1. Droneshadow

    Faux suede foam lining?

    Just looking at faux suede for my roof panels, never used it before, the stuff I’m looking at is four way stretch with 2mm foam backing. Not sure about this foam backing, is that normal? Does it have any issues when gluing it on? Is it as easy as carpet, these are flat panels at least. Can you...
  2. jaroslav.tomandl

    Caravelle rear Headlining to Kombi Van - Securing brackets positions

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on installing the interior from a T6 caravelle to a T6 kombi. I ordered securing brackets, but there are no holes in my kombi's body ready for installing them. Have any of you solved this problem? Is there anyone who has just had the headliner removed and could...
  3. DubHaus

    Audi Headlining Material - 12 Month Update

    You may have seen in my build thread that I’ve used the Audi Headlining Material to trim my headliner, A & B Posts. After 12 months I thought I’d give an update on how it’s fairing! And it’s not so good! When this started to come away I thought maybe I’d put too much tension in the material...
  4. Johny

    Sold Cab ceiling trim

    Cab Ceiling Trim taken from a brand new t6.1, but obviously will fit t6 and t5. Includes fixings. £10 plus delivery.
  5. vincethomas

    Sold T6.1 front Headliner in grey suede.

    T6.1 Head liner. Wrapped in grey suede. Has some tiny imperfections but overall looks good when fitted. 100 collection (KT9 Chessington) or can post with Parcelforce
  6. B

    Solution to cover /make nice pop top when down

    Hi friends I'm looking for a solution to cover the pop top material when its down..I seem to find it gets in the way /view when driving and looks a bit messy too. I'm sure I'd seem a solution on some at the campervan show at NEC last year. A simple nice looking bit of material (I think leather...
  7. S

    Headlining spacer blocks

    Had my headlining down in the rear of the van to insulate and when I took the thing down ages ago (life has gotten in the way!!) I recall there being some very small grey plastic spacer blocks, along the line of the centre of the roof in the middle two fixings, I guess to reduce the curvature of...
  8. G

    Cab headlining, foam backed or no?

    Hi all, I did my previous van can headlining in non foam backed material and it came out pretty good. I'm doing my new van which has a sunroof and am wondering if foam backed might be better? What have you used? TIA
  9. abunnyuk

    For Sale T6 Shuttle LWB - Head liner, HVAC, and tailgate trim

    Recently removed the headlining (complete with lights and heating/cooling controls), HVAC unit (not A/C), and the tailgate trim. Wiring/piping not included. £100 for the lot or could sell itemised. Offers considered. Happy to deliver in the Leeds area, otherwise collection only.
  10. M

    Caravelle ceiling mounting points

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what these fixing points in the ceiling are called along with the type of corresponding bracket that goes into them? I’d like to get a rail that joins the two fixing points just inside the tailgate so I can fashion a cargo net onto it. Does anyone know if such an...
  11. nicktrst

    Shuttle Roof Switches in black?

    Hi, I have a 2017 Shuttle and I'm wanting to to the roof lining, A pillars etc in Suede. But all my switches for the AC, lights etc are cream in the rear. Has anyone done this and changed them to black, and if so where do I get the parts from.
  12. ToddiesT6

    Sold Head liner (LWB T6)

    Now the pop tops fitted, i no longer need the roof liner - so for sale. Cash o. Collection from New Forest. Hampshire. It’s 2 pieces, covered in ‘smoke’ carpet & unmarked. Complete with mid point plastic strip & I’ll throw in some long shank panel clips. We don’t smoke - it’s from a 2019...
  13. DubHaus

    [Resolved] T6.1 Cab Headlining Console Removal

    Hi All, im trying to remove the cab headliner from my 2021 T6.1. Plenty of how to’s for earlier models but I’m stuck! A and B posts off, sun visors and clips off, grab handle off, 6 screws removed from centre console but it’s still not moving! I’m assuming I need to remove the plastic...
  14. P

    Shuttle roof lining advise / installer, desperatly needed

    After falling fowl of botched roof lining installation, when we had our HiLo roof installed, we are looking for any advise and reccomendend installers in the South East, that can install a whole new roof linning and lighting for our shuttle. Cheers
  15. S

    Sold T6 LWB Shuttle Headliner

    Following my van conversion I have a T6 shuttle headliner LWB 2016 to get rid of. I have sold most of the stuff but just happy for this not to go into landfill. The van had done 40k and in very good nic. Headliner only. Pick up only in hitchin Herts. Message me if interested in any other shuttle...
  16. B

    Wanted T5.1 Cab Headliner

    Hi - looking for headliner to suit 2015 T5.1 - preferably in unmarked condition (don't really want to re-cover). In Scotland preferred or posted - but can arrange courier. Many thanks
  17. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 adding sunglasses holder or grab handle

    Now i have my new 6.1 I really miss the sunglasses holder that my T6 had (why did VW take it away !!) I know theres a couple threads about part numbers and options for adding one but the info is partial/scattered so heres my guide to adding OEM parts with metal mounting bracket etc Im not going...
  18. GingerPig

    For Sale Headliner Material (VW OEM spec)

    Off-cut foam backed headliner material, same pattern, texture & colour of the caravelle headliner & A/B post. Bought to cover bed board on pop top to match Upper A & B pillar trim. Perfect match to VW OEM material Size: 2000 x 1150 large section + 650 x 880 smaller section £30
  19. Phil Blackburn

    Wanted T6 Cab Head Liner

    Looking for a T6 cab head liner, doesn't matter about the condition as it's for a project anyway. drop me a message if you've got anything.
  20. S

    Doorcard and headlining retrim DIY

    Good afternoon guys. One of my first posts so go easy on me. I've acquired some shuttle doorcards similar to the caravelle ones but without the chrome trim down the center. I've decided I'm going to retrim them with faux black leather on the bottom and do the center panel aubergine, we're...