1. W

    2015 Shuttle Bus Trim Removal

    Hi there, recently purchased a vw shuttle, and I’m looking to convert it myself. Being a newbie, I’m having trouble figuring out hit to remove the plastic panels. I have pry tool set at hand. But don’t want to wrench on something and snap the clips . Any help and advise is appreciated TIA
  2. Lukavell

    Caravelle D Pillar Trim

    Anyone got a left they need rid of? Failing that can anybody provide a part number please?
  3. S

    Fitting New Passenger Captains Seats, Anything I Should Look Out For?

    Looking to swap my T6 double seat for a captains passenger seat. Looks fairly strait forward, except I've got some electrics under the existing double bench seat (see attached photo). Is that gonna cause me problems? Haven't looked into what it is yet, as far as I'm aware the van didn't come...
  4. Lukavell

    Caravelle Lower Interior Colour Code

    I've searched high and low but no luck. I'd like to match the upper plastic parts to the lower parts with some plastic dye. Anyone know the colour code? It's almost black but not quite.
  5. W

    Rubber Mats Floor Mounted Fixing Clips

    Hello Everyone, I've always bought and fitted the genuine rubber mats on VW cars I've owned in the past and each vehicle has included fixing points onto which the floor mats have been clipped. I have recently purchased some of the genuine heavy duty rubber mats (from VanStyle) for our lwb T6...
  6. highwaycollective

    Converting 2 Tone Dashboard To All Black

    The guys at THQ posted a video of their TSI that they have just converted to an all black Caravelle interior. I have had a quick google and the door cards are easy to track down, however I cant seem to locate anyone who sells the replacement lower dash panels in black. Also, the images I have...
  7. Vince

    FREE Interior Door Cards Panels 3.6mm - Give Away

    VW T5/T6 Camper Van Door Cards / Interior Panels 3.6mm Ply Trim Kit Does anyone want these thin panels.. also the seat belts.. tried to sell on ebay and didn't get much interest.. VW T5/T6 Camper Van Door Cards / Interior Panels 3.6mm Ply Trim Kit | eBay Thanks, Vince
  8. David Robinson

    Cleaning The Kombi Floor

    Hi all, I'm looking for some hints and tips. My Kombi rear rubber floor gets quite dirty (mud generally) and I just can't seem to get it clean. I've tried scrubbing it, mopping it, and steam cleaning - (which was a really bad idea, the van was condensated for weeks!) but I can't seem to get...
  9. JaySal

    Leather Seats Gallery

    These arrived today.... anyone suggest best way to fit on swivel bases?
  10. L

    Interior - Kombi T6 T32

    Hi all, Just brought my first Transporter. Kombi T32 204ps 7sp DSG. Pearl Black. I'm looking at lining the sliding doors to make it a bit neater inside, maybe with storage. The Kiravan option looks like it wouldn't work because of the passenger seats in the back. Has anyone found a solution...
  11. T

    Alternative Interior Finishes Anyone?

    I have a bright 'chrome yellow' van which don't get me wrong I love, but would like to have a different colour inside. I don't really like the lining carpet, but I have seen a non toxic carpet spray if I didn't want grey, black, or beige. I have seen some upholstered interiors but wondered...
  12. gmaster

    Kombi Interior To Caravelle Executive?

    Hi All - When I spec’ed my van from new I ordered it with rear windows factory fitted. I’ve since been informed that it is likely that I have a shuttle / Caravelle shell on a T32 chassis. My questions are: 1. How hard would it be to fit a T6 Caravelle interior (crash damaged / breaking). 2...
  13. JaySal

    Anybody Else Think Their Knob Is Too Small?

    Before some get excited...GEAR KNOBS! I've got the cheap plastic gear knob with the black embeded clip, I've asked Pauly about a leather one but the ones I've seen are still small. In my local dealership there is a kombi with a 'Gucci' leather one but when I've asked the parts department he's...
  14. Dicko24

    Surfers / Watersports Enthusiasts - How Do You Store Equipment In The Rear?!

    Looking for examples of how people are storing boards and equipment in the rear, and still having space for other items. I have a Kombi for reference. Seen on another thread some people using these: Kombi Beds for Camper Vans But at £900, I'd rather make my own. Any pictures or ideas most...
  15. B

    Wheel-Arch: Internal Boxing-Off

    Hey, does anyone know where you can buy the interior wheel arch boxes for a T6 Kombi with twin sliding doors? Vanstlye do them but only for single sliders and there isn't enough room in between the cover and the wheel arch to apply silent coat and foam. Ideally what I want to do is rip the...
  16. F

    Colour schemes for internals

    So my van is black and will have a blue stripe or accent somewhere on the outside, something like this but probably less stripes My question is how not make a huge mistake and get the units etc wrong and you can't live with it. I am having this built shortly and I am just choosing colour for...
  17. Anthony Ball

    My Vanworx camper - I'm in love !!

    Got my van back this week from Vanworx down at Portland , absolutely chuffed to bits with it, it's absolutely stunning and me and the Mrs (and kids) are very , very happy !! Can't speak highly enough of Vanworx , they have really pulled the stops out for us , just need some nice weather now Van...
  18. edson_bsx

    Interior Ply and Lining Woes

    I'm hoping someone with a bit more experience here can advise me on how to continue from my current predicament. Took ownership of a spankers new van on Friday, absolutely over the moon with it. However, in my haste to be able to use it (I do a lot of ferrying dogs around), I ordered a load of...
  19. S

    Issues with the "Climatic" A/C blowing just hot air, no cold air

    Hey, so I just bought the Caravelle T6, longer version (manufactured 12/2015) with mileage around 8000 (so almost fresh new) and the standard Climatic A/C. No matter what settings I use, the A/C blows only hot air from the roof exhausts in the passenger area. While from the driver's seat...
  20. Dean@VanDoc

    Van Doc... Hi everyone, Van Doc is new to the T6 FORUM so i thought i would introduce the company history and our services on offer. We are a conversion company based in Inkberrow, Worcestershire. We have a unit which can hold 3 vans and plenty of secure parking in front of...