1. A

    ARB drop links, what's the trick? / secret.

    So running a t32 lowered 40mm on CRS supplied (self fitted) koni shocks and springs. When we first fitted them we managed to thread the nut on the drivers side ARB drop link. second attempt and we thought it was all good but it started knocking and on further inspection the ARB was loose so it...
  2. dave_b

    STX vs Koni Actives

    Which will give the most comfort? I have been told two different things, so thought I would raise a poll to get some forum answers. I’m having the STX raised to max height this weekend from their current setting which I’m guessing is -60mm I will hence have great back to back comparison on...
  3. SNACK

    204 Caravelle: Remap + KONI Special ACTIVE

    Considering a remap for our 204 Caravelle, but I have concerns that the factory suspension isn't up to the task, especially considering our vehicle is often loaded with five kids. Handling feels quite sloppy to me and nose diving under breaking is really noticeable. I believe the Executives are...
  4. B

    Knocking from Koni’s on my campervan

    I’ve had Koni shocks and lowering springs fitted, now when going over bumps the front makes a bang/knock noise and the rear makes what I can only describe as a scrunch noise. Replaced top mounts and drop links at the same time, it’s a 2018 t28. Thanks in advance
  5. TW2904

    Sold Koni Shocks with H&R Lowering Springs

    T32 Koni Active Shocks with H&R 40mm lowering springs. Supplied and subsequently removed by Steve at CRS Performance. Covered less than 8k miles. These are a great upgrade and in full working order. They were reluctantly removed after 12 months as I wanted to go lower. Looking for £550...
  6. CRS Performance

    For Sale Koni shocks for type 2 transporter.

    We are now holding stock of type 2 transporter shocks , Koni don’t generally carry them anymore. But will make if sufficient quantities are purchased. They are like the proverbial Rocking horse dung To get and some customers are bringing from The states , and Europe at high cost . we have...
  7. M

    Dust covers for new Koni coilovers

    Hi All, I've brought some new Koni coilovers the Project comfort stuff - they don't come with dust covers for the front struts. should I transfer the ones that I've got on my OE setup? will they fit? are they required?
  8. D

    CRS koni shocks/ springs.

    Do any of you guys have CRS’s koni shock with there own spring set up. Ill really interested in booking in for a set. Yet would like to know of the end users thoughts prior to doing the do! Im not looking to go coilover/ as the conversation with Steve a few weeks back, this type was the...
  9. A

    Wanted Koni dampers T32

    Hello, Just in case before I look at new in a months time, any Koni T32 dampers for sale? Cheers
  10. T

    Getting the Cali to handle like a car

    I have a Cali Ocean DSG, 4 motion, not light with the family and a bit of stuff on board very close to 3 tons. My driving style is probably quicker than average without being stupid. Bought it second hand with standard everything and pretty quickly knew I needed to do something with the...
  11. T

    Sold Koni Special active

    Set of Koni Special active. T28/T30 Have done about 8k, fitted last July Were taken of my Cali. Nothing wrong with them but have upgraded to kw stx. £275 Collected from Epsom Surrey. Can arrange postage at cost.
  12. lexc

    KONI Active vs Heavy Track

    Hi all, I am looking to replace the shocks all round on my T6 Transporter but not looking to adjust ride height. In my area, my options are KONI Heavy Track or Super Active. I have read the write-ups on both and after sifting through the marketing jargon I can't really see how you could...
  13. LakesT6

    Sold Koni Special Active shock absorbers T26/28/30

    I have for sale a set of four Koni Special Active shocks, these are for the T28/T30 fitment and they will not fit a T32. They are suitable for vans lowered up to 40mm. Bought from CRS Performance in June of this year and used on my van for around 4k miles. These shocks give a superb ride, I only...
  14. J88arv

    Finally going to CRS to sort my suspension!!!!

    After a crap covid year due to the wife’s business being shut etc etcI’ve finally got the funds together to get the van booked in for its koni sports next sat!!!!! off to see @CRS Performance and I can’t tell you how excited I’am!! naturally a appreciation thread will be up and if possible...
  15. S

    Lowered 30/40mm with Koni shocks

    Had a 406 mile round trip to CRS suspension today and boy was it worth it :) Van lowered 30 / 40 mm with Koni shocks Good Bits, Van level and just the height we wanted Very smooth to drive compared to the original set up Very little roll Very Good Bits, Awning rattles greatly reduced Very...
  16. G

    Koni shocks and H&R springs and ARBs

    Yesterday I bit the bullet and headed on up to CRS in Cannock. I've been unhappy with the height of my tow ball, just way too high when the van is empty and my twin axle trailer was riding with too much weight on its rear axle. Steve listened to my issues and came up with a solution. Steve and...
  17. catfood12

    New H&R/Koni adjustables from CRS

    I bought my 2018 PV used at a year old privately. The first owner put a Maxx adjustable suspension kit on. Looking at their website, it's a cheap kit, but adjustable front and rear. It was OK, but I felt the front springs were too soft. The rears were great though. I had to adjust the front...
  18. J8mes

    T28 Campervan - Massive Suspension Upgrade

    So I have a brand new T6 camper conversion. I love it and it's amazing. The only issue I (had) was the ride and handling that I can only describe as driving a cross between a space hopper and a pogo stick. So this has been transformed in 2 stages as my budget allowed. 1st stage - brand new...
  19. S

    Koni shocks and H&R springs - help with dampening

    Hi all, I've been looking at suspension upgrades for quite a bit and managed to source some Koni 87-2645 adjustable shocks and H&R springs for cost price due to my mate working in a auto store, does anyone know how Soft or how Hard I should set the dampers for a SWB T28 with 20" wheels.
  20. S

    What first, wheels and tyres or lowering and where to divide the budget

    So I just sold my old camper van and after deductions from the accountant I've been left a not unhealthy £2800 to spend on the T6 What I want to achieve is lowered significantly, decent wheels, rear spoiler and hopefully something for the front spoiler. So do I drop £1350 on Solows a grand on...