kw suspension

  1. T

    ST X pictures and opinions please :)

    As per title. I’ve searched and have seen a few posts, but interested in getting pictures of st-x wound right down. Current distance from centre of the wheel to arch 400mm, if you know yours with the STx that would be great - appreciate vans have different weights. At the moment, I think its...
  2. dave_b

    Sold STX T30 Suspension

    £700 Collection in Newquay or we agree postage costs. Rear spring seat has a little imperfection where the spring didn’t quite seat correctly but just cosmetic.
  3. dave_b

    Sold STX Coilovers

    I'm going full Swamper, so I'm selling the STX kit, it is only a few months old. No pics because it is still on the Van, will be removed within a few weeks. WITHDRAWN
  4. dave_b

    STX vs Koni Actives

    Which will give the most comfort? I have been told two different things, so thought I would raise a poll to get some forum answers. I’m having the STX raised to max height this weekend from their current setting which I’m guessing is -60mm I will hence have great back to back comparison on...
  5. Eli

    Who’s got what suspension

    You may have something that isn’t listed so let me know and I will add it to the list
  6. dave_b

    STX coil over and ride height comfort

    I have STX coil overs fitted and the ride height is about -40mm. If I raise the ride height by 20mm will it give a more comfortable ride? Pics to show current ride height.
  7. E

    KW ST-X vs. Stance+ coilovers

    Hi all Does any one have photo of a t6 t28 fitted with the stance + or STX Coilovers? I’m interested in how they sit, different heights etc Thanks
  8. G

    ST coilover front spring compression

    Hi, live done a quick search and don’t think it’s been raised? i am in the process of fitting ST coilovers, I’ve had them a while but just got round to fitting them. is it normal for the smaller of the springs on the front to be fully compressed? Even before fitting the coils are close together...
  9. S

    Rear lower spring isolation rubbers

    I've recently had some noises (squeaking/creaking type) coming from rear of van when turning or going over speed humps etc. Had a look underneath and both rear spring lower rubbers appear to have worn out and the spring tail is rubbing on the raised lump of the wishbone Van is about 12k miles...
  10. DCC

    KW or H&R at 60-65mm ?

    I’ll keep this short and sweet, what would ride better kw variant 1 at their lowest or H&R set at the same height ?
  11. Mike Dean

    T6.1 fortana red - Project Large.

    I'm back (nearly) after selling my Reflex T6. It was time to have a new van built, so I spoke to Oli at @BognorMotors :thumbsup: After a few days of consideration, which in reality was about a year in my head, we came up with this T6.1 fortana red - Project Large. Starting point was to pick...
  12. Samro

    Snapped spring on KW1

    Snapped spring on KW1 coil overs . Only done 6k miles, most of which have been lightly loaded. Most van has carried is about 600 kg. All being dealt with very smoothly, but a bit annoying nonetheless! Anyone else had quality issues with KW1?
  13. peteslack

    Adjust rear suspension? Stance+

    My van a T30 was lowered by the previous owner and by the looks (purple) has Stance fitted. Since conversion to camper have developed a saggy rear end ..... Advice appreciated on how to raise the rear ride height by say 20mm to match the front. Front measures 395 wheel centre to wheel arch...
  14. IslandLife82

    Review: T32 KW V3s

    So I thought I would give some feedback on the KW version 3 suspension for the T32 as I found very little information on this setup when I was looking about. Following on from the issues I experienced with the B14 Komforts I purchased and subsequently returned due to knocking at the rear...
  15. Mike Dean

    18” banded Amaroks - STX coilovers.

    I’ve ordered a set of 18” banded Amaroks 9 front and 9.5 rear from Duchy. Anyone with this setup running STX coilovers, I’m looking to see how a 255/45/18 will work? Also have a few days to decide on colour, van is reflex silver. Any suggestions?
  16. Y

    KW Variant 1 - anyone in Glos area with this?

    As per the title, hoping that there is someone in the Glos area that has the KW Variant 1 suspension set up on their van and would be willing to let me be a passenger. I just want to get a feel for how the set up suits the van. Ideally I'm looking for someone with a T32. I currently have the...
  17. M

    T6.1 KW Suspension and Judd Wheels

    After months of deliberating and becoming lost with all the different views out there, I’ve finally had my new coilovers and wheels fitted to my T6.1 today. Travelled from Wales to @BognorMotors after lots of conversation and WhatsApp messages with Oli. Decided on KWv1 and Judd T311r in Matt...
  18. Thegee6

    Review: T32 CRS KW coilover suspension

    I’ve had my van a year from new now and one of the things on the to do list was to inevitably get it lowered but also improve the comfort. Previously on my old T5.1 I went through the whole spectrum of suspension lowering, firstly springs only, then B14s and finally onto ABP air suspension. So...
  19. T

    Getting the Cali to handle like a car

    I have a Cali Ocean DSG, 4 motion, not light with the family and a bit of stuff on board very close to 3 tons. My driving style is probably quicker than average without being stupid. Bought it second hand with standard everything and pretty quickly knew I needed to do something with the...
  20. Eclipse Custom Vans

    Eclipse Custom Vans Updates!

    Hi All, Ian here form Eclipse Campers. I thought I’d start this post to provide updates to the work we do and what we see in our workshop. This is not a chronological list of works but a sample of what we do. We are based in Yeovil Somerset and have been trading over 10 years. We undertake all...