led headlights

  1. Mrpowwow

    Repairing Headlights

    Hi Guys Does anyone know if a LED headlight can be repaired ? the plastic securing tab has broken off Can the units be dismantled and be put back into another housing ? cheers Andrew
  2. neilkelly65

    LED headlamps not aligned equal height

    hi all is there any way to adjust one of the headlights ? when the beam is shining on ground they are not level drivers side is stepped down from passenger side annoying as hell ! thx in advance
  3. S

    OEM LED headlights question: wattage & lumens..

    Hi there, can anyone tell me the lumen output and or wattage of the oem led headlights? I've found legislation in switzerland that will let me fit them without the washers if the watts are below 25W and lumens less than 2000.. but can anyone confirm? @Dellmassive @Pauly @Robert ? anyone else...
  4. George

    LED Headlamp Disasembly

    I Might be barking up the wrong tree here, but after seeing some chap do OEM headlight upgrades with sequential turn lights with a modual and also neo pixel LEDs for custom colour designs. I was wondering if there is a disasembly guide for the OEM T6 LED headlights so I can atempt to mofify...
  5. highwaycollective

    Where to get genuine LED headlights fitted

    I have decided to bite the bullet and get some genuine T6 LED headlights retrofitted to my van. I know a few of you on here have had it done, and was wondering if any of you could recommend a company to do it? I have had a google and two or three places have popped up, but I am aware that the...
  6. S

    Moved to Europe: how to fit LHD headlamps

    Has anyone else swapped headlamps over from RHD to LHD units (or possibly and more likely the reverse) - I’m keen to learn or hear from anyone’s experiences whether this is a driveway job, or as the local VW garage says: a £3k+ task? We’ve moved to Germany, not sure if it’s permanent or just a...
  7. D

    Led headlight range control module

    Can someone please tell me where the module is located please. Thanks
  8. D

    Genuine xenon head light swap

    Hi guys . I currently have a t6 combi and t 6 caravelle. I'm wanting to swap over the head lights to the caravelle . As i have both vehicles would it be possible to swap over . I know there will be some wiring involved. If anyone has done the conversion could any give me a rough step by step...
  9. H

    T6.1 LED headlight adjustment

    Hi guys, I wonder can anyone help me with this issue? I have a brand new T6.1 4Motion with LED headlights. I've fitted a 17" wheels with 245/65 BFG K02s and a 35mm Eibach lift kit. With both these mods the height of the van has gone up significantly. The issue I now have is that the headlight...
  10. GONA66

    Sold H&R Front and Rear Anti Roll Bars - new SOLD...SOLD......

    As i have recently sold my T6 I now have no need for these. They are the correct ones for self leveling headlights. BRAND NEW! Still in the wrapping, not even unwrapped to drool over. I paid £471 so make me a decent offer, not desperate to sell as i can put them on my next one ! (which won't...
  11. Petehelmet

    For Sale O/S LED Headlight £370

    Passenger side OEM LED headlight complete with power modules. Brought this a couple of months back with the intention of buying the drivers side and upgrading the shocking H4 units. Since put a deposit on a T6.1 with factory LED”s. Headlight has a broken bracket and some slight marks on the...
  12. R

    Factory LED lights and DRL grills

    Hi, I have the factory LED headlights and would like to fit the DRL grills as I like the look. However, on searching this forum I read that the grill DRL won't work with factory LED lights for some reason? The posts I have read on this forum have touched on this but I can't find anything that...
  13. IMG_8509.jpg


    My Base van - 2019 Edition Kombi 150 DSG Wanting to achieve Caravelle ride quality and rear interior seating , a bit of VEE DUB style and a bit of extra storage space in the voids.
  14. LambethBoy

    Wanted Genuine LED Headlights

    Just thought I'd take a punt, slim to none... I know:whistle:
  15. S

    Led Lights Points Straight Down After Lowering

    I have a problem with my LED headlights pointing straight down after I lowerd the van on some B14s. Did not have that problem with any of my BMWs with xenon lights. I have checked that the sensors are OK, but I think that they might need some shorter struts because the van is so low and might be...
  16. Sean_uk03

    Bulb Warning Light After LED Headlight Retrofit.

    Hi guys, Hopefully a simple answer. A friend of mine retrofitted led headlights last year to his T6, headlights only, no self levelling. Since then his bulb warning light is on anytime his headlights are on, is it just a case of deactivating in VCDS (I’ve seen tick boxes for light diagnostics)...
  17. W

    Autoranging Light Sensors

    Anyone know where the sensors are and what they look like ? My lights are too high.
  18. M

    Update T6 Headlights

    Any suggestions and a rough idea of cost to update the T6 headlights?
  19. 6

    LED Headlights upgrade Help

    Morning. Looking for advice. I have a 68 plate Kombi T6 and I’m wanting to upgrade my headlights(candles) I have seen these lights for a reasonable price on eBay and was wondering what else I would need to buy so they work without dash lights etc. Thanks Graham
  20. E

    Led Headlights Not Fully Dipping

    Noticed oncoming traffic having issues with headlamps on ‘17 plate t6. Doesn’t seem to be dipping fully on passenger side any ideas, things to check before I endeavour to communicate with Vw ? Thanks in advance.