ignition barrel problems

  1. M

    t5 multivan ignition barrel dead

    hey guys, my 2011 multivan ignition is cooked, key turns to reds but cant crank unless i jiggle the key perfect and is getting progressively worse. rather then putting a new ignition barrel in it is it possible to put a push button start in? has anyone done this? if so where do i wire it to...
  2. S

    Stolen ignition barrel

    Good morning peoples, Need your kind advice, some 1 stolen the ignition barrel from my 2017 vw crafter van, i have asked 3-4 mechanics/auto locksmiths but no 1 have the idea how to program if i get a part from vw even. Any solutions for that, The 2nd problem is the steering wheel is locked...
  3. U

    key won’t turn in ignition

    my key now won’t turn in the ignition I park an go shop for 5mins an this happen where do you base
  4. T

    Ignition key turning round in ignition lock

    Hi. Maybe a rare problem ? When trying to start the (2 yr old) van, the ignition key turns past the usual spring-loaded stop (where it usually starts the engine) and just keeps turning round in the lock without "catching" anything, multiple times. Feels rough but not hard to turn. Not affected...
  5. Lewis4005

    Ignition issue

    Hi, Had an issue today with just the Key turning in the barrel, tried a couple of time, the key had to be in the off position to remove it, now seems to be working again until next time!!! New barrel or switch issue, 2014 T5.1
  6. Wayne.wirral

    Problems Turning Ignition Key / Barrel

    Evening. I am after advice and information with regards the ignition barrel on my 2016 T6. I’ve owned the van since brand new and it has never missed a beat or caused me any issues but today when I went to start the van the ignition barrel would not turn to allow me to start the van. After...