oil type

  1. D

    Which oil? 199PS

    Hi all, I’m normally quite good when it comes to finding info on google etc but drawn a blank on this one. Took ownership of Burt last Friday. 199ps 4 motion dsg. I’m wanting to buy a litre of oil to carry in van just in case but do not want to pay dealer price. Can anyone tell me which oil I...
  2. T

    Which oil? 150PS

    First time post so sorry if it’s been asked before. How do I find out what oil to use for my van. It’s no longer in warranty so I’m going to do it myself. I just want to make sure I’m using the best / right stuff. 2016 150 6 speed, adblue T6. Thanks
  3. Tsixty

    Which oil? 2019 204PS BiTDI?

    As per title, like to keep a 1lt bottle for top ups. What do people recommend? Thanks in advance.
  4. Skyliner33

    Which oil? 180bhp EU5

    I need a bit of help please. My van is flashing up on the display that it need an oil change. Eu5 180 Bhp engine. It was booked in but they have cancelled because they are closed because of the current situation. However I am classed as an essential worker and therefore still need to use my...
  5. G

    DSG Oil And Filter Change T6

    Hi, looking to do this soon. I gather vehicle has to be level, wondering where to position jack stands, or sissor jacks. Also wondering about filter change manual information. Seems I have 2 drain points for DSG. I have an infrared gun to measure gearbox temperature at the surface. I don't have...
  6. Gooson

    Correct Oil Or Not?

    Hi, it's probably been done to death but I've bought 8 litres of castrol magnatec 5w30 fully synthetic oil ready for a service next week but having looked at it now its not got the vw approved rating on it? I thought this was the correct grade? Any thoughts please?
  7. B

    Which Oil

    Hi all I hope someone in the know might know the correct answer to this question as i'm confused over which engine oil spec 502 00 or 504 00 getting confused with the flexibile and fixed service bit in the owners manual the oil is only for a top up not a service van is 2018 transporter 150...
  8. ChrisG

    What Oil To Top Up 204 Bhp Dsg

    Morning All. Got Oil light winking at me - anyone recommend best oil to top it up - I did ask Liverpool Van centre to do it whilst they were NOT fixing the park pilot but they didn't.... tks chaps.
  9. Loz

    T6 Oil Change 2017-06-27

    Engine oil: Draining or extracting, renewing oil Filter and replenishing engine oil.
  10. Glenn Board

    Engine Oil use and oil type for 140bhp T6

    I collected the van with 11,000 miles on the clock, and was told that all level had been checked, the van has now covered a further 10,000 miles and the low oil warning and oil pressure light flicked up, I checked the oil, and it was at bottom of dip stick, is this amount oil use correct, as for...
  11. Glenn Board

    Which oil for 140 bhp engine

    silly question , but I can’t Sean to find out what is the correct oil to put in the engine, could somebody please advise me as I need to put some in now?