1. BoroBoy

    Aircon Panel Illumination.

    Hi, Can anybody enlighten me as to the fuse location for aircon control illumination, or any other reason why the AC light and Recirculation lights are not working. Thanks.
  2. Adams

    Heated Windscreen Retrofit Finished (nearly!)

    I am 99% complete on my heated screen retrofit, it all functions fine just not quite the way I want. it will work via the separate button setup as most of them are But I want to control it via the climatronic panel over CAN (You can just make it out on this pic) as mine is a T5.1 I have a...
  3. Daniel2929

    Heater Control Question

    Hi People Recently just purchased a startline kombi it has air con but has the manual dials to adjust the temp is there anyway of swapping this to the one that comes in the highline? Thank you in advance
  4. S

    Startline Heater Controls

    Does anybody know if the heater controls in a startline can be swapped for the more desirable high line round dials?
  5. bullracing

    Changing/upgrading Heater Controls

    I have a shuttle ac controller or as vcds says the semi climate control. This one (part numbers taken from ebay ads) 7E0907047F When on vcds I noticed that the model is determined via can. I am changing the back to a camper and so the rear heating will be removed, I have also fitted front...
  6. Ethan Andrews

    T6 Dashboard Query?

    Hi all. anyone know what these two black dots do near the aircon controls highlighted by my green lines?
  7. Littleblackflash

    Coding HVAC for new heated rear window

    After fitting a tailgate with a window to my PV, I've set about getting the heated rear window to work. The HVAC controls need to change to one with the switch for the heated rear screen so I've brought one off a Golf on Ebay for £10. It only took a few minutes to fit and all the AC functions...