jump starter

  1. S

    Main and Battery Supply not Working after Jump Start

    Hello, neither my battery or main are operating after I had to jump start my van. Thoughts welcome.
  2. Dellmassive

    Sold NOCO - GB150 Boost PRO 3000A UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

    NOCO - GB150 Boost PRO 3000A UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Plus NOCO GB150 (storage/carry) official case. VGC - as new basically. - been well looked after. less that 10 charge cycles. (we had a few to play with) this will jumpstart just about anything 12v, can be used as: Jump...
  3. J

    Halfords lithium jump starter never says connected

    Hi, I bought one of these for jump starting my van...
  4. P

    Blown ecu

    T30 bluemotion 6 speed euro 5 .jumped with 24v jump pack, abs blown ecu and god knows what else,,.I can't get coding from old parts to use in new part,is there another way,cloning the ecu? Has any one the abs codes
  5. Indigrey

    For Sale Jump start / power packs

    I have a couple of jump start packs that are just lying around taking up space so may as well get rid. One is a Ring RPP260, 33AH, 800 amps peak. This has a light, USB power socket, 12V power socket and a 300w 240V socket. It's rated as a jump pack to start engines up to 3.5 litre capacity...
  6. moomin-j

    NOCO GB70: 56 watt, 110v / 240v charger?

    On Amazon Prime Day, Mrs moomin-j bought Mr moomin-j a NOCO GB70. This has been sent to Mr Claus for a 25th December delivery. But... I have read that the standard USB / 12v charger supplied with the GB70 takes ages to do its business and the USB charger only charges to 75%! NOCO sell a 56...
  7. Texxaco

    Dead battery not jump-starting

    afternoon All, How do you use the GB40 on a dead battery? I have attached the positive lead to the battery positive and the negative lead to the van hinge bolt. The device says it’s good to go but I can’t get the van to turn over let alone start. Battery is showing as 11 V at the terminals...
  8. Martin955

    Jump starting from Power Bank, van has stop/start.

    My battery was getting a bit low, so I tried to use my power bank to help it start. With it having stop start I didn't want to attach the negative to the battery, but when I earthed it onto the body the lights on the unit showed a fault. So I gave up & jump started from the car. Has anyone had...
  9. goldeneye243

    Which Li-ion Jump Starter

    So had a flat battery today. Not ideal as was at a fairly remote fishing lake... Think I will get a jump starter, just wondering if there are any recommendations ? The noco ones look good but very pricy...
  10. Ann3x

    Using 12v Jump Starter For Power

    Building my kitchen pod and I need a 12V supply for the cooker's ignition. As it's removable I can either setup external wiring (bit of a faff for just an ignition) or use a portable 12V source. Was considering killing 2 birds with one stone by wiring in a 12V jump starter like this via some...
  11. Hinsley

    Jump Start Another Vehicle

    I'm was in the office today, popped out for lunch and a lady flagged me down saying she couldn't start her car. I offer to "help" (she had jump leads) but haven't done this for 25 years so I tried Google. I saw some info on disconnecting my negative but I didn't have any tools. I tried the bog...
  12. B

    Jump-Start the Vehicle Battery from the Leisure Battery?

    I have my leasure 110ah AGM battery under the driver seat. It’s charged with a Ctek split charger also under the seat. I don’t have the room under there for the Smartpass unit. But given that a hi amp cable is already there from the starter battery positive to the Ctek. Can I put just a high...
  13. L

    Which Jump Starter?

    Advice required. Hi guys - I thought it would be prudent to carry one of those small JumpStarter powerpacks about with me as I have an electric lift seat installed for my better half and am a little concerned that with the extra demands on the van battery I might get caught out one wintery...