headlight adjustment

  1. G

    Travelinlite T6 Headlights beam adjustment

    Hi all! I’ve recently fitted Travelinlite T6 Headlights with dynamic LED indicators, LED DRL, but halogen H1 & H11 bulbs. What I can’t work out is how to adjust the beam so they are level & not only lighting 2m in front of the van. Anyone fitted & adjusted these before? If so, can you post a...
  2. W

    Autoranging Light Sensors

    Anyone know where the sensors are and what they look like ? My lights are too high.
  3. W

    Dynamic Range Adjustment (headlamps)

    Can anyone explain why my headlamp beams are now higher after suspension mods ? The rake is obviously different, but I thought the DRA compensated for it. I don’t have an adjuster wheel inside the cockpit, so if I had a heavy load I would blind people.
  4. Loz

    Headlight Adjustment 2017-11-08

    A section of the VW workshop maintenance manual dealing with the adjustment and alignment of headlights on the T6.