1. C

    What is this [HPFP]?

    What is this? This rusty piece of kit is in the FOS of the engine and looks completely different to the rest of the engine bay and engine which are in much better shape. All is running well, no problems but just want to know its identity. It does not presently leak in any way; it's completely...
  2. C

    P009000 fault code: 2012 T5 CAAB engine

    Good day I was hoping to find some help here, since local mechanics are not making headway. Friend of mine recently bought a 2012 Transporter T5 with 200k Km on the clock. He did some long trips since then and all was good. On his last trip hope the glow plug indicator started flashing and...
  3. AndyStripes

    Injector Problem?

    I'm writing this as the van is in the garage, being put back together, but without the fault being found. Wondering if anyone here can help. Here's a little video clip of the engine noise..... So the garage was 100pc certain it was cambelt tensioners, found one was being worked loose, so...
  4. K

    HPFP renovation

    Good morning all, who could give me the ref number of the 3 seals which are in the HPFP of our TSI? Installing a MOTORSPORT SCREW kit ... I would like to preventively change this seal (33'000km and 2 years) And these, one of which is downright disaggregated !!!! I've been driving the...
  5. N

    Struggling to obtain a genuine part (high pressure fuel pipe 03L 130 301)

    Hi guys, I’m struggling to obtain a part for my 2016 T6 102. I require a High pressure fuel pipe 03L 130 301. (thanks goes to @Niknak for finding the part numbers for me). My local VW dealer isn’t very helpful so I’d like to buy online if possible. I’ve found one on EBay but it’s located in...
  6. N

    Corroded fuel rail

    Hi guys, I’ve attached a photo of what I think is the fuel input rail - feel free to correct me if this is wrong! It looks corroded and I wanted to ask you guys if you think I should replace it, and if so is it a straightforward process? Your wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks. Nick
  7. R

    T5 HPFP gear

    Hi, Has anyone had a problem with the high pressure fuel pump gear breaking up, it's a T5 late 2013 only done 55000 had cam belt done in January 2018 only done 13,000 since then, I thought that this would be done under the VW warranty as the belt had only done 13,000 and 18 months but apparently...
  8. RattyMcClelland

    HPFP Failed. VW Want Nearly £6k

    3 weeks ago my van failed to start. Vw assist came out, diagnosed and no fuel pressure at the injectors or high pressure fuel pump. I know the hp fuel pump failed and they are the single most unreliable thing in today's cars. Transported to vw in Notts. It took them 3 weeks to get a fuel...