1. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 adding sunglasses holder or grab handle

    Now i have my new 6.1 I really miss the sunglasses holder that my T6 had (why did VW take it away !!) I know theres a couple threads about part numbers and options for adding one but the info is partial/scattered so heres my guide to adding OEM parts with metal mounting bracket etc Im not going...
  2. GingerPig

    For Sale Headliner Material (VW OEM spec)

    Off-cut foam backed headliner material, same pattern, texture & colour of the caravelle headliner & A/B post. Bought to cover bed board on pop top to match Upper A & B pillar trim. Perfect match to VW OEM material Size: 2000 x 1150 large section + 650 x 880 smaller section £30
  3. Phil Blackburn

    Wanted T6 Cab Head Liner

    Looking for a T6 cab head liner, doesn't matter about the condition as it's for a project anyway. drop me a message if you've got anything.
  4. Hoonigan_31

    For Sale Factory Sunroof + Headliner front and rear £300

    I have for sale my factory sunroof.. this has been removed due to the westdubs pop top roof being fitted… Sale includes the following: sunroof Headliner Console Rear roof liner Rear spot lights All items are currently fly sat in storage where some of the pictures where taken. £350 all in ...
  5. soxley

    T6.1 Headlining Fabric Match

    I’m looking for a headlining material that’s a close match for the stock T6.1 cabin. It will be used to cover the rear cargo ceiling panels. Has anybody used this one from Harrisons, or can recommend any others? grey headling cloth I have a sample of the grey brushed-nylon material from MVM...
  6. B

    Droopy ceiling trim…

    Hi all Since getting the inside lined the roof trim is constantly falling down so think I need to replace the clips holding it up… but I’m confused ref the right ones. Help please? My droop… After some forum searching saw a ref to these, but they look different to the ones in already…...
  7. P

    Pop-Top - Shuttle roof liner fail :-(

    We have just had an new HiLo roof installed. We choose not to have the orignal roof linning replaced, as we saw no point in the additional expense (£900). When we collected the vehicle, it was pointed out that (see pic) 'this was the best finish available' as we had opted to not have roof trim...
  8. neilkelly65

    Wanted roof lining

    hi all anyone doing a pop top have spare roof lining as my middle section has dropped with condensation ?
  9. Pau1GTI

    Spare head lining wire? [Resolved]

    Hey Guys, Been a month or so since I took my head lining out on my 2017 t6 highline. I've connected up everything I can but have this connector left. Could it be a spare? I can't for the life of me remember if it was disconnected before. See attached Cheers Paul
  10. T6 owner

    Sold Kombi Roof Headlining (with Lights and foam scrim backed fabric, to match OEM cab)

    T6 SWB Twin Slider Rear Headlining (the rear 2 panels + the 1 joining strip). Professionally Made and Trimmed in almost OEM fabric (very close match to the cab headliner). Backed with a foam scrim. Comes with 4 x bright Warm White Chrome LED Downlights (that you connect to your light feed). Easy...
  11. Gazbadge

    Sold Black highline Faux suede headliner

    I have a black headliner from a Highline T6 for sale. It comes with the plastic tray and the main housing (painted black) however the 2 lugs either side of the housing that the tray clips onto have broken off. See pics. It still fits and functions correctly but it can be seen where the lugs...
  12. Buzznitro

    T6.1 Headlining in to T5 or a T6?

    Gents & Ladies sorry to ask will a T6.1 headlining fit a T5 2006 T6 2016. Thanks in advance.
  13. K

    Kombi conversion - rear roof headliner options

    Any one got advice what to do with the rear headlining regards insulation and carpet at the moment it’s a panel van it’s going to be a kombi van do I carpet original roof panel ect thanks kirk
  14. Q

    Wanted T6 cab headliner for my high line panel van

    Hi, as the title says . I’m after a cab headliner for my 2016 high line panel van if any an help. Many thanks
  15. Bainsey1695

    For Sale T6 headliner

    I have a very clean head liner out of my 2017 van please see pic , looking for £60 , also have the complete loom with it, cheers Steve
  16. B

    T6 Headliner needed, as well as advice.

    Hi guys, I am after a replacement headliner for a T6. I had a sunroof originally but after a HiLo fitted the existing headliner was carpet lined (against my wishes) which leaves it sagging and too thick to line through with the door seals. I’m looking to try and get a Caravelle or shuttle...
  17. moodsterT6

    Caravelle head liner light removal

    Hi, I’d like to fit some LED lights into the factory light fittings on my T6 Caravelle. I just want to add some additional bulbs into the diffusers then run a cable down the B Pillar to my Leisure battery under the seat. The original bulbs will stay in place so the lights work with car doors...
  18. Niknak

    I felt brave today.. headlining reupholstered

    Today I got round to something been meaning to do as few bits of tidying had to be done same time, I decided to recover my headlining and fit the leds I made, warning I don’t think I ever want to do another one if you want to know what it was like
  19. D

    Sound deadening headlining?

    Hi all Would anybody be to give me any advice on if it’s worth sound deadening the front headliner in my camper (t6). I know that at the end of the day it’s a van with a pop top but if I can reduce some of the wind noise a bit that would be helpful. If so what would people advise me to use as...
  20. slidepods

    Something new from Slidepods

    I'm Sure many of you will have already come across our top spec lining packages and what they look like. We have endeavoured to be progressive and to use the best quality materials to achieve designs and finishes that keep our company at the forefront of the industry. Last year we spent a lot of...