oil warning light

  1. R

    T6.1 too much oil warning - how worried should I be?

    My 16k miles, 98kw shuttle is showing the too much oil warning every 100 or so miles. This happened the day I picked it up and the VW vans place took into the service section. I think they took some oil out, which is half-way+ from checking the dipstick when cold. I can't smell diesel in the...
  2. T

    OIL pressure light flashing continuously when driving.

    Hello, my ‘ oil pressure ‘ light is flashing continuously after my T6. 2016 105. Hits 2k revs. The pressure has been checked and is fine. The local garage have replaced a new oil pump, 2 oil filter changes, unblocked oil pick up pipe, 2 x pressure sensors, wire checked. The VW garage are also...
  3. JiMsHaDY69

    [Resolved] T6 Oil level too high

    I'm currently an hour into an 8 hour drive to Bognor from Glasgow and have just had "Oil Level Too High" warning flash up. Stopped at Gretna to check the forums for posts on this and unsure what to do now as there seems to be two possible issues. 1. Actual issue of too much oil caused by...
  4. T

    Oil Warning Light following service…

    Hi all, I’ve a 4 year old 204 Kombi Highline, with 50k on the clock, recently serviced by VW and the oil warning light appeared. Less than 1500 miles since the service. Seem to recall this happened after the last service as well. Is this normal? Thanks.
  5. chearmstrong

    T6.1 "Oil pressure: Stop!" warning when trying to start

    Hi. I'm getting an "Oil pressure: Stop! Consult vehicle wallet." warning message when I'm trying to start our 2020 T6.1 - the engine won't start (was fine yesterday). Checked oil levels and they seem good. Is there anything else I need to check?
  6. K

    T6.1. oil sensor

    Has anyone encountered the same problem. Occasional shows "oil sensor: please visit workshop" T6.1. TDI 103kw / 150hp, dsg
  7. Stockwell Camper

    ‘Oil level too high’ warning

    The Mrs has been to our local VW dealership this morning to get a new key coded that we ordered in a few weeks ago, he has told her the oil level is too high in the van and that this is as bad as driving round with not enough oil in. We have not had any warning signs on the dash board or...
  8. Rich Green

    Help needed. Oil light

    Hi all. Can anyone offer any advice on this? Had my oil light flash on my 2011 2.0tdi T5.1 and bing at me a month or so ago. Then fine for a few weeks and then came back eventually. So Took it to the garage who have cleaned out the pick up pipe and replaced the oil pressure sensor. Gave it a...
  9. MarkW-T6

    Orange flashing oil light [Resolved: new loom]

    Had an orange flashing oil can lit up today just after setting off, oil level checked ok. Happened a couple of times then stopped. Happened again after about 20 mins slowing down on the motorway to exit. Noticed oil temp reading was missing as well (just showing dashes). Van is a 2016 Highline...
  10. Matthewsn79

    T6.1 oil level warning: Reduce Oil Level!

    Any body else had this??? First happened at 990 miles AA drained the oil level then it happened again at 1060 its now been recovered at taken back to a dealship...
  11. M

    Overfilled oil engine light

    Hi I’ve recently bought a new t6.1 and had a reoccurring overfilled oil warning light appear Oil seems to be correct It’s been back to vw 4 times and they replaced the sump sensor but fault still appears !!! has anyone else experienced this problem??
  12. Tlc

    ‘Oil’ message when ignition on but no warning light

    When I start my t6 up a message comes up check oil ? I’ve done this an the oil level is fine an the message goes when I drive it should I get it to the garage
  13. simon

    ‘Check Oil Level’ warning message

    So this came up Topped up with appropriate oil And it's still comes on Dipstick indicates enough oil?? Do I add more? FYI the inspection now also has started to come on around my MOT time (June) but was told it was not due!
  14. S

    Low Oil Pressure Warning Light !

    Hi guys, I have a 2.0 dsg that keeps having the oil pressure warning light coming on? I have replaced pressure switch and checked the wiring to switch all look ok, did a pressure test and pressures looked lower than I expected, but I don’t have the manufactures specs to hand... the strange thing...
  15. Dellmassive

    - Check Oil - Warning, Check Your Fluids ! (what Oil?)

    - Check Oil - Warning, Check your fluids ! So its that time of year, work is busy, its cold outside, the kids are screaming, the missus wants a new kitchen, blah blah blah. So the last thing on your mind is checking your vans fluids right.? or more to the point the oil. ! Well lucky our...
  16. B

    Flashing Oil Light [Resolved: rodent damage to cable]

    Flashing oil sensor light has come on, message says: workshop. Just wondering how urgently it needs to be taken there. Van is ten months old.
  17. Y

    Oil Volume Min To Max On Dipstick?

    Changed my engine oil & filter and refilled with a measured 7.4 litres of oil. Checking after a long run the level is about 20% below max allowable on the dipstick. But - owner's manual doesn't say how much oil is required to fill from min to max (very, very, helpful). Anybody know? This is for...