1. Amber

    Advice for wood effect laminate or oak veneer instead of carpet on the ply panels?

    Newbie here. I'm at the beginning of my van conversion (T6 SWB 2017) and wanting to do some of it myself. I really love the aesthetic of a wood lined van and trying to work out how/ if I can do it rather than carpet lined. I'm putting in all the windows except the driver side rear, so there...
  2. soxley

    Sound deadening & lining wheel arches.

    I’ve just placed an order placed for sound-deadening materials from (BTW the T56MODS code still works for 10% off). I’m following the Coombe Vally Campers guide as per their YouTube video (2m Silent Coat followed by Dodo Thermal Liner). My cunning plan is to get the...
  3. col555

    Insulation / Sound proofing and lining North East Scotland

    Looking for any recommendations to get my Kombi, insulated, sound proofed, carpet ply lined in the North East of Scotland. I did know of Old Mill Customs in Insch but unsure if they are still trading as the website has disappeared. Any recommended places would be much appreciated, cheers. Colin
  4. kombisnaps

    Sold T6.1 Kombi Hardboard panels £20

    Got some hardboard panels from a T6.1 SWB Kombi if anyone interested. Good condition with minor markings - no dents / punctures or heavy damage. Single LHS slide door and opposite panel, along with both rear quarter panels, and both lower panels from barn doors. £20 to anyone who wants them as...
  5. C

    Treating plywood lining prior to carpeting.

    Hi, I have made up new plywood panels and am wondering if it's necessary to treat them in some way before attaching carpet? Any advice welcome.
  6. minieggs

    Removing Rivnuts

    Hello, I have an ex-RAC van where I've removed all of the racking, however there's a load of rivnuts left in some of the holes. Annoyingly, they are where the ply panels will mount, and also some where I'll be carpeting and they stand proud. What's the best way to remove these? My first...
  7. P

    Lifting Carpet Lining

    Hi all, anyone know how to lift a section of carpet lining without destroying it? I want to fit a rear dash cam/ reversing camera and the feed/ video signal cable needs to be fed up the D pillar and then down the roof under (over?) The head lining to the front. However with the exception of the...
  8. phil_n

    Insulation, lining and audio . . North West

    I'm after a recommendation for a one stop option for sound insulation, lining, leisure battery and rear speaker fitting to my new Kombi. I'm in Manchester, so the nearer to that the better. Thanks, Phil
  9. Kirky1980

    Window fitting to a lined panel van

    Hi all I got a t6 panel van and use it for working out of but also have an ovano setup so use it for camping also, it’s been insulated and carpeted and lights, I was thinking about having a couple of windows put in and went to someone and asked but they said because it had already been lined out...
  10. J

    T6 Carpet Lining & Insulation Derbyshire

    Hi all - wanted to get my T6 insulated / sound proofed and carpet lined. I’ve looked at a few posts but wondered if there was a more recent suggestion for Derbyshire based company / person. Cheers!
  11. N

    Screw-holes in metal - fill and paint?

    Hello as you can probably guess i have a T6 to convert and i have a quick question and the rear floor. So the van came pretty badly ply lined, so i plan on replacing it all. The question i have is that previous the ply floor has been screwed down through the ribs and into the vans floor!!! My...
  12. S

    van lining service NW London/Buckinghamshire

    Come on.... there has got to be someone in my area offering a van lining service??? I'll be in Uxbridge > N.W. London > Buckinghamshire area. I'm looking for a full insultaion and carpet lining done on SWB T6.... plus some basic electrics > led's /240v & 12v outlet via inverter, with back up...
  13. W

    Soundproofing, lining etc. North west area

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and have recently purchased a T6 kombi. My plan is to convert it in to a day van and I’m looking to get the van soundproofed, insulated and carpeted with a few LED lights fitted. Any recommendations for someone to carry out this work in the north west region ...
  14. R

    Sound Deadening and Insulation

    Hey guys, i'm beginning the journey of converting my van, which is a T6 LWB Kombi. I have just ordered the relevant Sound-Deadening and Insulation for my Van. The only thing i am thinking of, is what would be the best way to go in regards to carpeting and ply lining after the silent coat and...
  15. C

    Non standard kombi interiors

    Hi there, we are new to T6 and we have had our Startline T30 Kombi for about a month. It's a family day wagon for getting to the beach, having lunch and generally having fun with the family in. We are keen to get the interior sound deadened and insulated before we then finish the inside. But...
  16. Siperrin

    Lining a T6 in Scotland.

    I’m looking to get the rear of my kombi insulated, ply’d and carpeted. Does anyone have any recommendations for any companies in Scotland? Preferably around the Edinburgh area. Cheers
  17. M

    Lining Colours

    What colour lining have people gone with other than shades of grey ? Any pictures ? Like idea of black but have only seen grey
  18. B

    sound proofing and carpet lining - Watford

    Greetings all, have been lurking around for a few weeks , I have today placed a factory order on a T6.1 Kombi Highline and am looking forward to picking it up in October. I have 4 upgrades planned 1) 3rd row bench seat - booked 2) sound proofing and carpet lining - unsure who to go to? 3)...
  19. osman

    My finished interior

  20. N

    Best Material For Roof Lining

    I want to fit a better roof lining for my T6.1 LWB Kombi rather than the standard hardboard, but I don’t want carpet, something more like the front roof lining. Any advice on alternatives and where to get it from please.