led headlights

  1. LambethBoy

    Wanted Help. Cover cap for dipped beam (Led headlights)

    Bit of a niche part this. Doing my own replacement of headlamp unit. Can't see to find one in the UK, back order at least two weeks. Hoping someone may know someone that's got one in stock. Part no 9 Part no 7E0998607
  2. Bav

    Condensation in LED headlights

    After a few weeks of the van sitting unused on the driveway, I noticed today that there's condensation on the inside of both my factory-fitted LED headlights. The van was new in Jan 2023, so it's just over a year old. I'm presuming the lights are a sealed unit, so this won't be easily resolved...
  3. Ads_Essex

    Sold H&R ARB Level Sensor Bracket

    I ordered this thinking I’d need it, but it turns out I didn’t check well enough and that the bracket was fitted back when I had the ARB installed. Now the LED retrofit is done, I’ve got this leftover. New they retail at around £50. £25 / £20 to VIP?
  4. C

    LED headlights pointing too high

    Hi guys. I have had my van lowered in have factory headlights which are now to high. I have been told you can get some suspension arm rods to correct this. Does a one have any links for these. Thanks.
  5. 5n0wb0mb3r

    For Sale 2017 T32 LWB 204PS DSG Twin Slider Kombi on Air. £40k

    Hi everyone, I'm selling my T6 to make way for a T6.1. Details as follows, although I'm sure I'll miss some bits. T32 Indium Grey LWB BMT. 67 plate 204 with Revo stage 1 to 245bhp ish Dsg with TVS remap Electric twin sliders with power latching Tailgate Removable towbar (or ankle smasher)...
  6. T

    For Sale T6 OEM LED Headlights (2015-2018)

    Headlight Assembly x2: Right side and left side units for RHD vehicle Manufacturer Part Number: 33310 Condition: Used, but great condition as pictured Brand: OEM (Valeo) Placement on Vehicle: Front, Left, Right Lighting Technology: LED NOTE: The total price is £1050 inc. VAT, postage &...
  7. George_T6

    For Sale OEM LED headlight N/S

    This is a fully working oem led headlight. It could do with a new lens being fitted as has a jump lead burn mark in it. It's the same lens as a h4 or h7 headlight of which there are plenty available for £30 - £50. Hence the price of £150 Collect from Nottingham
  8. T

    T6.1 LED headlight replacement

    Evening all, I’ve just bought a new 2021 T6.1 which has LED headlights, I need a new passenger one as it’s damaged. I’ve seen transporterhq sell a set of LED headlights and am thinking I may as well swap/upgrade. Has anyone else done this? I done it years ago on a T5 and the new...
  9. Sturge

    Sold 2017 T32 SWB 204PS DSG 4Motion 7 seater Highline Day-Van, high spec. £29k

    ** Price reduced to £29k ** I have finally come to the sad decision to sell my van. I bought it new in December 2017, and so it is one owner from new. I ticked nearly every box when I ordered it, so it is very high spec. Still under extended warranty with VW for another 12 months (service...
  10. T

    T6-T6.1 LED headlight loom

    Hi I’m new here really needs some help T6-t6.1 headlight fitting. I’ve bought a salvaged van and upgraded it from t6-t6.1 headlights the last one I done was easy plug and play bower it looks as tho this one has oe t6 xenon headlights. The same travelinlite t6.1 led headlights I’ve bought will...
  11. Skipperjonce

    LED main beam - dim line

    Hi, when on main my factory led headlights seem to have a dim line roughly on the horizon. They are plenty bright enough but it just bugs me slightly. Anybody else with the same lights notice the same, or are mine weird?
  12. M

    Headlight Range Control issue since replacing ARBs

    I have a fault with headlight range control showing “Rear Left headlight sensor short circuit to b+ / open circuit” Slightly baffled as the sensor is on the OSR arm. I have changed ARB front and back, did rear first, no problem, then did front next day and it’s flagged the fault. I scanned...
  13. C

    Sold 2021 T32 199PS LWB Kombi Highline Day-Van. £34k +VAT

    Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Kombi T32 LWB 2.0BiTDI 199 DPFR StopStart EU6 Highline Crew Van DSG A7 Date registered: 31 Mar 2021 1 owner since new VW Warranty until March 2024 VW Service Plan with 2 Free Services remaining at any VW Dealership (covers the van from new for 8 years/80,000 Miles...
  14. Andries003

    [HOW TO] Full T5.1 to T6.1 Front Facelift

    Good day everyone, This is my attempt in writing a full guide on facelifting a T5.1 front to a T6.1 front with parking sensors, oem LED headlights and fog lights. For this guide I am assuming you'll be using a painted front bumper with separate fog light trim parts and not the cheap plastic...
  15. Whisperinbri

    T6 LED headlight damaged - replacement options?

    Good morning folks Hit a Deer last night and burst my nearside headllamp Its a 2019 sport line van with full LED headlamp Think this is going to be an expensive repair Is there an aftermarket headlamp available, ie Valeo or similar that will replace the unit or is it going to have to be a...
  16. D

    T6 aftermarket LED headlamps T6.1 style

    Has anyone bought these if so what are your thoughts are they any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/256011014573?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=1cNcucJ6SNO&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=sw9XfjskRT-&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  17. lukeadams

    Headlight film peeling

    Hi. I’ve noticed one of my headlights film has started to peel. The other one seems to be fine. I believe my headlights are OEM xenon if that makes any difference. Has anyone experienced this before and if so how can it be recovered?
  18. G

    LED / Xenon headlight level-sensor cable route

    Hello everyone has anyone retrofitted Xenon or LED headlights to their vans and have fitted the front and rear level sensors plus associated wiring. The real level sensor does the cable for this run under the van from rear to front or does it enter the van via a grommet somewhere and travel...
  19. L

    Which headlights do I have?

    Hi, I’ve seen the led bulb upgrades listed for oem t6 headlights. Stating canbus error free! Anyone upgraded their bulbs to led and which ones did you get? I’ve done the front fog upgrade and rear lights. Want the led for stock headlights mow Tia
  20. Crazymind

    [Resolved] What the heck is this (LED level sensor)?

    Anybody on this? Rear passenger side wheel, just in front of the coil, look like an aerial connected only at the bottom not at the top. What is this for? And should it be attached to the square box just on top? I have got electronic dumpers if of any help.