led headlights

  1. M

    LHD LED headlights OK for UK?

    Looking to upgrade my H4s and found some OEM LEDs but they are from a LHD van - maybe a stupid question but will that work and be good for MOT? Cheers
  2. The Van Cave

    Sold 2015 140PS DSG SWB Kombi. £26,500 + VAT

    Huge spec 65 Plate 2015 140 DSG SWB Kombi for sale. Base Van Spec Euro 5 140 DSG With 85k miles. Acapulco Blue. Full VW Service History. Cambelt and Water Pump Changed. DSG With Paddle Shift. Genuine VW LED Headlights. Genuine VW LED Rear Lights. Electric Single Sliding Door. Power Latching...
  3. Dav-Tec

    LED headlights got the pro's puzzled

    Hi guys and gals. I'm after some help. Before we start any help given that directly results in the rectification of the won't go unrewarded. I have found some forum's (not this one to date) to be against helping businesses as we earn money from fixing these things. Anyway I digress. So if you...
  4. D

    Sold 2019 150PS Kombi Highline. £35k

    Transporter Kombi Highline 2019 (69) 150ps Manual 17000 miles will increase slightly 5 seats Vw warranty until November 2022 Next service included Excellent condition some small marks on the rear bumper and a few stone chips to the front end both shown in photos Highline specification...
  5. M4rv3

    LED-headlight main beam relay for emer lights

    Led headlight help Basicallly I’m after main beam power supply as I want it to flash my orange beacons when I flash my headlights I have a few relays and switches setup so my beacons don’t turn my headlights on and vice Versa unless my control panel has switches in the right position but I...
  6. T

    Found T6 ARB with led headlight bracket

    Hi Looking for some OEM arbs with bushings to suit T6. Need the ones with brackets for the level sensor. Will collect from South east of England and happy to pay sensible money for them. Thanks in advance
  7. Yorkyrmcdo

    Wanted Led headlights

    Hi all, just before I take the plunge and buy a loom from @Pauly has anyone seen or have any good led headlights with or with out drivers Or accounts to buy brand new Tia Lee
  8. Ragster13

    For Sale Factory T6.1 LED Headlights

    LED headlights possibly for sale, could anyone help me get the right price and confirm these are for a T6?
  9. In a state

    Sold 2018 204PS DSG LWB T32 Kombi Highline TDI - 34k Miles - Indium Grey £33,900

    2018 (18 Plate) - T6 Highline 204PS TDI DSG LWB T32 Factory Kombi - Indium Grey Owned from new, Private use only. FVWSH MOT Due May 2022 34k Miles (33,999/23 Jan 2022) Images Updated (Jan2022) Sportline Front (w/Splitter & red inserts) & Rear Spoilers Factory LED F&R Lights Single...
  10. R

    T6.1 LED Headlight retrofit

    Hi all. I’ve just had my T6.1 delivered and now regret not having the Led headlights. Does anyone know where I could buy them please? Genuine VW ones? Is VW commercial the only place to source them from? Many Thanks in advance :)
  11. R

    Blinking/flashing factory LED dipped beam

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help, 2017 T6 with factory LEDS, dipped beam goes off/on intermittently when on auto lights. The bulb warning light comes on but then clears once the ignition is cycled. Both left and right headlights do this but not necessarily at the same time. VCDS produced the...
  12. LambethBoy

    Workshop/Importer/equipment codes

    I’m currently doing a retrofit of the LED headlights and I’m using a secondhand range control module. Unfortunately it’s telling me the software needs to be updated but I keep getting error codes (22) when attempting to input coding. Standard 12345 does not work. see pics.
  13. ched

    Found OEM Driver’s Side LED Headlight (7E2941774)

    Looking for a single genuine LED headlight - RHS (driver) - Part No: 7E2941774 With or without power modules. Thanks
  14. D

    Swapping factory LED headlights

    Hi guys . I currently have a t6 combi and t 6 caravelle. I'm wanting to swap over the head lights to the caravelle . As i have both vehicles would it be possible to swap over . I know there will be some wiring involved. If anyone has done the conversion could any give me a rough step by step...
  15. Pewt

    For Sale LED headlight OEM (eBay)

    Not mine but maybe someone maybe interested https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Transporter-T6-OEM-LED-Headlights-/154418711492?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  16. LambethBoy

    Replacing headlight plastic lens cover on LEDS

    Are all the plastic lenses on the front of headlights the same size? I have cracked one of my LEDs and I’m wondering if I can get a cheap H4 get the cover off and put it on the LED?? i’m thinking it must be as they all sit in the same size housing. TIA.:thumbsup:
  17. cy294

    Can number-plate light affect headlight?

    Evening all, Discovered today that the one of the rear licence plate unit is not working 100 % as it showed up a warning light on the dash. The bulb which is in an aftermarket unit is the led type and as it seems to be on its way out, would this affect the auto light function? As it seemed...
  18. JasonW

    Part Number - LED headlamps

    I have searched a few places but unable to find the OEM part number for the two bolts with captive washers above each of the LED headlights... Can anyone help please....
  19. Petro

    T6.1 LED high beam signal feed for auxiliary lights (led bar)?

    In the old T6 you could get the feed for auxiliary lights from the LED's and probably halogen too from the wiring harness behind headlight unit. However, the T6.1 has much fewer wires coming to the LED headlight. Anyone know can you get the feed from one of these, or how is it done on the T6.1?
  20. C

    Adjust DRL brightness on OEM LED Headlamps

    Merry Christmas everyone. So has anyone managed to adjust the DRL brightness on the LED's on factory LED headlights? just for when the DRL's are on and no dipped lights. The standard setting on mine seems way too low. I've read on other VW forums (cars) this it is possible but requires security...