1. K

    For Sale Barn door ply panel - handle side

    3.6mm ply panel for barn door - handle side with factory fixing holes. Note - fitment is for mechanical handle, won’t fit electronic interior handle. Looking for a tenner plus postage probably?
  2. minieggs

    Removing Rivnuts

    Hello, I have an ex-RAC van where I've removed all of the racking, however there's a load of rivnuts left in some of the holes. Annoyingly, they are where the ply panels will mount, and also some where I'll be carpeting and they stand proud. What's the best way to remove these? My first...
  3. Sibo468

    Looking to buy T6 kombi, will it smell like dog?

    I have been looking for a T6 for almost a year now, found one that meets my criteria and I can actually afford. Only problem is, the owner has a dog. They have said it’s not a smell van. It’s the other side of the county so I can’t pop round and give it a sniff. My question is, can dog smell...
  4. T

    Window bags for LWB shuttle ?

    Hi I’ve had a look at the various window bags available but I’m struggling to find anything for the LWB shuttle. A company called lazy campers offer some at a eye watering price but can’t see any other options. Can anyone comment on if the SWB ones will fit ok (I’ve got the blinds some...
  5. J

    Locking doors and switching alarm sensors off

    Hey all, Have a caravelle and struggling with the internal alarm sensors when we sleep in it. If I’m inside and lock the van using the key, the alarm goes off when I move. I can lock all the doors separately which doesn’t enable the alarm but then the tailgate is unlocked which I don’t want. I...
  6. Sunshine_GB

    T6.1 Kombi Interior Removal

    Hi All, I am planning my sound deadening project for when my T6.1 turns up, however whilst I have all the tools I have not found is any guides in what to remove first. For example floor, roof liner etc. I think its fair to say there is not alot to it, just want to make sure I go about it the...
  7. C

    For Sale 2018 Shuttle interior (full) £400

    We have for sale a full rear shuttle interior from a SWB 2018 shuttle: Included: Rubber Mat 3x single seats 1x triple bench seat All plates and bolts for fixing All Rear set belts Internal Panels including sliding door panels Cream/grey colours ( there are a few small marks) Rear Speakers...
  8. J

    [Expired] Kombi interior - Leighton vans

    So I’m new to the group and not 100% what this lots worth. I’ve been advised I can get around £1000 for it But not sure so make me an offer. contact me on 07903360416 comes with... R line leather triple kombi seats seats belts. VW OEM flooring. Anchor points, covers and bolts seat anchor point...
  9. GingerPig

    For Sale Caravelle Executive Full Black Interior

    Morning All, I am currently in the process of converting my caravelle to a camper so have removed the whole Interior right down to the aircon pipes under the van if you need any of the following let me know: Triple bed seats black leather(see photos) Single swivel seats black leather (2 off)...
  10. JTT6

    Found Passenger dash air vent

    I have just installed a VanX glove box and managed to snap a clip on the dash vent in the process. Has anyone swapped their vents for the vanx ones or similar and have the originals no longer needed. Happy to pay a fair price.. Mine still fits but its really loose now and bugging me...
  11. W

    2015 Shuttle Bus Trim Removal

    Hi there, recently purchased a vw shuttle, and I’m looking to convert it myself. Being a newbie, I’m having trouble figuring out hit to remove the plastic panels. I have pry tool set at hand. But don’t want to wrench on something and snap the clips . Any help and advise is appreciated TIA
  12. Lukavell

    Caravelle D Pillar Trim

    Anyone got a left they need rid of? Failing that can anybody provide a part number please?
  13. S

    Fitting New Passenger Captains Seats, Anything I Should Look Out For?

    Looking to swap my T6 double seat for a captains passenger seat. Looks fairly strait forward, except I've got some electrics under the existing double bench seat (see attached photo). Is that gonna cause me problems? Haven't looked into what it is yet, as far as I'm aware the van didn't come...
  14. Lukavell

    Caravelle Lower Interior Colour Code

    I've searched high and low but no luck. I'd like to match the upper plastic parts to the lower parts with some plastic dye. Anyone know the colour code? It's almost black but not quite.
  15. W

    Rubber Mats Floor Mounted Fixing Clips

    Hello Everyone, I've always bought and fitted the genuine rubber mats on VW cars I've owned in the past and each vehicle has included fixing points onto which the floor mats have been clipped. I have recently purchased some of the genuine heavy duty rubber mats (from VanStyle) for our lwb T6...
  16. highwaycollective

    Converting 2 Tone Dashboard To All Black

    The guys at THQ posted a video of their TSI that they have just converted to an all black Caravelle interior. I have had a quick google and the door cards are easy to track down, however I cant seem to locate anyone who sells the replacement lower dash panels in black. Also, the images I have...
  17. Vince

    Sold Interior Door Cards Panels 3.6mm - Give Away

    VW T5/T6 Camper Van Door Cards / Interior Panels 3.6mm Ply Trim Kit Does anyone want these thin panels.. also the seat belts.. tried to sell on ebay and didn't get much interest.. VW T5/T6 Camper Van Door Cards / Interior Panels 3.6mm Ply Trim Kit | eBay Thanks, Vince
  18. David Robinson

    Cleaning The Kombi Floor

    Hi all, I'm looking for some hints and tips. My Kombi rear rubber floor gets quite dirty (mud generally) and I just can't seem to get it clean. I've tried scrubbing it, mopping it, and steam cleaning - (which was a really bad idea, the van was condensated for weeks!) but I can't seem to get...
  19. Montecha

    Seat Upgrade Gallery

    Fresh from 'The Trimguru' - gone classy. Black Leather with white stitching plus heated upgrade.
  20. L

    Interior - Kombi T6 T32

    Hi all, Just brought my first Transporter. Kombi T32 204ps 7sp DSG. Pearl Black. I'm looking at lining the sliding doors to make it a bit neater inside, maybe with storage. The Kiravan option looks like it wouldn't work because of the passenger seats in the back. Has anyone found a solution...