jump starter

  1. Indigrey

    For Sale Jump start / power packs

    I have a couple of jump start packs that are just lying around taking up space so may as well get rid. One is a Ring RPP260, 33AH, 800 amps peak. This has a light, USB power socket, 12V power socket and a 300w 240V socket. It's rated as a jump pack to start engines up to 3.5 litre capacity...
  2. moomin-j

    NOCO GB70: 56 watt, 110v / 240v charger?

    On Amazon Prime Day, Mrs moomin-j bought Mr moomin-j a NOCO GB70. This has been sent to Mr Claus for a 25th December delivery. But... I have read that the standard USB / 12v charger supplied with the GB70 takes ages to do its business and the USB charger only charges to 75%! NOCO sell a 56...
  3. Texxaco

    Dead battery not jump-starting

    afternoon All, How do you use the GB40 on a dead battery? I have attached the positive lead to the battery positive and the negative lead to the van hinge bolt. The device says it’s good to go but I can’t get the van to turn over let alone start. Battery is showing as 11 V at the terminals...
  4. Martin955

    Jump starting from Power Bank, van has stop/start.

    My battery was getting a bit low, so I tried to use my power bank to help it start. With it having stop start I didn't want to attach the negative to the battery, but when I earthed it onto the body the lights on the unit showed a fault. So I gave up & jump started from the car. Has anyone had...
  5. goldeneye243

    Which Li-ion Jump Starter

    So had a flat battery today. Not ideal as was at a fairly remote fishing lake... Think I will get a jump starter, just wondering if there are any recommendations ? The noco ones look good but very pricy...
  6. Ann3x

    Using 12v Jump Starter For Power

    Building my kitchen pod and I need a 12V supply for the cooker's ignition. As it's removable I can either setup external wiring (bit of a faff for just an ignition) or use a portable 12V source. Was considering killing 2 birds with one stone by wiring in a 12V jump starter like this via some...
  7. Hinsley

    Jump Start Another Vehicle

    I'm was in the office today, popped out for lunch and a lady flagged me down saying she couldn't start her car. I offer to "help" (she had jump leads) but haven't done this for 25 years so I tried Google. I saw some info on disconnecting my negative but I didn't have any tools. I tried the bog...
  8. B

    Jump-Start the Vehicle Battery from the Leisure Battery?

    I have my leasure 110ah AGM battery under the driver seat. It’s charged with a Ctek split charger also under the seat. I don’t have the room under there for the Smartpass unit. But given that a hi amp cable is already there from the starter battery positive to the Ctek. Can I put just a high...
  9. L

    Which Jump Starter?

    Advice required. Hi guys - I thought it would be prudent to carry one of those small JumpStarter powerpacks about with me as I have an electric lift seat installed for my better half and am a little concerned that with the extra demands on the van battery I might get caught out one wintery...