1. W

    Fiamma fitter in Manchester area?

    Hello, Looking to get a Fiamma F45 fitted - any fitter recommendations in the Manchester/Cheshire area? Thanks in advance, W
  2. Martinw

    Looking for a reliable servicing/repair garage in the Horwich or Bolton area

    Hi, wondering whether anyone can recommend a decent garage in the Horwich/Bolton area for servicing and any repairs that crop up from time to time? Thanks.
  3. R

    Recommended garages in South Manchester area?

    Can anyone recommend a trusted garage in the South Manchester/Macclesfield area? I need a second opinion on some work I've been quoted for. Thanks
  4. Pugsley

    Hello from Manchester

    I`ve finally bought my T6. It`s a basic swb 2.0 Startline. My plans are to turn it into a day van. I`m hoping to get a pop top fitted or might even fit it myself. First thing is to make it look less like a builders van so first things are colour code the bumpers, put some alloys on, roof spoiler...
  5. Mikerl8797978

    Caravelle seat install Cheshire, any recommendations?

    As the title states. Looking for someone to supply and fit rails and carpet for a caravelle bench seat in the Cheshire or Manchester area. Thanks
  6. N

    How can some people be so useless? VW Van Centre, Manchester

    As I have mentioned in other threads, my van, when in at VW Van Centre, Manchester for service, got damaged in their carpark by another vehicle scraping along the side of it. It was, we believed sorted out at the time, but on better inspection, wasn't. To cut a long story short, it was in their...
  7. T

    VW Van Centre Speeding and Damage

    I've recently had a pretty poor experience with a VW Van Centre and I would be interested in hearing what other people's reaction would be if the below had happened to your vehicle. What would you expect (if anything) for the van centre to put things right? I've not posted the name of the...
  8. H

    RCD360 coding - northwest

    Hi All, can anyone give a recommendation for a business who can code my newly installed wireless reverse camera to my t6? I also need them to code out my old bog standard head unit as a vw assist tech told me today that he could see a few diagnostic errors related to my t6 looking for my old...
  9. Dmw916

    VAG Clock / ECU coding - Manchester

    Hi guys non t6 question ,got a audi tt to do up and need refurbished clocks coding to the car ecu is their anyone that dies this around manchester .
  10. Ambrose

    North West Tow Bar Centre

    Shopped around to have a detachable tow bar fitted and ended going to Welcome to North West Towbar Centre Stockport | Established 1984 - North West Towbars Manchester as it was just down the road from me. Dropped it off this morning at 11am and got a call just after 1pm to say it's ready for...
  11. G

    tow bar fitter - Manchester Area.

    Hi, can anyone recommend a firm in Greater Manchester to supply and fit a Westfalia tow bar to my T6? (PF Jones are too busy). TIA
  12. T6ChrisO

    REVO Dealer, Manchester Area

    Can anyone recommend a REVO dealer in the Manchester area? I’ve looked on REVOs site and used their dealer locator but the two I’ve tried don’t offer the map for the T6
  13. Nande2000

    Manchester airport T2 parking

    Anyone parked their van in Manchester airport multi storey ? I have a T6.1 SWB combi , looking to travel from T2 next month. The airport faqs state the height restrictions are at 2 metres, which is only 1 cm clear of the van :o(
  14. R

    Independent Garage S Manchester

    Any recommendations for an independent VW commercial garage around S Manchester? My heater/ac control needs looking. Thanks
  15. W

    Carpet-lining in the north-west?

    I have my new kombi lwb coming next month ( can’t wait :) ) job number one if sound deadening, isolation and carpeting. Any recommendations for a company local to Liverpool ? thanks
  16. K

    Auto-Electrician - Manchester?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend someone around north Manchester for a leisure battery install? Thanks
  17. O

    Reclassify N1 to M1?

    Hi all, I’ve got a t6 euro 5 ( van with windows ) camper Has anyone successfully re-classified there vehicle N1 to M1???
  18. ma77y

    Diagnostics - MK808

    Hi all I have considered buying an autel mk808 to do my own diagnostics but thought I'd ask on here prior to making a purchase.
  19. Mixersmate

    T6 Friendly hotel parking, Manchester.

    Hi All, Can someone recommend a hotel in Manchester or Salford area that has easy parking for a Transporter, or a hotel with nearby parking? All the hotels I am looking at rely on nearby multi-story parks that don't have enough clearance to let a T6 in! (Not that I'd park in one anyway!)...
  20. tommy_t6.1

    Suspension fitter in Manchester

    I'm after somewhere around Manchester that will fit my coilovers for me. I was planning on fitting them myself, but as the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse I don't fancy getting wet! Haha PFA