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  1. M

    New wheels for long journeys as well as field work

    Hi guys looking to finally get some wheels, i do some long jouneys and im in the fields with the van. Please as a wheel virgin can you help, I was thinking off road tyres ? but open to advice on every thing cheers guys
  2. Loz

  3. S

    Sold Eibach lift springs (new)

    These where bought last year when I was living and working on a country estate so had planned a tramper van. Change of job recently and change of van plans has left these gathering dust! The box is a tad worn after moving it around a few times but the springs are fine Please DM or post here...
  4. KombiKommando

    Snorkel Fitting

    Has anyone fitted a snorkel to their T6?
  5. D

    35mm Lift Kit

    Just bought a T6 T32 Kombi , I’m thinking of fitting Bilstein 35 mm lift kit, with wolf race Sahara wheels with 245/65/17, bf Goodrich tyres , anyone got any info on these , before I commit .like handling /road noise, which is really bad on the van now . Cheers Duggie
  6. kiter

    One Year Down The Line.......

    First anniversary of having a T6 in my life, looks a little different to the day I picked it up, complete with wonky rear number plate, and my wallet has most definitely taken a severe hammering...………. Also on first name terms with a number of courier drivers. Worth it though and mostly been...
  7. C

    Our Boy Is Home. . .

    Our T6 back from Extreme Bodywork in Poole following our trip to Mongolia, doesn’t he look great, VW Black and Reflex Silver, great job boys.
  8. Landyman130

    Is This The Ultimate T6 Camper Off-road 4x4

    These are stills from <> More info here <Autark von Woelcke> I hate to think how much?
  9. kiter

    Bilstein Damper Eibach Pro 35mm Lift Spring Set

    Anyone running this set up on their vehicle? Considering it for mine, reasoning behind it is I really dig the lifted/swamped look and every now and then need to venture off the beaten track. Will be fitting updated h&r arb's at same time. Vanstyle got 15% off these just now. Any...
  10. T

    Lift Kit

    I will be picking up my 2016 Volkswagen Transporter TDI400 T6 this weekend. I am planning to buy a set of bigger sized tires and increase at least 2-inches of ground clearance to it by installing a suspension lift kit. What brand of OEM/aftermarket lift kit should I check out?
  11. sofakingwrong

    T6 Bigh 45mm Heavy Duty Suspension Lift Kit

    Has anyone got any real life reviews on these springs ? Anyone got them fitted ?
  12. czmate1999

    Show Us Your Swamper Steelies

    Hi All, Weighing up my options on my wheels at the moment and am looking for inspiration. Not a real low down type of guy, have more of an all weather, rugged preference.. I have looked here, Off Road Tyre Mpg, and the Michelin Latitude cross sound good but i need more input! My wants from...
  13. S

    Hi All

    First post...and its a question... Is it possible to lift a T6 with spacers only and use existing springs. Thanks in advance
  14. paul600rr

    BFGoodrich A/T KO2 tyre-pressure????

    Hi anyone know what sort of pressure should be for BF Goodrich A/T ko2 tyres 225/65/17 on a T32 will be loaded at times driving to France?? Cheers Paul

    Kmc Holehsots And Bfgs

    Some Pictures for You guys of the Swamper Style wheels we Supply

  17. C

    So Nearly There. . .

    So nearly there, made footrest for passenger seat, fitted air ram to single seat on double seat base, fitted little rubber bump stops on the wheel swing out ( can now move it with one finger) made carriers for our Brunson compass and Garmin Inreach SE communicator. Having awning fitted Monday...

    Any Body Off To Abenteuer&allrad In Bad Kissingen On The 20th June??

    Home • ABENTEUER & ALLRAD the biggest offroad show/adventure show in the world
  19. C

    Winch And Tyre Carrier

    Hi Just got my van back from my engineer having prototyped and built the new rear bumper with swing away wheel carrier/fuel can and integrated winch, just a couple of minor electrical gremlins to sort. Also fitted new front grill from our sponsors ZunSport, with their special mesh behind both...
  20. Kingsway

    A Bit Different!

    Not seen one like this before for sale on the VW website.