1. P

    Lifting Carpet Lining

    Hi all, anyone know how to lift a section of carpet lining without destroying it? I want to fit a rear dash cam/ reversing camera and the feed/ video signal cable needs to be fed up the D pillar and then down the roof under (over?) The head lining to the front. However with the exception of the...
  2. S

    van lining service NW London/Buckinghamshire

    Come on.... there has got to be someone in my area offering a van lining service??? I'll be in Uxbridge > N.W. London > Buckinghamshire area. I'm looking for a full insultaion and carpet lining done on SWB T6.... plus some basic electrics > led's /240v & 12v outlet via inverter, with back up...
  3. C

    Non standard kombi interiors

    Hi there, we are new to T6 and we have had our Startline T30 Kombi for about a month. It's a family day wagon for getting to the beach, having lunch and generally having fun with the family in. We are keen to get the interior sound deadened and insulated before we then finish the inside. But...
  4. Siperrin

    Lining a T6 in Scotland.

    I’m looking to get the rear of my kombi insulated, ply’d and carpeted. Does anyone have any recommendations for any companies in Scotland? Preferably around the Edinburgh area. Cheers
  5. M

    Lining Colours

    What colour lining have people gone with other than shades of grey ? Any pictures ? Like idea of black but have only seen grey
  6. osman

    My finished interior

  7. N

    Best Material For Roof Lining

    I want to fit a better roof lining for my T6.1 LWB Kombi rather than the standard hardboard, but I don’t want carpet, something more like the front roof lining. Any advice on alternatives and where to get it from please.
  8. pematthe

    Kombi Factory Lining - Sell Or Reuse?

    What happens to the van part of the factory lining panels in a kombi during conversion? My 2017 T6 has unmarked roof and side panel linings and I don't know if they are reused and lined / covered as part of the conversion. They seem to be bits of hardboard or cardboard. Do they just get...
  9. Stantman

    Lining Non Glazed Rear Tailgate Panel

    Looking at lining the rear upper panel of my tail gate. I have used sticky insulation on the panel but i am now looking at fixing a carpet lined ply panel over it. Has anyone done this and how did you fix your panel as there are no fixing holes?
  10. slidepods

    New Lining Panel Design

    Anybody that follows us will already be aware that we never stop innovating and trying to push the boundries of what is possible when it comes to our lining packages on the T6 platform. Recently we decided to try to produce some new unique lining panels to offer our customers more scope to add...
  11. slidepods

    Slidepods Lining Special Offer

    We have decided to run a bit of an ongoing special offer at Slidepods for members of the T6 forum that are looking to have their van lined. From now on all customers who book in with us for a package of ...... Skinz full soundproofing, Slidepods Eclipse lining and insulation, Rear Blam 165mm...
  12. S

    T6 CAD data?

    Hello, has anyone got any files that are useful? i would love to get my hands on a lwb - version... would help loads with my bed design as measuring in 3-d is slightly tricky...! looking for step/iges etc.. will pay for them but only if they're good and not just a rendered exterior! all help...
  13. F

    Ply Lining Rear Quarters New Panel Van

    hello, I’ve had a search but couldn’t find the answer. When I panelled my T5 the rear quarters had fixing holes around the top rear quarter. My new T6 hasn’t any holes, so what are people doing? Many thanks Ben
  14. Y

    Alternatives To Carpet?

    I’m planning my T6 conversion - poptop done and Smartbeds Evo railbed on order for fitting hopefully this month. I’ve got an ICamper table panel to fit to the sliding door. Having had acres of grey carpet in my T4, I’m not that keen on covering the whole of the interior in fluffy carpet again...
  15. slidepods

    [Guide] How To Line Your Own Van.

    A little while ago I was chatting to @Pauly and he asked if we would be interested in putting together a thread outlining how to go about lining your own van. Up until recently I have been so busy with work and home stuff that I haven't had a chance to do a thing about it and with another baby...
  16. A&A

    Sliding Door Scratches The Wheel Arch

    Hello all on t6forum. Recently bought a used t6 Kombi (& love it) with cotrim lining in the back - link below shows on their website (ABS lining bottom right pic) Transporter Kombi Looks great but when opening side sliding door the small (hard plastic) pocket on the left scratches the wheel...
  17. L

    Interior - Kombi T6 T32

    Hi all, Just brought my first Transporter. Kombi T32 204ps 7sp DSG. Pearl Black. I'm looking at lining the sliding doors to make it a bit neater inside, maybe with storage. The Kiravan option looks like it wouldn't work because of the passenger seats in the back. Has anyone found a solution...
  18. Ross’st6

    Pv To Kombi Wood Panelling For Carpeting

    Hi family is growing so needing to convert my van to a kombi, going for seats this weekend and now looking forward further to insulation and carpeting, I’m also guessing I would have to get the windows fitted before the carpeting stage. I have a panel van ply kit but would I need to buy a kombi...
  19. Z

    Ceiling Trim Strips Question????

    Hi, I am doing a DIY job on insulating and putting panels into my Van and have a question or two. I hope you can help :) I have carpeted some roof ply line panels and put the first one on, however the original thin trim strips don't now fit back on. A quick look through the threads shows that...
  20. D

    Alternative to carpet or ply lining

    Recently bought a kombi and use it for a motorbike, mountain bikes, kids and dogs. I'd like to sound deaden, insulate and line the rear. But I'm a little concerned the carpet will get dirty, wet, smelly etc. I don't want ply lining as I use the van every day. I've been looking but I haven't yet...