1. A

    Organising trip to Ireland.

    I am planning a trip to the Republic of Ireland in September and wondered if I have forgotten anything regarding legal and other matters. If I have forgotten anything important, please let me know, thanks: EHIC card is current. UK sticker not required in Ireland. Car insurance cover. Vehicle...
  2. H

    Euro Camper Conversion Stockists

    Hi Everyone I'm hoping to take delivery of my new van later this month and intend doing a camper conversion over the coming months. Just wondering if anyone knows of any good European websites which I could order all my gear from, soundproofing, side windows, swivel seats etc. I'm in ireland so...
  3. B

    Hi all new to this site here's my 6.1

  4. C

    Revenue costs for new conversion

    Hi all, I'm here for a while but this is my first post so it's all new to me.i have decided to buy a new t6 and have it converted now that I'm retired and on my own.can anyone here in Ireland tell me what costs are involved regarding revenue getting a new van changed on logbook from commercial...
  5. Sean O Leary

    For Sale VW Palmerston wheels

    I have a set of Palmerston wheels for sale if interested! Took them off my T6 fir a new crafter but the won’t transfer to crafter. New front tyres and good back ones. Little Milage on the too
  6. N

    Dingle Camping

    Heres a couple of pics from last weeks camping in Dingle in Co. Kerry
  7. B

    Irish Vw Shuttles

    Anybody know why most of the Irish shuttle buses are soooo expensive compared to mainland UK. They mostly have the specs that I want ie. a rubber floor throughout and 150bhp and are called Trendlines as oppose s and se spec shuttles!? If anybody know if there are loopholes to avoid maybe the...
  8. Irvine101

    Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland

    We are considering driving part of the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland next June (starting in the South & travelling North). We plan to allow 2 weeks for the trip from the UK and recognise that this isn't enough to do justice to the whole route so will only do as much as we can in the time...
  9. S

    Bilstein B14s Fitting In Northern Ireland

    hi guys, So been scouring this forum, (absolute legend who started this ) have got my wheels and have decided on lowering my van with B14s and just wondering does anyone know anywhere good to bring my t6 here in Northern Ireland Cheers
  10. minmax89

    Hello from Eire

    Hello all, Just thought I'd introduce myself as I've been reading this Forum for months now.... I'm a small builder here in Ireland and I was running around in a very reliable Trafic for years. It was solid and never had any grief with it at all, but it was a short wheelbase and the common 8 x...
  11. J4son1971

    Agnew Van Centre - Northern Ireland

    Firstly, i’m not associated in any way with Agnew or VW. I know many of you may not want to buy such an expensive item at distance without seeing in person but I just wanted to say what a great experience it was buying my new (pre reg Oct ‘18) T6 DSG Kombi from Agnew in NI. I bought this based...
  12. Ed Webb

    Wild Atlantic Way Ireland Break.

    Currently off on a 10 day break to Ireland and looking at doing the Wild Atlantic Way (mostly West and South West coast) Thought id start a little thread containing a daily update to help/encourage others and also allow others to add hint tips and advice as we go along. Got the van ready during...