lithium battery

  1. Dellmassive

    LiTime 100ah Mini 12v Lifepo4 - How I Done It -

    LiTime 100ah Mini 12v Lifepo4 - How I Done It - "LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, Built-In 100A BMS, 1280Wh Energy" - for £299.99 ++++ what its got: over charge protection over - discharge protection over current protection high temp protection what its not got: low temp charge...
  2. M

    Battery shelf mode

    Hi all, My Renogy battery has just turned up and I understand it is in shelf mode for storage, and as such I cannot connect to it via Bluetooth to see SOC etc. Is there a quick and dirty way for me to pass draw / supply 1A to wake it up? I'm just collecting parts at the moment so I'm not in a...
  3. A

    For Sale Clayton Lithium Battery 'Possible Sale'!

    I'm thinking of off-loading my Clayton LPS2500 100Ah for an upgraded solar version. I'm looking to recoup some of the cost but wanted to see if there would be any interest before i market it properly. I would be open to sensible offers before committing. Purchase and fitting was carried out in...
  4. T6ChrisO

    For Sale Fogstar Drift 105Ah LifePO4 Battery - NEW

    Brand New, bought in December last year. Decided to go the CLayton Power route so no longer required. Due to weight and postage restrictions im offering collection only from Manchester, Stalybridge - £300 Picture will be added later today
  5. D

    Does anyone know the retailer Wanroy that sells lifepo4 batteries?

    I am thinking of replacing my battery and was considering purchasing a 12V 200Ah battery from Wanroy for 539 euros. Currently, is this price considered reasonable? Batterie LiFePO4 12V 200Ah con 100A BMS丨WANROY However, it seems that their website only offers deliveries in the Italian region...
  6. L

    Simple electrics set up (Renogy based)

    Hello everyone, i'm a total beginner in the electrics topic. Was reading this forum for a week, find it very informative but i still have some (many!) questions. Would really appreciate if someone could give me a hand. (And please excuse my English, i'm not a native speaker) So, we are going to...
  7. Rioja John

    What size fuses 200ah lithium

    I’ve installed a pair of 100ah eco-worthy leisure batteries and would like to know what size inline fuses to fit to the positive wires connecting the batteries please, as I’ve tried the search button but can’t find the information that I need. John.
  8. Jim Rey

    Renogy 50ah lithium battery not accepting a charge

    I have a renogy 50ah lithium battery that is not accepting a charge. I have spent a lot of time (frustrating hours) on webchat with Renogy. They are now suggesting that I buy a Lithium charger with re-activation capability. They have one on their website but they asking £129 for it!. I spent...
  9. M

    LifePO4 upgrade plus inverter

    It looks like my 130Ah Lead acid battery is U/S so I'm looking for a replacement/upgrade and also adding an inverter mainly for charging ebikes (Charger - 48V x 5A) A couple of decent buys showing on EcoWorthy's website:- 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery | ECO-WORTHY - £600 LiFePO4 12V 100Ah...
  10. Dibsta

    Gen Six wanting to add lithium battery setup

    Hi everyone starting to use my caravelle to camp wanting to add lithium battery setup. Looking for some direction please
  11. slybacon67

    Lithium battery/ dc to dc upgrade

    Hi all. I would like to upgrade my battery and charging system. At present I have a 100 ah Efb leisure battery charging via a VSR and standard mains hook up (13.8v) see pics and also I have a dokio 160w plug and play solar panel which has its own controller. I would like to fit under the drivers...
  12. E

    Changing to lithium leisure battery

    Hi i am looking to switch from a 105ah lead acid to a Lithium leisure battery. I’m looking at the ones linked below and wondered if anyone has any experience of using one to help me decided. I’m also thinking about getting a 150w solar panel or if i got a 230ah lithium would that negate the...
  13. Farnorthsurfer

    Renogy DC-DC 50A (Version 1) Major Scary Failure

    It was an ordinary trip to the shops near home. The wife and I both noticed an electrical burning smell on the way to the shop. So much so that I had the bonnet up and was poking about under the seat looking for the source. Maybe a wire short I thought. Didn't find anything and everything seemed...
  14. O

    LifePO4 battery not charged from alternator

    Hello, Anyone able to provide an explanation for this? Van was at the repair garage for 2 weeks and during this time the leisure battery ran out - understandable as I had two trackers, WiFi router and a camera running and it was parked under trees so no solar! When I picked up the van and...
  15. Blitz

    Renogy DC to DC not charging

    Hi all I know this has become a popular item now and I have just upgraded to the 50A version. However. After the install everything looked OK. A week later both my Renogy Lithium batteries are dead. The alternator light is constant red which I believe is correct, the Service light shows green...
  16. Dellmassive

    4173Wh (330Ah) Lithium Battery Box -- How I Done It --

    4173Wh (330Ah) Lithium Battery Box -- How I Done It -- its that time again. . . battery box build time. but this time i need MORE POWER, were off camping for a 4/5dayer at the racing track - But the weather is not looking so good. that means Solar will be poor for the recharge. . . . . and...
  17. Rapt0rUK

    Help!!! Waeco CRX50 Low Voltage Error - Renogy Lithium Battery

    Hi folks, have an issue with my fridge or potentially the lithium battery. Setup is a Renogy 100ah Lithium, Renogy DC-DC charger. I have a strange issue where if the fridge has been switched off, when I turn it on there's a low voltage error (single flash of the warning light, first in the...
  18. J

    Moving to Lithium

    Hi, I've bought a second hand camperking conversion, and I'm not that impressed with the leisure electrics, they just don't seem to last for anytime at all. What's the bear minimum I would need to change to move to a Lithium battery and could you recommend some parts? I'm currently using a 80Ah...
  19. C

    Solar panel or upgrade to Lithium battery?

    Our leisure battery is 70 ah AGM and is struggling to power Dometic CR50 compressor fridge overnight when off grid. Apart from interior led lights and occasional use of diesel heater no other major load on LB. We have a choice to make and need some advice: do we install a 150w (say) flexible...
  20. IestynD

    Roamer 160S under single swivel seat

    Part 1 of possibly 2 I wanted to start this thread... I've be speaking with Chris at Roamer about the 160S. I couldn't fit a seatbase battery as I have an inverter and a fuse box in the seat base. I still wanted more than 100Ah of power though. Roamers 160S is the exact same dimensions as...