1. Robert

    For Sale PDC module 8K, front and rear, 7E0919475N

    PDC module for sale - eight channel, front and rear Part No SW: 7E0 919 475 N HW: 7N0 919 475 Component: PARKHILFE 8K H06 0205 Excellent condition. £45 delivered.
  2. Big.mac

    Parking Sensor Implausible signal

    I’m having a problem with my Park Assist and hoping someone may be able to give me a pointer to where the problem may be. I first had this issue a couple of weeks ago. It was that Friday that was the hottest on record so at the time I assumed something had gotten too hot as it went away by...
  3. Van Buddy

    Front PDC retrofit - cable route?

    I’m retro fitting front PDC using genuine parts. I’ve got the bumper loom in with the plug next to fog light plug. Where is a good place to come through the bulkhead To the 8k module ? Thanks
  4. Deaky

    Sold 8K PDC Module Front and Rear

    Part Number 7E0 919 475 AA Front and Rear Parking sensor PDC OPS module. Same as this pictured £50 posted.
  5. Big.mac

    Sportline front spoiler and front parking sensor problem

    I have a sportline front spoiler on the van and have started to get an issue with the front parking sensors. They are intermittently going off. It is usually after the van has been sat in the sun for a long time. I had to pop out to post a parcel today for example. Reversing off the drive I...
  6. R

    Parking sensors front and rear retrofit

    Would someone just be able to confirm if the following kit is everything I need to install front and rear parking sensors. Just want to make sure that’s everything before I order. https://www.carsystems.eu/new-vw-transporter-multivan-t6-park-pilot-front-and-rear-w-ops,id3299.html
  7. Van Buddy

    Found Front PDC

    Parts to fit PDC to the front of my Highline.
  8. Thegee6

    Front PDC audio volume

    Can the volume of the audible beeper be increased in VCDS? Mine sounds a little quiet
  9. R

    Wanted Rear parking sensor module

    Does anyone have a 4k rear only module for sale please, think mine has shorted due to wire damage 7eo 919 475t
  10. gerry

    Retro fit front sensors

    in the process of installing speed cameras before I have to change my park assist than choose between: 7e0919475N and 7e0919475aa thank you
  11. Littleblackflash

    Front Park Pilot

    We time stuck at home, I've taken the opportunity to retro fit front PCD sensors to my van. I've used a loom from Kufatec and an OEM bumper loom and sensors. I haven't fitted the P switch yet but the system isn't working. Even my rear sensors and the OPS display is no longer working. I'm not...
  12. cgtmiles

    Front Pdc Sensor Part Number

    Can someone please help, I’m looking for the part number of the centre two front parking sensors (just the sensors not the holders). I have searched on here and on tinternet and not come up with anything conclusive. I have found two different sensor part number which I think are for the inner...
  13. M

    Parking Sensor Problems

    I’m new to this so please excuse me if I’m in the wrong place but...I’ve got a T6 highlife with rear parking sensors, I just had a tow ball and tow step fitted which are interfering with the sensors. I’ve had the tow step drilled to accept new sensors, have got new brackets to mount sensors, but...
  14. G

    Sportline Front Bumper And Parking Sensors

    I’ve got a t6 with the sportline front bumper fitted from new, since I bought it when I put it in reverse the front 2 middle sensors Go off. I think it must be picking up the bumper, anyone else had this or know how to resolve it? Thanks
  15. Dundrummin

    Rear Parking Sensors Stopped Working

    The Park Pilot rear sensors fitted to my Kombi have suddenly stopped working, put it in reverse and the display stays blank or if the radio etc is on it does nothing. I have checked to see if the sensors themselves make any noise when in reverse but they sound dead. Is there a dedicated fuse...
  16. Big.mac

    Retrofit Of Oem Front Parking Sensors And Reversing Camera

    OK Guys, I've just received the kits to do the OEM retrofit of front parking sensors and reversing camera. There's no instructions with them :( Now I'm pretty sure I could work it out but inevitably that will mean it takes longer, is there a set of instructions available that anyone has and...
  17. Daniel2929

    Reversing Cam?? Help

    Hi People I have just fitted a rear reverse camera I have activated it with vcds 5f module But cannot get in module 10 park steer assist Any ideas? many thanks
  18. sparkzer

    Another Mfsw Question..

    Im on the lookout for a leather MFSW and I've been reading the many mfsw topics already posted to learn what I need to buy to replace my non MF plasticky thing. Its left a couple of points I'd appreciate clarification on which will certainly help me and perhaps other members in the future. Some...
  19. Mrpowwow

    Lower L+r Led Grills With Pds Holes

    Hi Guys Happy New Year, can anyone steer me in the right direction please. I have damaged my front end and need to replace both L+R lower grills, my existing but broken ones have DRLs and PDS holes in them. I only need the plastic part but am struggling to find these in a gloss black, I can find...
  20. Littleblackflash

    Front Pdc Upgrade - Part Number For The Holders

    Hi All I've brought front bumper loom and PDC sensors to retro fit front park assist onto my van. I have a tool to cut/punch holes into my existing bumper but I need the glue on bumper brackets. Does anyone know the part number for them? Whist at it, does anyone know the part number for the...