1. Pauly

    New VW 18 inch wheel options

    Just checking out some VW literature and see there are 2 new styles of wheel about to hit the market, each wheel is available in a choice of 4 finishes, polished gloss, gloss, matt and dark bronze I quite like the new styles, not sure how durable the polished gloss will be as diamond cut wheels...
  2. J

    For Sale VW t6 kombi interior - Leighton vans

    So I’m new to the group and not 100% what this lots worth. I’ve been advised I can get around £1000 for it But not sure so make me an offer. contact me on 07903360416 comes with... R line leather triple kombi seats seats belts. VW OEM flooring. Anchor points, covers and bolts seat anchor point...
  3. Lukavell

    Magnetic Seat Base Trim From Evo Design

    Pic for clarity. Anyone used them? How strong is the magnet? I don't want them falling off under normal use! I think I'll be able to get the Erberspacher outlet to look nicer than i can using the OEM plastic jobby.
  4. SAF1981

    T6 Aftermarket Taillights

    Hello I'm looking to upgrade my T6 tail lights with either OEM lights or any possible suggested aftermaket tail lights. Preferably looking for a plug and play set to fit a tailgate rear. Has anyone changed theirs or has some suggestions? Thanks and happy new year
  5. Adams

    Factory Ambient/footwell Lighting

    so, onto the next mod and I need you help again please gents Who’s got the factory ambient lighting (door cards, footwell) I want to install them in the same way they are from factory, which gives the footwell lights an independent feed, so I theory controllable rather than just connected to...