1. Devaprem

    Front Park Pilot operation

    Hello. I have a T6 California with Park Pilot and I am trying to remember if the front obstacle proximity warning ever used to come on automatically. It has had a rear towbar fitted by a VW dealer and this had to be reprogrammed to recognise a trailer being attached. Then I didn't use the...
  2. D

    THQ Front Spoiler affecting PDC

    Anyone had problems with the two front parking sensors constantly showing red after fitting the front lower pooled from thq? Are there any tips as I assume it’s an adjustment ? Thanks
  3. T

    Parking sensor size

    Almost ready to start my t5 to t6.1 facelift but have a query on the parking sensors. The new bumper is drilled for the later size pdc and my t5 has the larger ones. I believe the late t5,1 pdc are the smaller size but they have different plugs. Can I retrofit the t5.1 version by just swapping...
  4. M

    T5.1 Rear Parking Sensor Fault

    Hi I have been having issues with my factory fit parking sensors for some time now and wondered if anyone may be able to help. They stopped working although when the issue first occurred they worked intermittently for a few weeks before finally failing. When selecting reverse I get the constant...
  5. Jet

    T6.1 Front parking sensors?

    Just been doing some essential work on my 6.1 this included removing the front bumper/grill assembly, on reassembly the front parking sensors stopped working? I removed the sensors from the 'dog bone' but didn't disconnect the wires, just wondering if there might be a common stress point I might...
  6. M

    Reverse sensors not working

    I have a T6 2018 with parking sensors and park pilot not working. After having a look underneath, I’m sure that they were factory fitted. The vehicle has only done 6k miles ( previous owner fell ill shortly after purchase and sadly passed away so hence hardly any use). I’m sure that nothing...
  7. W

    Fit 12k Parkhilfe unit to T6?

    Hi, Apologies if this has been covered before but I didn’t see it if so, I own a 2016 Eu5 Transporter Highline panel-van with rear parking distance control as standard, and am looking to retrofit fronts sensors too. Before I do, I saw this and it got me thinking Instead of fitting an 8K...
  8. archersam

    What to stick reverse sensor brackets on with ?

    Any good suggestions? I am constantly having to refix my reverse sensors brackets to my rear Lv bumper. I reckon one or the other have fallen off at least half a dozen times. I have tried vhb, the body shop used some black plastic glue stuff when the bumper was off being painted. Time...
  9. K

    Group 1VW Van Centre - Main Dealer

    Hi All Does anyone have any positive views on the captioned?? I booked my T6 in to have front parking sensors installed only to be told when I took the vehicle in that they do not retrofit!!!! So I am now exploring getting the kit from Poland which has the new module required and getting it...
  10. C

    Front parking sensor location

    Daft question. Does anyone have a clue where front parking sensors are located on pic? Xtrons head unit flagging randomly as if something in front of van (when there isn’t). Was going to see if cleaning would help but in fact can’t even locate?! Apols if daft question.
  11. G

    Holes in the side of a Caravelle rear bumper?

    I’ve bought a genuine replacement bumper for my T6.1 Highline which was advertised as a T6 / T6.1 Caravelle bumper. I assumed they were the same bumpers so was surprised when I saw large circular holes, one in each side. Any idea what they’re for so I can make use of them? There’s four holes in...
  12. DubHaus

    For Sale T6.1 Start/Stop & Park Assist buttons and Park Assist 8k Module

    For Sale - Just removed from my 2021 T6.1 Switch Panel with the Start/Stop and Park Assist buttons + an 8k (4 sensors front & 4 sensors rear) Park Assist Module. £60 plus whatever it costs to post. Welcome to collect East Suffolk
  13. Jongall

    Rear bumper parking sensor holes

    I’m installing a rear bumper Travelin-Lite but need to cut holes for parking sensors. What do people use?
  14. K

    Trailer wiring and NO park pilot

    Tackled my no park pilot issue today, and discovered the factory original loom was disconnected when the towbar was fitted. Circled in the picture is the original factory plug, and the arrow shows the towbar replacement plug. If I swap them I get park pilot, but no trailer light functionality...
  15. L

    Front parking sensor on sales advert missing

    I have just picked up our camperking high line 2018 and I purchased it from a dealership who are agents for camperking, The vehicle advert stated front and rear parking sensors but when we drove it last weekend for first time noticed there was no front parking sensors ? Do I question this with...
  16. Howzat

    DIsable rear parking sensors using OBD11?

    Just wondering if it's possible with OBD11 and if anyone can remenber where the setting might be? Minor ding on the rear bumper has popped a sensor off so I've unplugged it until the bumper is fixed but I get this really loud and annoying beep in the cab every time I go into reverse. :mad:
  17. L

    Witter Towbar and reversing sensors

    So i want to buy a Witter towbar, none removable but wasn’t sure what will happen with the reversing sensors ? Is it low enough to not be seen or will it beep constantly or can you somehow teach the sensors with Vagcom or something to ignore it ...
  18. N

    Blanking caps for PDC holes in rear bumper ???

    Does anyone know if you can buy blanking caps for the PDC holes in the rear bumper. I've seen a nice bumper for sale but I don't have parking sensor so I'd like to blank the holes and preferably paint the bumper.
  19. S

    Aftermarket PDC

    Anyone added some cheapo, switched acoustic ones? I generally don't need the front ones but occasionally they would be useful. Getting the proper ones is quite far down the list of things I need atm. Wondering if there is a super cheap interim solution. Seen loads of kits but not quite sure if...
  20. Primey

    Replacing the Headunit and retaining Camera / PDC

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked on here before, but I didn't know if there has been any new products available on the market... I have a T6 with factory fitted parking sensors front and rear along with a reversing camera. However, the van wasn't fitted with satnav as standard. What...