

    We time stuck at home, I've taken the opportunity to retro fit front PCD sensors to my van. I've used a loom from Kufatec and an OEM bumper loom and sensors. I haven't fitted the P switch yet but the system isn't working. Even my rear sensors and the OPS display is no longer working. I'm not...
  20. cgtmiles

    Front Pdc Sensor Part Number

    Can someone please help, I’m looking for the part number of the centre two front parking sensors (just the sensors not the holders). I have searched on here and on tinternet and not come up with anything conclusive. I have found two different sensor part number which I think are for the inner...