hill hold assist

  1. SofaKing

    Carista hill-hold assist - change parameters?

    anyone know what the differences are between the options?
  2. C

    How Do You Keep Hill Hold On - Auto Hold

    I am one of the few that actually likes stop/start but would like it even more if when the engine stops, the brakes automatically came on and then released when I want to move as they do on hill hold, ie. I don't want to use the parking brake or hold the foot brake down (annoying drivers behind...
  3. C

    Hill Hold

    Hill hold. Has anyone adjusted the torqure required to release the brakes before the hil hold times out (which i believe is 2 seconds). I find that the factory setting needed me to apply a lot of torqure in to the drivetrain before it releases the brakes. There are 3 options, Low/Mid/High...
  4. R

    Have I Killed My Clutch?

    My clutch is slipping with only 9k on the clock and I can’t help wondering if it’s my fault :( I use clutch control quite often which I’m sure doesn’t help and until now I have been guilty of lightly resting my foot on clutch pedal. Is the pedal to sensitive for that? That said I have already...
  5. Dellmassive

    ACC / Front Assist / City Braking . . . . . . Is it working?

    Ok T6 Gods . . . . . . heres one for you. So we have a T32 MY18 204ps with DSG. (PDC F&R if that helps) The ACC, front assist & city breaking were all opted for.... Now the ACC seems to work a dream, following the car in-front up to the CC speed limit set and also slowing down to a stop if...
  6. burnercan

    DSG Operation

    Another 20 something weeks until my ride is supposed to turn up at the dealer, but I was out driving around in a new T6 DSG the other day and came across some difficult behaviour... Trying to parallel park into a tight spot, reversing up a steep hill. The clutch wasn't able to hold (much less...