1. T

    Fixed tow bar and parking sensors

    I’m looking at getting a tow bar fitted. The first decision is between fixed (flange plate fit) and removable swan neck design. Has anyone with rear parking sensors fitted a fixed one? Does a fixed one mess up the sensors?
  2. Pauly

    Anyone have park assist ?

    I am looking for some pictures of vans with park assist, i need the location of the rear outside edge sensors If anyone has park assist please can you take a couple pictures of the rear bumper looking side on at the van please, if you want to be really helpful a measurement of the location...
  3. Petezum

    Rear Ended 10mph

    I got a slight bump in queuing traffic at a roundabout today the van that hit me could have only been doing 10mph had a very small scratch in paint work (I think they had no insurance and were getting quite aggressive I had my little girl with me who was getting upset so I took the option of...
  4. revdecal

    Faulty reverse sensors - solid beeping

    My reversing beeper is just a solid beep now when i reverse and seems to be faulty. Has anyone else had this issue and if so was it just a faulty sensor? I would rather not have to haul it into my local VW dealer as I cant bear them. Every time my van has been in it has been damaged in some way...
  5. S

    RNS315 and PDC compatibility

    Can't find a definitive answer to this - I have a t6 with front and rear park assist but only a basic dab head unit. Will a Vw rns315 head unit with sat nav work ok in my van? Thanks Steve
  6. T

    T6 Front Parking Sensor Replacement

    Hi, Had a look but can't see anything on the forum about changing a T6 faulty front parking sensor? It's the sensor on the passanger side front, in line with the wheel arch, so the one nearest the kerb. Started off with working sometimes, then ParkPilot fault now and them which got steadily...
  7. wheelbarrow

    PDC Retrofit with "Auto" upgrade - Pinouts?

    So I bought the OE retrofit kit PDC from vagtec and also 1K8919472A upgrade kit from carsystems.eu. This is the retrofit kit I bought: http://vagtec.co.uk/eshop/genuine-vw-oem-retrofit-kit-parking-sensors-front-rear-with-fog-lights-t6-transporter.html And this is the module upgrade kit...
  8. wheelbarrow

    Retrofit Front & Rear PDC into a Shuttle

    Hi team! Installing the OE kit from carsystems.eu into my shuttle. I have managed to work most of it out so far thanks to this forum, but I have 2 quick questions: 1) Which grommet is used for access to the inside of the van? I found two pretty large ones near the exhaust area. One the faces...
  9. S

    Colour coding parking sensors?

    I'm swapping my standard bumper for a white one and didn't even think about my parking sensors being black. Can these be resprayed or is there a part I can get to colour code them? Many thanks
  10. DanPlumber

    Front right parking sensor fault

    Had a look on older threads but can’t find an answer Van started playing up the other week When selecting reverse long beep (Park assist not working) This also takes out all the parking sensors and the rear camera Was happening Intermittently Carista says front right sensor fault Today took...
  11. A

    Rear Parking Sensors not working - help/advice please

    Hi Driving Van on Saturday, came to park up - engaged reverse - loud high pitch noise for a few seconds - rear Parking Sensors are not working. It's a Highline van (66 plate) - so factory fitted sensors. No errors appear on the Dashboard. I have a Pioneer Headunit, so the factory default...
  12. Q

    ParkPilot not working

    Had something fly up and hit the front lower section of my front bumper and crack the panel which surrounds the drivers side front fog light and also houses one of the front parking sensors nearest the number plate. Anyway luckily this section of the bumper is a separate part which I obtained...
  13. Samro

    T6.1 What is wrong with my parking sensors?

    I have been fiddling around with Carista and found I have persistent fault code that will not disappear. The code is 01543 and a quick Google provides information that the fault relates to the parking control module. I have all of the "Assist" options on a new 6.1 van and everything seems to be...
  14. X

    Rear PDC retrofit

    Hi guys, Oem sensor kit with the intention to use park pilot. Total novice here, I’m attempting to retrofit my own rear parking sensors, i have the module in place under the dash with all looms/sensor loom in place ready to be connected up. I have under the dash/steering wheel open currently...
  15. D

    T6.1 Retrofit Front Sensors Only?

    Hi all. I've tried searching and reading lots of threads but I'm quite confused and unsure what would apply to my situation as I've already got the rear sensors. I have a T6.1 that came with standard rear sensors and a standard radio/screen - not the fancy bigger screen (attached screenshot)...
  16. 22jeffers

    Parking Sensor Error codes

    Hi all Is anyone able to help me with any more information for the attached reverse parking sensorerror codes? Where to start looking, what eliminate, best course of action? I’d like to avoid handing my wallet to the main dealer. I got these from car scanner app on my phone. I’ve no access to...
  17. LakesT6

    T6.1 Park Assist issue [Resolved]

    Hi all, this has appeared this afternoon and I wondered if anyone has got any pointers on where to start? Van is under warranty but if it’s an easy fix I’ll sort it myself. I’ll scan with Carista shortly. Cheers. All the sensors are clean and I’ve rebooted the infotainment and done a battery...
  18. G

    Can i retrofit rear Parking sensors to my Shuttle headunit?

    Hi all can anyone help I have this head unit part no 1k8035150e can I add genuine vw rear parking sensors to it the shuttle I have is a treadline if that helps many thanks Steve.
  19. D

    Front sensors are annoying

    Hi all I've just had front sensors fitted to my t6 startline camper. I was very excited to get them installed, only now to find out, they are a pain in the ass. They are set to come on if the van is going under 7mph. If I find myself in a que of traffic, if their is a car beside me the damn...
  20. S

    PDC sensor part number needed

    Hi all, I'm after a part number for a rear bumper park assist sensor for my T6. I damaged my own bumper and bought a genuine one off eBay. Didn't realise at the time but the ebay one came with parking sensor holes across the back, but also 2 extra holes on the side. now I need to fill these with...